The Importance of Web Development: The Basics and Tools


Web development is a field in constant change since the commercialization of the internet, which began in the early 90s. Today it has become a standard for neat presentations, which is often elaborate and highlights a lot of multimedia content. . The Web , which was originally an information platform, has become a real entertainment medium. Internet users are asking for websites that are interactive, intuitive and with an elaborate design. To meet this demand, developers have many tools to integrate dynamic content and to create tailor-made sites adapt to their users.

So what if you are new to web development and want to learn and become a pro? This article is for you.

From Bootstrap to ReactJs passing by CodeMirror, Visual studio code and many others. We present you the essential tools to become a leader in web development.

But also, this section offers a selection of tools along with their main functionalities.




Bootstrap is a Framework produce by the Twitter team. It is offer in open source (under MIT license),

The latter mainly uses the languages ​​HTML, JavaScript and CSS and it was design to develop sites with a design, which can be adapt to any type of screen and in particular smartphones.


This type of framework is call a “Front-End Framework”.


Brackets is an open-source web design and development oriente editor design primarily for the design of HTML, CSS and JavaScript web pages. It is a cross-platform editor that was deploy by Adobe and is release under an MIT license.

The advantages of Brackets are that it offers instant editing of files or even allows the modification of color codes by presenting a color chart and it also has a minimalist and complete user interface in “edit” mode. code “.

3-Code Mirror

Code Mirror is a non-wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) editor, which allows the user to instantly edit and work on the source code of the document. It is an HTML code editor written in JavaScript which is both agile and powerful, able to colorize complex documents in real time and allows spelling correction which may seem basic but very effective.


EmberJS is a JavaScript MVC Framework, the code is available on their Github repository. Historically speaking, EmberJS is derive from SproutCore and more clearly from SproutCore 2.

It allows you to manage user activities and in this case allows you to create one-page-applications. EmberJS is not dedicate to handling database access, but it facilitates user interference.

The websites / web applications that use this kind of framework have an API (application programming interface) in order to interface with a database. EmberJS is not intend to manage database access, it is there to facilitate page rendering and user interactions.

5-ZURB Foundation

ZURB foundation is an open-source framework that provides its users with a responsive grid with typography, code snippets, tests and many other features.

This Framework makes it possible to quickly create fluid and responsive web interfaces, it is a process which also makes it possible to generate a single interface that adapts to different devices.

It must also be said that Foundation is modular and responsive, that is to say that the graphic design of web pages adjusts dynamically while taking into account the different characteristics of the device use.

6 -Chrome Dev Tools

The Google Chrome Develop Tools features an integrate environment for debugging, enhancing, and understanding a website or application running from Google Chrome.

What can you do with Chrome develop Tools?

1-Live review the DOM and CSS to master your web page

2- Study the HTML storage database

3-Debug JavaScript using the graphical debugger

4- Compare the execution time of the different functions to be able to improve the speed of your application

7 -Visual studio code

Visual Studio Code (or VS Code) offer in open source under the MIT license, the application, available for Windows, Linux and Mac at the same time, comes in the form of a light multi-language environment. At the time, few observers believe in the success of the initiative. Until then, Microsoft had never succeed in bringing out open source software on the global IT scene.

VSC offers various objects that can be engaging for developers at any level, even if compare to other text editors), this editor is more aim at an intermediate or / and advance level. However,

Even for beginners, it can be a good alternative since it is used in several fields such as for example the formatting of raw data.

8 -File optimizer / Image Optim

File Optimizer is a program that improves images, PDFs and videos without damaging the quality and thus saves disk space with convenient use.

To use it You just have to install the application, choose a file or a folder which encloses the documents to be optimize and everything will be automate thereafter.

ImageOptim is agile and ergonomic, it is a great image compressing device that allows you to save storage space on your device.

9 -Git Hub

GitHub is an online service that allows you to host your code repositories. GitHub is a free device for hosting open source code, and also offers paid plans for other projects. It is the world number 1 and it hosts more than ten million repositories.

You start by creating your account, then you will access your Dashboard and thus discover the different features of Git Hub from where you will have access to communicate with other designers and even report in case of complications, propose modifications of d ‘other developers or even share code segments online.

10- React JavaScript

The ReactJs Framework was create by Facebook and is use more and more at the moment especially by web integrators.

React uses the JavaScript language with the Ecma2015 standard, a standardization that allows you to create contemporary (object-orient) source code. It can also use other standardizations and it is in particular one of these peculiarities which makes it a really handy Framework.

This Framework is a real library in the category of frontend frameworks, which only governs the interface of a site.


The HTML is a language (HyperText Mark-up Language) basic way to structure the writing of digital content with formatting tags (tags and meta elements). In this way text elements, titles, graphics or even hyperlinks can be put in place and it is the source code that constitutes the structure of a website. For example, a static website is simply made up of a selection of link HTML documents. The current version of HTML5 extends the Extensible Markup Language to include audio and video. On the other hand, the presentation of the contents is define by the formatting language CSS, which allows the layout.html


The CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a standard formatting language for HTML documents for their layout. Web developers use CSS to assign rules that will allow a browser to interpret elements define in code into concrete visual elements that will be represent on a website. The current CSS3 standard version includes features for structuring the layout, colors, typography, shadow effects and animations.

13- PHP

While static web pages are always ready to be sent through the web server, the same is not true for dynamic web pages, which are only generate upon request from the web browser. Scripting languages ​​such as PHP allow this. The browser will make a request that uses the HTTP protocol and indicates the request page, among other things. When the request arrives at the server, it transmits the request address, which is then process by a web server. The web server will interpret it, find the request file, and the file is then return as an http response.

New frameworks, design trends, user expectations and mobile developments are changing the world of web development every day. The bottom line is that web development responds to growing user expectations and design trends, thanks to tools like Google Material Design ; or the need to communicate and work in real time from anywhere. Whatever you’re working on, web development comes at an exciting time: a challenging industry in which to invest more and more!


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