The idea of create your own jacket


When people include the term create your own jacket while they are speaking, they are usually speaking about the type of clothes which have long sleeves and which usually cover the body from the part of the neck down to the part of the waist. Today, the term jacket is often used interchangeably with the term coat.

Before the mid-nineteenth century, there were clear differences between a jacket and a coat. It is common for a jacket to be shorter with its length reaching just below the human waist and it is as well lighter.

The term “jacket” derived from the French term “jaquette” which means the coat that a man wears in the morning. The term may as well mean the suit that a lady is suitable to put on, the latter is usually known as ladies jackets. Jackets are usually used to serve as protective clothing. But, besides that purpose, some jackets are also used simply because of the fashionable styles they carry with them.

As what has been mentioned earlier, jackets are also available for ladies and such jackets are usually referred to ladies jackets. Ladies jackets also carry the same characteristics as those carried by men jackets. But there are, of course, some differences in the style to enable people to tell which jackets are to be worn by men and which ones are targeted for the ladies.

Ladies jackets are available in some variations. Arctic jackets are one of them. Arctic jackets are also recognized as the parka while in the UK it is known as an orak. This kind of jacket suits well in very cold climates since it is hooded.

The materials that make up those jackets which are worn by ladies also come in a wide variety to be chosen. Some of them are the silk or satin. The jackets which are made of these materials are suitable to be worn when the ladies are also wearing evening gowns inside.

Another type of ladies jacket available are the jean jackets that are comfortable to wear. To enrich the list of ladies jackets that are already available, manufacturers have invented leather jackets for the ladies to wear. The leather jackets are usually able to give sophisticated as well as luxurious appearance to the ladies who wear them.

Manufacturers have even manufactured the motorcycle jackets for ladies besides men in order to give ladies the necessary protection that they may need while they are driving. Even more, ladies are also offered winter jackets with nylon or microfibers as the main materials to keep them warm. But the range of jackets for ladies does not stop till there.

The fleece jacket is another alternative which is good to wear in the period between winter and fall. To protect the ladies from the rain, there are the rain jackets which commonly possess nylon as the main material and are waterproof besides windproof.

Now, if a lady feels like having business-like appearance, she may choose the blazers which will look even greater when a lady is working in the office.

Ladies can obtain these jackets from quite a few manufacturers on the market. They can even find such jackets from the online manufacturers. They offer the jackets to ladies in a comprehensive list with various brands, colors, sizes and prices. And there are more than one manufacturer that can be found on the internet.

Ladies jackets are available to be purchased at various prices, sizes, shapes and colors. The jackets can also serve ladies’ needs for fashion besides protection. The jackets can even be purchased online so it is actually easy for ladies to buy them.


A jacket is an intrinsic part of motorcycling. A motorcycle rider cannot be thought separate from the jacket. However, the jacket is not worn simply for a style statement or convention or stereotype. It has a number of roles to play in bike riding.

Motorcycle jackets are of many kinds. There are go-leather jackets, western jackets, motorcycle jackets, suede jackets and several more. There are plain colored jackets like the classic black jacket, which is usually made of leather. Also there are multicolored jackets in detailed prints.

The first function of the leather jacket is for the safety of the rider. The entire protection wear comprises of the helmet, leather chaps, gloves, boots and pants. The purpose of the jacket is to protect the upper portion of the body from abrasions, burns or cuts. It also reduces chances of injury in case of an accident or crash.

One more use of the jacket is that of a windcheater. You would definitely like a warm and comfortable ride. That is why the jacket keeps you warm and snug while the wind blows. It’s a much smoother ride.

Moreover, the feel good factor of wearing a jacket is derived from the fact that it is the ultimate male fashion statement. With all the uses of a jacket, its protection, everybody would like to sport one. They are stylish as well as useful pieces of clothing.

The jacket was made immensely popular by Marlon Brando’s cult movie ‘The Wild One’. It was in 1946 that the film hit the theaters. Our hero sports the macho masculine look in the film.

The jacket over the decades has come up in several styles and fashions. Today there are a number of jackets meant for women. This line of jackets serves the same purposes and feels just the same as ever.

A jacket should ideally be sturdy, lightweight, water-resistant comfortable and wearable. Look for motorcycle jackets, which will give you enough protection in certain areas like the shoulder, backbone and elbow. It should also have adequate pocket space. It should be easily adjustable and protect you from the weather.

It would be better to buy a jacket made of cowhide. It is thick and strong and is a good material, useful for motorcycle jackets since it protects you from cuts and abrasions. Sheepskin is also in use but it is mainly for fashionable lightweight jackets. Jackets are available in shopping malls, department stores and outlet retailers. A jacket brand very much in vogue is the Harley Davidson line which you can purchase online as well.

A good motorcycle ride is incomplete without the jacket. You would feel incomplete without it if you have genuine passion for a good motorcycle ride. So when you hit the road with your motorcycle remember to take the jacket with you.



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