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SEO agency
SEO agency

If you lack the technical expertise needed to launch and manage campaigns, marketing agencies can help. Working with a marketing agency gives you access to industry experts who can effectively manage your campaigns, so you can focus on managing your business. They will know in every means of the word what they are doing. They will also know how to get your brand seen by the correct people and in the best and most effective ways too.

You should be able to view case studies, or at least reviews and ratings. Ideally, you want a marketing company that has worked with your kind of business. They should have some case studies to also be able to back this up. To add to this, they should also have some metrics to show they will be effective for the type of business you have also.

How they work

From the first planning stages all the way to putting strategies in action and analysing their success, they have the tools to help you craft the most effective campaigns. You can use all of their services or just the ones you need, they can supplement your existing marketing department or be your only marketing solution. The choice of how you put a full service digital agency to work is up to you.

Measuring the wider overall ROI of this work and investment

The commonality of all these services is that they drive conversion. And, conversion means money in your pocket. A full service marketing agency is actually the place where you should invest money and keep engaging via custom tooled campaigns. Yes, you might want to control costs during a crisis – but use a scalpel, not a cleaver. Full service digital marketing will pay off for you in the long run as long as you maintain consistency.

Key points to bear in mind

Digital marketing is a constantly changing landscape, hiring a full service digital marketing agency is a scalable solution that allows you to pick the approaches that will work best for your company. The ability to respond fast to the needs of your business is important, and a full service agency can fill in the pieces that you are missing with little delay. Here are some unique ways a full service internet marketing company can help your company.

  • What you need, when you need it: Your needs today may not be your needs tomorrow. A full service agency will let you scale your marketing needs. They will do this accordingly and use the services that are most beneficial at the moment. Use them as a full service creative agency, a marketing agency, a web design team, or put it all together. A full service agency gives you a scalable marketing department at your disposal.
  • Affordability: Hiring in house can be expensive and time consuming. Especially as you need to find a team of people with varied skills. The cost for hiring the talent, the equipment they need, and responding to changing needs can get expensive fast. A full service agency lets you have the team you need, when you need it, and for the time you need them.

Things you should never do

  • Never leave your agency out of marketing and sales strategy conversations. If it happens spontaneously, make your first phone call after the discussion to your agency to share what was discussed. This will help them be as successful as possible.
  • Don’t change direction without giving the tactics time to work. If you start ads and run them for 2 months and then change everything, you haven’t given the agency enough time to get results and make adjustments to optimize the ads. It’s similar with content offers and other website content. Give it some time before you give up on it.
  • Don’t separate the sales team from the marketers. This applies to both your in-house team and your marketing agency. Marketers need information from the sales team to be more successful. Help the sales team to see how important their input really is to the entire company’s success.
  • Avoid splintering your time across multiple agencies. Digital marketing activities such as website updates, PPC  ads, SEO, and inbound marketing all cross over each other to the point that having more than one agency for these activities gets confusing and difficult for the client to effectively manage. If you can, use a single agency for the digital marketing activities you’ll not only save yourself some headache, but more than likely a good bit of money too.


Any decent digital marketing agency will make sure they’re reporting back to you – regularly. There should be an open channel of communication between you and your agency. This is in turn so you can query, discuss and know where your investment is going – and if it’s working. It’s key to ask about an agency’s reporting and updating methods, because as it’s your business and your digital strategy investment, you want to know it’s working. Because you need results and reports to prove an ROI. The great thing about digital marketing is that results are trackable, through analytic tools. So, you should be updated monthly about the success of your investment. This is because any digital agency that isn’t reporting back is a no-go zone.


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