The Notice Writing format for Class 12 with Examples

Notice writing important Tips
Notice writing important Tips

The Notice Writing format:

The Notice Writing Format Class 12 with Examples:

The English classes have made us do what not? From learning Letters to writing formal and informal letters, it was all about growing up and learning English. We are not only taught the alphabet and grammar during the English subject but designing posters and drafting notices out of the fictional scenarios was a task!

In this article, we learn about notice writing. Let us see what is notice writing first.

Notice Writing Format in English:

notice writing format in English: The notice is a written or print message or information that is shown prominently or publish in newspapers. The tone and style of notice are formal, using straightforward and formal language since it contains the formal notification or the information. The ideal notice is not lengthy, they are always brief and to the point.

The Notice Writing Format Important Tips for Class 12 Students:

The important tips for writing the notice are given as follows:

  • At the top notice, write the word NOTICE.
  • Cover all important information such as date, venue, time and also the reason for the notice.
  • There should be a signature, name, and designation present of the individual issuing the notice, with the name of the organisation that is responsible for issuing the notice should be written on the notice.
  • Should place the notification in a box.
  • Keep the word count around 50-words for notice.
  • Schools, organisations, or any agencies issuing the warning should be identifiy by the given name and location.
  • There should be a suitable and brief heading given to the notice.
  • The given heading should be relate to the material to be discuss.
  • The reader should be able to figure out what the notification is about at a very first glance.
  • And then advise a strategy of action.
  • The goal of the notice, its points, information, or the other elements must all be state briefly in the body of the notice.
  • It must also be comprehensive while still being brief.
  • Dont forget to mention the date on which the notice was issue.
  • Make it very clear for whom the notice is to be display.
  • Finally, check the spelling and grammatical errors in the text.
  • What is the full form of DGP, DSP, SP, ASP, and ACP?

Notice Writing Format Example in English:

As you all know we are giving notice writing sample questions

Notice Writing Formats and Sample Examples:

  1. Create a notice of a maximum of 50 words, as the Principal of Central School, Patna, advising pupils of a change in school hours beginning October 1st. Explain why the modification is necessary.


  1. You’re the president of ABC Society, and you’re planning a New Year’s Eve celebration in your neighbourhood. Prepare a notice informing your neighbourhood’s residents of the function. Include any additional information you believe is necessary for the purpose.


Q. How do you define Notice?

Ans: The notice is define as a formal document which is use to display the information to the general public or a select group of people.

Q. Why do we need to send a notice?

Ans: The notice is a type of official communication. The reason behind the notice is to inform a certain group of people about something.

Q. What are the most important things to keep in mind when writing a notice?

Ans: A good notice should clearly express the purpose of notice, points, terms and any information or other features. It should also be comprehensive while still being brief. The message must also be clear and avoid errors in spelling and grammar.

Q. Who is the recipient of the notice?

Ans: The recipient is recommended that the notice be written in the third person.

Q. What is the most common location for a notice?

Ans: Notices are usually post in public locations, educational institutions, government offices, and newspapers. Furthermore, technological improvements have made it possible to display alerts on digital platforms such as the website, messages, and emails.

Notice Writing In English – Format And Writing Tips

A notice is a formal way of conveying information to a large audience. It can prove to be very useful if you know how to structure it well.   Written in order to inform a large number of people about something that has happen or is about to happen.  Can be an upcoming event, competition, Lost, and found notice or just a piece of information to be delivere to the target audience.  Generally written in a formal tone.

Notices are factual and to-the-point. The language use is simple and formal. They are put up on display boards in schools or in public places.

What is notice writing?

Notice writing is a method of formal communication aim at conveying news or a piece of information to a large audience.

They are an important mode of communication use in a wide range of settings, such as academic institutions, professional organizations, events, government announcements, etc.

Lately, notices have also become prevalent in the digital space. With the digitization of every institution, like schools, workplaces, colleges, government offices, and even newspapers, it has become very important to spread information online.

Regardless of all these changes, the format of formal notice writing has remain the same. But before we understand the format, let’s look at the different types of notice writing.

Different types of notice writing

A notice conveys a piece of information that is very specific to the organization or person giving out the notice. Hence, there are different types of notices which differ in tone, base on the information that is being conveye. Here are some of the general types of notice writing you should know about-

1. Formal notice

A formal notice is use to convey official information in a clear and precise manner. Schools, companies, and websites issue formal notices to convey the latest information on a topic and to keep the concern people inform.

2. Informal notice

An informal notice is use to convey personal information. This can include notices about a class meeting written on the class blackboard, an informal after office gathering notice pass around in an office, etc. It does not follow any particular format for writing and cannot be use for official purposes.

3. Invitation notice

An invitation notice is a formal method of inviting people over for a particular gathering or an event. This includes a structured and formal invitation for a public event, or a notice for private events like parties, marriages, or any other celebration. An invitation notice can also include invitations to customers on the behalf of a shop for events, like a sale.

4. Warning notice

You can issue a warning notice as an alert notification to an individual or a group. This may include a warning about a deadline, last-minute alerts, legal matters, etc.

5. Public notice

Public notices are notices issued by a government organization or a legislative body. They can share information about new government schemes, laws, or be general awareness notices issued by the government of a state or country.

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Notice writing format

Things to include-

1. Name of organization

The name of the organization issuing the notice is the first thing that needs to be mentioned. This helps the reader identify the issuer of the notice.

2. Title

The title for a formal notice needs to read ‘NOTICE,’ as it is a formal announcement notifying the readers.


3. Date

It is very important to include a date in the top left corner of your notice. Notices are a formal piece of communication; thus it is vital to include a date of issuing. And make sure to mention the month in words so that there is no room for confusion.

4. Heading

The heading of a notice is like the subject line of a formal letter or an e-mail. It should notify the reader about the purpose of the notice while also not being too difficult or lengthy to read.

5. Body

The body of the notice is its main part. It needs to communicate the intended information without the use of too many sentences. This is why it needs to be informative, precise, and exactly convey the message intended to be spread by the organization. Details like the time, place, and venue also need to be mention clearly if they are part of the notice being issue. It is important to remember that the body of the notice should be written in a passive voice without the use of first-person.

 6. Name and designation of the issuer

A notice should end with the name and designation of the person issuing the notice on behalf of an organization.


Here is a clear idea of how a notice should look-

Name of Organisation/Institution



Date of Issue (Day Month Year)


Body of the notice. This includes important details like dates, venues, and timing for events. Any important messages that concern the readers and any new information.

Name of issuer/Signature


Notice writing important Tips

  • Do not cross the word limit to avoid the penalty of marks. The prescribe word limit is 50 words.
  • Repetition of any information should be avoid.
  • Always enclose the notice in a box. Make sure you draw the box with a pencil.
  • Keep your notice short, crisp and to-the-point.
  • Highlight the word “NOTICE”. It can be either bold or underline.
  • The title should be captivating and eye-catching.
  • Don’t make hypothetical information and facts. Make use of what’s given in the question.
  • Make sure you do not mention your personal information.
  • Make use of all the available information in the question.
  • Your answer shall include answers to all the 5 W’s – What, Why, When, Where and Who.
  • The purpose for which it is being written should be state clearly.
  • Focus on presentation and clarity.

what is notice?

A notice is a publicly display written or print information of something about to happen or that has happen it, is a kind of information meant for others to know and follow.

where use: school, organisations, government boards,

why use:- to inform people about various events, issue and public instruction.

why do we need Notice”?

Notices are effective means of disseminating information relate to different issues or occasions they reach to a large .it is clear, brief and to the point.

notice class 11

Main Features “
  • Format: It includes the word ‘NOTICE . date heading, writer’s name and designation
  • Content:’ It must answer the question -what when? where? how? etc.
  • Expression:’ It relates to the overall organization and relevance of the content as well as grammatical accuracy and fluency.
Content of Notice”
  • Name of the organization issuing the notice is given in capital letters in the first line
  • the title’ NOTICE is written in second line
  • the date of the Notice on which it draft on the left-hand side without writing the word. date
  • catchy heading is given to introduce the subject of the notice.
  • Boyd of the notice’ -necessary details to be given.
  • Notice is end with a closing line’ for more details contact the undesign .
  • writer’s sign Name (in capitals) Designation at the end of notice on the left-hand side
Notice writing Important Tips
  • It is written in passive voice.
  • It is given in a box.
  • its word limit is 40-50 (only words in body count). Do not cross the word limit.
  • Information given must be clear.
  • It should not cause any misunderstanding or confusion
  • it should be catchy. appealing -attract attention at once.
  • we can use bold letters’ catchy slogans, striking word/ phrases
  • there should not be personal pronouns while writing the notice.
  • Notice should be written in the present tense or future tense.
  • it should have short but grammatically accurate sentences.
Distribution of marks:-
  • format:-name of the institution, notice, title date, writer’s name with designation (1 marks)
  • contact:-what, when , where , who, how, contact (2 marks)
  • Expression:-overall organisation, accuracy, fluency (1 marks).

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Points to Remember:-

  • begin with name of the issuing authority / institution / organisation / school / society
  • write NOTICE-like this
  • then date on the left hand side
  • mention purpose of notice and details of the events (date, time venue duration, programme)
  • process and chief guest if any
  • other details / relevant instructions
  • name and designation of the person issuing the notice,
  • notice about school activities or events,
  • write in a box,
  • word limit 50.



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