The Myths About Midwives And How They Help Women Through Pregnancy


Before learning about the myths, we should know about the Midwives. They are professionals who specialize in pregnancy and childbirth and provide prenatal care to women. A midwife can be either male or female. Thus, helps in protecting the mother and the baby from any health issues. 

Many hospitals provide midwives who assist private obstetricians in the proper care of pregnant women. Their role is to do the routine checkups of the mother and a child. They also help during labor time and after the delivery.

Many people have a wrong thought about the midwives that they provide the medication without enough knowledge. But the truth is that many such caretakers are well-skilled. They can perform gynecological activities like planning of conceiving a baby, breastfeeding advice, and many more.

So, if you are looking for any midwife care during your pregnancy, go for them. Here, in this article, we are telling you some myths about midwives and how they are useful for pregnant women. 

7 Myths About The Midwives

Not Available For High-risk Pregnancy

Many women suffer from high-risk pregnancies. It is a critical part of their life. So, with the help of midwives, they can deal with the issues.

In cases of high risk, a midwife works with the specialists who are professionals and provides support to have a healthy pregnancy. Moreover, they also help you with the mental support which a woman needs the most during this phase of life. 

In addition to this, midwife nurses also help a woman in treating chronic diseases, which are long-lasting disorders. These diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. not only affect during the pregnancy but also in the future. Therefore, a nurse ensures normal blood pressure and helps in controlling the blood sugar level.

Assist Only For Home Delivery

It is a myth that midwives provide care for childbirth only at home. They are available everywhere, whether in a public or private hospital or a home clinic. Many of them prefer to give birth to their babies at the hospitals.

This is because they know that proper care is necessary for a healthy mother and a baby. They ensure a mother and a child have a healthy body.

Only Help During The Pregnancy And Childbirth

Many midwives are certified to take care of women throughout life. They are experts in giving the treatments before, during, and after the pregnancy. Such services are health checkups to ensure the good health of a mother and a baby. A midwife also makes sure that a pregnant woman is getting the required vaccination on time. 

They also provide medicines or treatments in cases of sexually transferred diseases. By treating such issues, infertility cases can be reduced. 

A midwife helps the woman with birth control plans who do not want a pregnancy. They provide some medications like pills or birth control methods and are skilled in providing a yearly checkup for females of any age.

Do Not Provide A Postnatal Help

Midwives provide help to every woman even after pregnancy. They support breastfeeding problems such as some women suffering painful nipples or breast enlargement. 

Painful nipple issues occur due to not proper positioning or attachment of the baby’s face to the breast. In case of breast enlargement, a woman’s breast gets large due to being full of milk. It becomes painful as a baby is still learning a feeding process. Such pains are unbearable. Therefore, a woman needs a midwife to cure these problems.

Moreover, midwives also pamper your newborn baby. They assist you in your child’s bath, help you in changing their diapers and clothes.

For the good health of a newborn child, they perform some tests like baby screening. These tests detect disorders that can be treated at an early age. It is performed within 48-72 hours of childbirth.

However, when a woman goes back to the home after delivery, a midwife visits them as per the requirements. In-home birth cases, they provide you with help for a few days. In addition, some assist you on a call if required.

Do Not Assist The Other Healthcare Team

It is a myth that midwives do not work or assist other healthcare members. They perform well with the assistance of obstetricians and gynecologists. A midwife helps in cases of high-risk pregnancies, medical procedures, and even in operation theaters. By working with the OB/GYN, they make sure that specialists are available if such cases of high risks occur. 

Most midwives are certified nurses, so they work with many physicians too. They provide you with proper medication if required. Therefore, it is a myth that a midwife can not assist the healthcare members. They work with obstetricians and gynecologists in assisting the pregnancy of women.

Do not Provide A Medical Help

Midwives have the authority to provide medicines and treatments. They have the license to provide the prescriptions for any medical help. A midwife helps and motivates normal childbirth.  In some circumstances, they interfere with the birth plans. For example, in the case of delivery, if a woman is unable to bear the pain and wants to have a pain killer injection, a midwife has the right to provide it. 

They also help females with birth control. Many women do not want to become pregnant but are sexually active. For the treatment, midwives suggest some pills or birth control procedures. 

Have No Official Educational Certificates

There are two types of midwives classified according to their educational experiences. Some are CNMs called certified nurse-midwives, and others are CMs called certified midwives. 

CNMs owns a master’s degree in nursing and needs to qualify for the national certification exams. They are also required to make sure their ability to perform the duty is up-to-date. In addition, the renewal of the license after five years is mandatory.

CMs are the ones who are not nurses but also need to pass this exam. They must complete the midwives’ education training. Holding these certifications, a midwife can perform the duty in any hospital or clinic.

Thus, assist professionals in the hospital, performing many tasks like childbirth, high-risk pregnancies, etc.


Along with obstetricians and gynecologists, a midwife also plays an important role in a pregnant woman’s health. They are also certified and trained to treat the women in pregnancy, childbirth, and after the deliveries.

Many false myths should not be considered if looking for midwives. They are very helpful for both the mother and the child.



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