The fusion of delicious homemade and healthy food – de’HoFoo


The fusion of delicious homemade and healthy food – de’HoFoo


de’HoFoo is the food destination of food lovers who look for dishes which are delicious and healthy. At the same time and it is a wonderful platform for home chefs who have the potential in them to serve people with healthy homemade food.


With de’HoFoo there is no compromise with your health

Often you think to order something from outside but then your concern for your health comes in the middle of it. But now you can have restaurant food everyday without worrying about its side affects on your health. Having the question “How?” in your mind? The answer to your question is “with de’HoFoo” which aims to provide you Ghar Ka Khana, Direct Ghar se.

homemade food

de’HoFoo serves the healthy and freshly prepared food to you directly from the home makers who are like your mother, sister or wife. It makes you feel as if you are enjoying the food from the comfort of your house.

Founder of de’HoFoo

In Jan,2021 Mrs. Neha Bajpai, along with her husband, Mr. Yogesh Bajpai, came up with the plan of launching a platform which will bridge the gap between foodies and healthy homemade food. It will also bridge the gap between cooking skills of a housewife and the platform for her to showcase her talent.

Neha Bajpai

How did de’HoFoo come into picture?

“Home food as we say. When I was a working professional, I had to stay out and my wife was in hometown. So she was unable to prepare the tiffin for me. Also, I have seen many bachelors who are away from their home residing in hostels for their studies. So, they have to be dependent on the food provided by the mesh.


Speaking about the challenges which I had faced is that if I am travelling to some other city for a week or more, for my office work. I need to rely on their hotel or mesh food. What happens is that it badly impacts our health and stomach as we are consuming outside food for a long time. So, I always thought that there should be some provision where I can find home food.”

What is the definition of healthy food for de’HoFoo?

“Home food means a housewife who is preparing food for her family, in the same way she will prepare food for me. Then I discussed this with many people and many housewives said that they are ready. They are cooking food for their family and if they come to know someone demands that food then they are happy to prepare that food. So, what happens is that they make food for a small quantity of people instead of a huge bulk. In this way, there is no compromise with the quality of food as they have to cook a little extra apart from cooking for their family.”, says Yogesh.

home chef

What’s the difference between homemade and restaurant food?

Yogesh adds, “Usually, people buying cooking materials for their family prefer to buy fresh vegetables and good quality of spices and the remaining stale vegetables are taken up by the mesh or the restaurants and then they cook the food. So, I see that restaurants and mesh compromise with the quality but in a family, it never happens. So, if we get food prepared by the home chefs directly from their home, it will be fresh and healthy. So, this was the concept where I wanted to enable a platform for housewives where they can publish their food.”

healthy food

de’HoFoo helps people staying away from their home to get homemade, healthy food

Yogesh says, “As a bachelor, student or professional, whenever I need homemade food, I can go to de’HoFoo’s  mobile application and find our nearby home chefs and what they are preparing today. Then I am very mush sure that whatever they are preparing it will definitely be healthy. They will be using good quality oil and spices along with fresh vegetables.”

healthy food from home chef

“So, that was the idea to give a platform to home chefs so that they can earn some money. Housewives do not get much options for marketing so this will be a great source of income to them and also to provide a platform for bachelors, students or working professionals, so that any time and in any part of India, they can open the app and see if there is any home chef nearby who can serve them with homemade food so that they get home food even by staying away from their home.“, says Yogesh.


Purpose of de’HoFoo

de’HoFoo is an open platform for home chefs who want to serve people with their delicious and homemade healthy food and it is a destination for foodies who want to have the same good quality home food, being residing away from their homes.




Destination of healthy and delicious food

de’HoFoo is the abbreviation of Delicious Homemade Food. If the name sounds so caring, then think about the concern which de’HoFoo has for you while serving you the best quality food which is freshly-prepared, delicious and healthy for you. Many restaurants promise you to serve the best food but are not worthy of it. But in de’HoFoo we don’t compromise with the quality of food because for us your health is our priority. 

health matters

FSSAI certified home chefs

Our home chefs are FSSAI certified and prepares the food in a hygienic way to provide you the authentic homemade food which will not only be tasty but at the same time it will be nutritious too. Where can you get such a healthy treat? It’s only at de’HoFoo my friend, where you get this home-like treatment.


At de’HoFoo, what matters is your health

“Often people are advised by doctor to eat healthy food like khichdi but they are not in home so who will make the khichdi for them? With de’HoFoo, we are trying to reach out to those people who are in urgent need of homemade food so that whenever they feel to have something healthy, they can just search for it in our app and have a healthy meal.”, says Yogesh.


Progress of de’HoFoo

Yogesh says, “We are trying to reach out to every corner and in every part of our country by scaling up our business. We are trying to solve the problem of delivering the food prepared by our home chefs by tying up with delivery partners like Dunzo and many others. Trying our best to bridge the gap between foodies and the authentic homemade food so that when people think to have food from outside then the first name which should come in their mind is de’HoFoo.

de’HoFoo has spread its wings in cities like Maharashtra, Nasik and Pune and over the period of time it will be having its branches in every part of India and will be able to serve each one with the yummy and best dishes.



What makes de’HoFoo to stand out from crowd?

You may have this question in your mind before approaching de’HoFoo. You may think that this is of a same sort of restaurant like others. What’s different in it? So, let me tell you what makes us different. We don’t run a restaurant type of thing here. We are here to serve you the taste of your home food which you are missing in daily routine because of staying away from your house.

You may be wondering how’s that possible? Restaurants often make such vows but end up at disappointing its customers. Let me tell you my friend that restaurants can break their vows but de’HoFoo will not. Our home chefs are housewives just like your mother and wife who prepares the food with utmost care just like your mother or wife does. So, there is no compromise with the quality of food.

We don’t even charge a single penny from our home chefs as other food services do. We believe in women empowerment, not only by words but by our action.

become a part of de'HoFoo

Ordering food from outside means a bad impact on your health. But with de’HoFoo, you don’t need to worry about your health. You just order whatever suits your mood, and de’HoFoo will take care to make it a healthy and tasty treat for you dude.


Future plans of de’HoFoo

“Our future plans to expand de’HoFoo to other states as now it is concentrated in a few cities. My point is that in future when anyone wants to have home food then de’HoFoo is the platform which should come in their mind. Like nowadays many people who want to have restaurant food, they say, let’s do Swiggy or let’s do Zomato. But I want people to have outside food which will be healthy for them and they should say let’s do de’HoFoo guys.”, says Yogesh.

future plans

Strategies which de’HoFoo is adapting to reach to people

“Definitely, we have to take to it to another level from the business point of view. We will be onboarding cloud kitchen and small restaurants too for our long-term business. Presently, our strategy is that we don’t charge any single money from our home chefs. There are many platforms which takes commission from the home chefs after on boarding them. But in our platform, we are not charging them now nor we will do that in future. Because we are empowering women, we are empowering home chefs. But how we will survive in the market? So, we will onboard cloud kitchen and ask commission from them, that’s our plan. We will never charge home chefs for onboarding.”, says Yogesh.



de’HoFoo is a wonderful start-up for food lovers who get healthy and tasty homemade food. It is also a nice platform for home chefs who are looking for an opportunity to start their career in cooking. This is the only platform where we don’t charge any money from our home chefs. We aim to uplift the housewives as home chefs. Also, it is the only platform which gives you the sweet aroma of authentic homemade food.

delicious and healthy food


So, join the de’HoFoo app today and enjoy having a great healthy treat.

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