The essential: QuickBooks Conversion Tool

QuickBooks Conversion Tool

This blog will explicate how QuickBooks Conversion Tool is very much of a necessary tool. Without it much data conversion, the transfer would have taken a complicated appearance. QuickBooks Conversion Tool allows the user to convert company files to the software to partial data of any kind in QuickBooks suit. Read the full blog to know more.

Intro to QuickBooks

QuickBooks is an accounting and financial management software that comprises various objectivities, for example, taxation, invoicing, payroll, expense management, budgeting, payment processing, etc. For various needs, to maintain the above QuickBooks needs to convert data and our point of discussion lies here only.

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What Is QuickBooks Conversion Tool

QuickBooks Conversion Tool is a free tool. With this tool, users can transform files in different formats for QuickBooks. Also, this tool permits you to convert company files from many different projects. What is more significant feature is that it delivers a great range of conversion assignments. It does not compromise data security either. The users can convert QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Desktop Premier to QuickBooks Desktop Pro to QB Enterprise with the help of this tool.

What I can convert:

  • Account balances
  • Customer and vendor transactions
  • Employee profile and contact info
  • Payroll general ledger account balance info
  • Paychecks

What it cannot convert:

  • Payroll transactions and employee year-to-date info
  • Work tickets
  • Fixed assets
  • Individual employee wage
  • Closed or partially closed Sales orders, Purchased orders, and Estimates

How to use QuickBooks Conversion Tool

If the user wants to use QuickBooks Conversion Tool effectively, then follow the guide below:

  • Double-click the conversion tool and open it
  • Now select one of the two options that would appear on the screen My client company or my own company
  • Select the accounting software
  • Choose next and opt for the company file; then click on next again
  • Now select the QuickBooks product and head to the folder where the company file is saved and also click next.
  • Go for the conversion levels as per the list and click next.
  • Now select the accounting preferences as per the date name and company, and then click next.
  • In this step review all the details, and hit start after the process is completed, click finish

Following are the major reasons why QuickBooks Conversion Tool not working:

  • Conversion tool system requirements are not fulfilled
  • The tool doesn’t work with the 64-bit Windows version
  • The user is trying to convert Sage 50 to QuickBooks

QuickBooks Conversion Tool Service

QuickBooks is one of the finest accounting software that has some powerful features like conversion of data or (current record information). Much of the business-related data can be transformed with this QuickBooks Conversion Tool. There are perks of using QuickBooks Data Conversion Services like budgetary moves, capable effectiveness, adaptability, etc. it can also convert data from a different accounting system.

QuickBooks Conversion to Xero

First, convert QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop from the QuickBooks website. You will need a PC using Internet Explorer 10 (or newer). Ignore the first two steps if you are already using QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Before you select the Convert Now button, a QBXML file will download to your computer.
  • Now push the Convert Now button to convert QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop.
  • If you have the QuickBooks Desktop version on Mac, first convert the file to Windows. In QuickBooks, choose File, then choose Back up to QuickBooks for Windows.

You need to create a new organization, after that, you can download your QuickBooks data to Xero. Follow these steps:

  • Sign up for a new Xero Account from the Xero website
  • Add a new organization.
  • Now you can fill in the name of your organization. Select the country where your business pays taxes. Click Want to convert your QuickBooks data for free?
  • Click Continue
  • Choose Yes, convert my QuickBooks data
  • Click Choose File. Select from your computer the QuickBooks file you saved.
  • Now you can check the box of Terms of Service and confirm.
  • Click Continue. You will now see a file downloading.

QuickBooks Conversion from Online to Desktop

To do the above, follow the steps undermentioned:

  • Download QuickBooks Desktop
  • Sign in to QuickBooks Online and download the migration tool
  • Prepare the file for export and select your data in QuickBooks Online for export
  • Run the QuickBooks Desktop migration tool
  • Verify your info is exported correctly

Install QuickBooks Conversion Tool

If the user wants to install QuickBooks Conversion Tool:

  • The first step would be to download QuickBooks Conversion Tool
  • Search and open the folder where the downloaded file is
  • Right-click on the QuickBooks conversion tool icon and select the properties
  • Under the compatibility mode, you need to select the checkbox for a run this program compatibility and then select the drop-down window operating system being used
  • Then click on the OK tab
  • Right-click the file exe and choose run as admin

Convert File from Sage to QB

If you wish to enforce the above; follow the steps below:

  • Review the requirements for conversion
  • Prepare for conversion
  • Setup Sage 50
  • Now download the conversion tool
  • Convert the data
  • Review the conversion

Convert files to QuickBooks

The method has been demonstrated before.

QuickBooks Desktop Conversion Tool

A guide has been given below on how to set up QuickBooks Desktop Conversion Tool:

  • Download the QuickBooks Conversion Tool.
  • Find and open the folder you saved the downloaded file to.
  • Right-click on the QuickBooks Conversion Tool icon, then select Properties.
  • Under Compatibility mode, select the checkbox for Run this program in compatibility for: and choose Windows 8 (even if you have Windows 10) from the dropdown and then select OK.
  • Right-click QuickBooksConverstionToolSetup.exe and select Run as Administrator.

QuickBooks Conversion Tool not working

A QuickBooks conversion tool is a free tool that can be downloaded. With this tool, users can import business data, balances, and transactions to resume their work. The same tool offers the user to convert data from Peachtree and Microsoft Small Business Accounting/Office Accounting.

Quicken to QuickBooks Conversion Tool

Step 1: Export your Quicken data to a file

Export your Quicken data to a file in .csv format so you can import it in QuickBooks.

Step 2: Import the file into QuickBooks
  • Sign in to QuickBooks.
  • Select Settings, then Import Data.
  • Select the type of list that you want to import.
  • Select Browse. Find the .csv file, then select Open.
  • Note: You can select Download a sample file and use it as a sample template.
  • Select Next. The Map data page appears. There’s a green checkmark on the fields that QuickBooks recognizes. Otherwise, you’ll see No Match.
  • Use the dropdown menus to map the fields. Select Next.
  • Review all the entries that you’ll import.
  • Select Import.

QuickBooks windows to the mac conversion tool

This facility is available only on QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, and Premier Accountant Editions. If the user wants to proceed, then follow the guide below:

The first step needs to be executed on your Windows computer
  • Update QuickBooks for Desktop for Windows to the latest release
  • Open the file as the administrator
  • Head to the File menu, then select Utilities. Select Copy Company File for QuickBooks Mac; then navigate to the onscreen instructions. QuickBooks will create a MAC.qbb (backup) file.
  • Now a message will pop up advising you to stay on Windows, if you wish to continue select Yes.
  • Save the file in a folder. Name the file and save Do not use special characters in it.
  • Now you can move your file using any storage device such as a USB flash drive.
The second step needs to be executed on your Mac computer

Here in this step, we are going to restore the MAC.qbb file on Mac computer

  • Update QuickBooks Desktop for Mac to the latest release
  • Close QuickBooks
  • Copy the backup to the Documents folder on your Mac
  • Reopen QuickBooks Desktop for Mac, then select File, then select Open Company
  • Select the qbb file, then select Open
  • Select OK, if it asks if you want to restore a QuickBooks for Windows file
  • Enter a name for the restored file, and then select Save.

In the final segment, we can say that QuickBooks Conversion Tool is one of the most effective and important tools for merchants. As it gives the opportunity to transform and convert much of the data in QuickBooks. However, in some cases, it is not true yet that can be rectified too.



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