The Education Has Changed for Good and is Following the Footsteps of Food Delivery!


Do you have kids at your place? 

How do you think they manage their education, especially after the shut down of educational institutions? 

On the other hand, if you’re a part of the industry, you would know that the meaning of education has changed, and the traditional mode of teaching has been extinguished to a greater extent! 

Not only this, but education is now said to be following the footsteps of the food delivery model, and Vivek Sunder, the CEO of Cuemath- an online learning platform and former COO of an on-demand food delivery service, has set the example. 


This article has got the details for you! 

K-12 Education and Food Delivery Services: The Comparison!

For starters, K-12 is a term used for primary and secondary education collectively that involves teacher-student communication. 

How does the idea of comparing K-12 education and a food delivery app like DoorDash sound to you?

Weird, right? 

While it may seem that the two don’t have much in common, there are similarities to be noted. 

Like what, you ask? 

A successful food delivery app is one that emphasizes quick deliveries, while the online education system needs to work on subject mastery. 

Initially, education was delivered in a four-walled classroom that was disrupted due to the pandemic as physical presence had to be eliminated. In contrast, food delivery services came into the picture long before mobile applications were introduced in the form of restaurant-specific delivery services, dabbawalas services, etc. 

When Did the Two Services Become Similar? 

All it took was a global pandemic to let the two industries fall in the same line, considering their shift to online approaches. 

Talking about the food delivery services, consumers can download their preferred food delivery app, surf through restaurants, and order food directly.

Now that these apps have immense convenience to offer, their popularity is on a spike, and the trend is going to stay for years to come! 

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The education pattern is very much alike as preparing food at home can be compared to homeschooling; having a meal delivered is much like acquiring virtual education and whatnot!

How Does the Future Look Like?

It won’t be wrong to say that since parents have been sending their kids to school for years and students have been attending school physically, everyone’s much more comfortable with the approach than sitting at home in front of a laptop screen for lectures. 

There have been debates about shifting to virtual learning since offline learning offers a plethora of opportunities, including social interactions, problem-solving in groups, etc. 

The fact can not be denied that education delivered from teachers to students through a screen may never become a primary education model; however, it is going to be the best model we opt for that suits our lifestyle. 

What do you think?

Do You Want to Develop a Food Delivery or E-Learning App?

Sure, the two models are being compared on the basis of convenience and their working mechanisms; however, the development processes of the two are different. 

The two apps have their own set of the tech stack, features, etc., that are integrated to put together a successful masterpiece. 

Now, if you’re wondering what it would cost to develop mobile apps like these, note that there’s no universal figure that would define the total cost.

Instead, the total expense is influenced by numerous factors as mentioned below: 

– Choice of the platform- Android, iOS, or both!

– Tech stack used

– Number of features integrated

– Developer’s cost

– Integration of technology

– UI/UX design

– Complexity of the project


To Sum Up 

Undoubtedly, the food and the education industry are witnessing evolution at their own pace, and the pandemic has enabled the two industries to experiment and introduce the best for the customers. 

Are you looking forward to acquiring a competitive edge for your business? 

It’s time to build an app that works exceptionally for your customers, while enabling you to get your hands on higher ROI. 

Reach out to a top mobile app development company for further assistance!

Happy innovation!


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