The Orthodontic Braces Power Chain for Closing Teeth Gaps


If you’re looking to close gaps between your teeth, braces are an effective way to do it. However, if you’re not careful about wearing your retainer after your braces come off, there’s a chance that your teeth could grow back out and end up worse than they were before! Use our orthodontic braces power chain to keep your teeth straight even after you take off the braces!


How Orthodontic Power Chains Work

An orthodontist may recommend that you wear a power chain. In some cases, he or she will apply it to your braces yourself; in others, you’ll take it home and apply it yourself. The goal is to gradually stretch out your teeth so they close any gaps between them. Your doctor will tell you how long to wear each segment of chain. The number on each link indicates how many millimeters your teeth should be stretched by when you reach that point in treatment.

There are two types of orthodontic power chains. One type can be worn over your braces, while another is attached to a retainer. In both cases, you need to wear your chain consistently and as directed by your doctor. If you don’t wear it long enough, there’s no way it will work effectively. If you wear it too long or take it off too soon, you risk damaging your teeth or gums.


How to Fit the Brace on Your Teeth

1. Insert chain’s clasp into one of your braces holes. 2. Next, slip chain’s clasp over first bracket of your brace. 3. Once both clasps are in place, simply snap each of your attachments in turn onto their designated brackets (with a small twist). 4. There should be no gaps between brackets and teeth once all are snapped into place! 5. The chain can also fit many other braces brands on teeth chart numbered 14-28 pairs. 6. If you have any questions about how to use or wear orthodontic braces power chain, please contact us at anytime. 7. We will reply you within 24 hours and give you a satisfactory solution. 8. Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality products and service that exceeds expectations before, during and after every sale!


General Tips on Placing an Orthodontic Power Chain

Always refer to your orthodontist’s instructions when placing a power chain. If you are self-treating, please be careful and ask yourself if you feel capable of accomplishing your orthodontic treatment on your own, and then consult with an orthodontist prior to taking any action that may be harmful to your teeth or jaw. A power chain will not always fix a condition all by itself; it is only part of an overall treatment plan involving braces or Invisalign. Use a numbered teeth chart like our example photo to determine where each link goes on a particular tooth.


How to Use an Orthodontic Power Chain and Locking Retainer

Many orthodontic patients require retainers after they’ve completed treatment. These retainers are usually inexpensive and easy to use. The first step is to choose a retainer that works well with your dental needs. You can find helpful information by talking to your orthodontist or dentist, or by visiting your local orthodontist’s office. Once you’ve determined which type of retainer is best for you, it’s time to get started using it! Let’s take a look at how you can use an orthodontic power chain and locking retainer in order to close gaps between teeth effectively…

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