The many possibilities with the Binance Smart Chain and the BEP-20 token


What Is Binance Smart Chain?

In the worlds of cryptocurrency, finance, and blockchain, Binance requires no introduction. It is most likely the most well-known cryptocurrency exchange on the planet. Binance, as a forerunner and trailblazer in this industry, has created its own blockchain, the Binance Smart Chain.

Binance, as we all know, is one of the most reputable, and needless to say, one of the most profitable cryptocurrency exchanges on the planet. It has become a major influence in the crypto and blockchain space. For the magnitude of influence it exercises, it is not a surprise that Binance came up with its own blockchain.

Binance Smart Chain, as the name suggests, is a customized blockchain that allows the Binance decentralized exchange to run and complete transactions while also assisting in the creation of secure crypto-wallets. Binance tried its hand at blockchain with Binance Chain, but it had a few fundamental faults that made it difficult to accept. It was unworkable, and the platform cost was exorbitant. It presented some difficulties, but it also provided an intriguing argument for a new blockchain.

Binance Smart Chain was developed with the weaknesses of its precursor in mind, and it offers a broad array of benefits that make it one of the strongest blockchains for a variety of functions, including number of co-marketing and smart contract development.

The history of Binance Chain and BSC

The first attempt of Binance dates back to April 2019 when it decided to launch its own blockchain called the Binance Chain. This could be considered a very bold move by a cryptocurrency exchange as they tried to enter a territory that they were never used to. Binance also launched its own decentralized exchange in the same year.

Binance Chain came in at a time when Ethereum was ruling the roost for smart contracts, decentralized finance, and every other type of blockchain application. Therefore, any new blockchain that challenges Ethereum had to have certain credentials that were valid enough to dethrone Ethereum from its supremacy.

The Binance Chain, although a quantum leap in terms of transaction speeds, still lacked a lot of basic functionality provided by Ethereum, and it was still far from perfect. Binance Chain did not offer smart contact functionality, and that gave Ethereum a better edge over the offerings from Binance. 

, however, addressed all the misgivings of Binance Chain and created a dependable alternator to Ethereum. The Binance Smart Chain included smart contracts, a better transaction speed, a different consensus mechanism, and possibilities with multiple utilities, making it one of the most perfect blockchains ever to be created!

What is Binance Smart Chain’s function?

Binance has created an alternative blockchain called the Binance Smart Chain. Since Binance came to fame in the blockchain industry, it has necessitated the development of various blockchain-specific applications, particularly since the decentralized exchange was created.

The Binance Smart Chain appropriately addresses these requirements without causing scalability or platform cost issues to become impediments. When it comes to BNC token development, a reputable BNC development company can take care of things like stability and compatibility.

There are several benefits to investing in the Binance Smart Chain.

• Investors in the Binance Smart Chain can earn a high return as passive income, helping them to swiftly increase their business revenue.
• It manages overall transactions and security using Binance Smart Chain’s automated smart contracts.
• It maintained the highest transparency over user transactions on the Binance Smart Chain platform to attract users’ trust.

• To prevent potential breaches, the Binance Smart Chain development platform is integrated with multi-level security protocols such as end-to-end encryption and HTTP authentication.
• It is open-source, allowing everyone, regardless of wealth or social standing, to utilize the Binance Smart Chain platform with minimal investment.
• It is open-source, allowing everyone, regardless of wealth or social standing, to utilize the Binance Smart Chain platform with minimal investment.

The Binance Smart Chain development platform offers a bright future for investors and companies of all kinds who want to use digital transactions to expand their companies. Investors can connect with top Binance Smart Chain development services establish their dream business inexpensively and quickly get to the top of the industry.

Journey with the Binance Smart Chain? The Advantages

The Binance Smart Chain blockchain, commonly abbreviated BSC, brings to the table, a lot of advantages.

Perhaps the biggest contributor to the success of BSC is its flawless compatibility with Ethereum. It is EVM compatible, and it can support any Ethereum app. What makes this an advantage is that any person who is willing to try out the new blockchain in terms of development will not have any entry barriers because they are well-versed with Ethereum already.

Ethereum, although it has versatile smart contract capabilities, always has had the dubious distinction of charging high transaction fees. The transaction fees on BSC, however, are 20 times lower than what Ethereum charges. This has been a massive game-changer for DeFi protocols and they started shifting their attention towards BSC.

BSC uses a different consensus mechanism called proof of staked authority. The algorithm uses a rotating panel of 21 validators chosen by the number of coins that they have staked. This method makes it possible for BSC to add a new block every three seconds, making the entire infrastructure incredibly fast. As of now, BSC is one of the most valid candidates to compete against the existing financial systems.

Needless to say, BSC supports borderless DeFi. The speed with which new transactions are executed, the low transaction fees, the consensus mechanism, and the availability of a strong developer network make Binance Smart Chain an amazing alternative for Ethereum which enjoyed a monopoly in a lot of spaces until this new blockchain was introduced.

DApps on the Binance Smart Chain

Since BSC presents itself as one of the best blockchains for DeFi, we will also need to look at its compatibility with DeFi applications, commonly abbreviated DApps. There are a lot of DApps that BSC can support.

BSC has a provision to use multiple cryptocurrency wallets. Some of the most prominent wallets include Trust Wallet, MetaMask, and Binance Chain Wallet, the wallet created by Binance itself. The last one can easily be accessed through web browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome as an extension. There are different protocols on the BSC blockchain, and there are applications, or to be specific, DApps allow users to borrow and lend tokens, similar to a traditional financial ecosystem.

Tokens in Binance Smart chain

What made Ethereum an instant success as opposed to bitcoin which confined itself to a single pathway is its dynamicity and versatility. It can be best felt in the different token standards that Ethereum supports. Similarly, even BSC supports different token standards.

The most common token standard in the BSC blockchain is the BEP-20 token. You can come out very similar to Ethereum, create your own token compliant with these standards on the BSC blockchain. Considering the growing importance of NFTs, Binance Smart Chain even has a special token standard called the BEP-721 That supports non-fungible tokens.

Any person who has experience in developing Ethereum tokens can also work on BSC tokens without any difficulty.

How to create a BEP-20 token on Binance Smart Chain?

Creating a BEP-20 token is simple and straightforward. With the MetaMask wallet filled with an adequate amount of tokens to pay for the deployment of the smart contract, it becomes easy to launch your own .

All that you need to do is enter the preferred token name and a unique symbol. You should also choose the number of tokens that will be supplied and the type of token. Once you have entered the details, you can confirm the transaction using the wallet. This will immediately deploy your token and your token is ready for use.

Creating a BEP-20 token on BSC is as simple as that!

This opens new opportunities for exploring a lot of things in the crypto and the blockchain space that was earlier confined only to Ethereum.

Is Binance Smart Chain the future?

People have been so used to Ethereum that they did not think about an alternative and they started to accept the misgivings of the blockchain. However, BSC changed the game forever. Will BSC be the future of blockchain, DeFi, and crypto transactions? It might not be the complete answer. However, blockchain is a nascent technology, and it is constantly evolving. BSC is a fine example of how you should never be stagnant with respect to your expectations and with respect to pushing the limits of innovation.


Now that people are getting to know the goodness of BSC, it is a perfect time for any entrepreneur to engage in BSC talk in development. All you need to do is get in touch with a company that specializes in developing tokens either for Ethereum or BSC, and they will take care to understand a requirement. Soon, they will present you with perfect solutions that will create tokens on the new blockchain, surprising your clients/customers with blazing fast speeds and low transaction fees.


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