The Complete Guide to Laser Skin Resurfacing

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Laser skin resurfacing is a well-known procedure to help reduce age spots, scars, fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, sunburns, and other skin concerns. Expert physicians or dermatologists use lasers to improve skin appearance and consistency. This skin rejuvenation procedure also promotes collagen formation. As a result, providing healthier and firmer skin. However, professional assistance is essential in such a risky process. Here, you can better find a laser clinic in Canberra to get the treatment under the supervision of experts only.

Skin issues and enhancement requirements, on the other hand, differ from person to person. Furthermore, lasers have a wide range of capabilities. This makes finding the proper treatment difficult during research. This is because each process will differ in terms of methods and devices depending on the skin concerns.

So, let us dig deeper into the details of laser skin resurfacing, what are its types, and how it is beneficial.

Types of Laser Skin Surfacing Treatment

There are several widespread skin rejuvenating technologies. These involve:

CO2 Laser: It is the robust treatment of all. It helps to treat birthmarks, deep scars, early skin cancer stages, warts, moles, and more.
Fraxel Laser: This is a non-invasive treatment, unlike the CO2 one. It is a treatment that does not cause any pain and usually takes several sessions to treat and achieve the desired results.
Pulsed-Dye Lasers: It is a treatment that is non-intrusive. Besides, it works by heating the skin and soaking pigments. Thus, reducing hyperpigmentation, redness, rosacea, and more.
Erbium Laser: The milder and less-invasive treatment as compared to CO2 laser. It treats moderate wrinkles and spots. Besides, it is the best treatment choice for people with dark skin. This is because it comes with fewer chances of skin discoloration.

As a result, when deciding on the type of all, keep your skin goals in mind. What are your skin concerns that need to be addressed, and what are your expectations for the results?

And one more thing. The best part is you will have assistance from the specialist in laser treatments. They can better assist the procedure depending on all these factors. All you need to do is find the best laser clinic in Canberra and get expert assistance.

Results to Expect From Laser Skin Resurfacing

Many individuals feel skin flushing for a long period after deciding to receive a skin rejuvenation procedure. Some people may experience discomfort and swelling.

There is no need to be concerned because these are only temporary adverse effects. Furthermore, when the skin improves in appearance, the side effects become more apparent. Invasive treatments can result in substantial skin changes, but they also take a long time to recover from.

On the other hand, less intrusive procedures do not always produce the expected outcomes and usually come with no downtime or quick recovery.

All in all, relying upon laser skin rejuvenation procedures will result in smoother, firmer, and textured skin. Thus, eliminating imperfections like scars, creases, and wrinkles.

Besides all this, all the results vary individually, and to what extent were the skin problems. You can count on the results to last a long time. However, because the results aren’t permanent, you may need to repeat the operation as required.

Is the Procedure Safe?

Many dermatologists consider laser skin resurfacing procedures as surgical ones only because of their invasive nature. However, it is always advised to get any laser skin treatment done under certified cosmetic surgeons to ensure optimal safety.

Furthermore, patients who require skin resurfacing treatment must be in good general condition. All infections, including pain, pimples, acne, and more, must be removed from the skin since they raise the risk of consequences.

In addition, the procedure is not indicated for individuals who are on drugs or who are smokers. To aid speedy healing, patients will need to quit these practices before undergoing this treatment.

How Long is the Recovery Time?

Recovery time is all dependent on the laser technology type you undergo through and how much area is treated. However, the recovery time is longer for more intrusive procedures.

The recovery time for a CO2 laser, for example, is roughly 2 weeks. The recovery time for Erbium laser treatment, on the other hand, is one week. Furthermore, the Fraxel laser technology treatment is usually recovered in a matter of days.

Besides, overall health also plays a vital role in recovery. Healthy people may recover faster, while those with health problems may take longer.

Benefits of Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatment

Boosts Collagen Production and Tightens Skin

The skin tends to lose its flexibility as we get older. Of all, we all know that gravity is on your side and pulls everything down with it. The skin, too, does not remain bouncy till the last breath.

In this case, laser skin resurfacing promotes collagen formation and improves skin tone in the treated areas. Furthermore, more youthful and firmer skin can be felt and continues to improve over time.

Treats Discoloration, Acne Scars, and Sun Spots

Skin pigmentation is caused by discoloration and patches caused by aging or excessive sun exposure. Some patients want to have undesirable freckles removed. Here, laser skin resurfacing eliminates the brown spots and corrects skin pigmentation. Thus, providing a more balanced and even skin texture.

Diminishes the Enlarged Pore Size

Pore enlargement is caused by a combination of factors including age and genetics. Large pores make the skin look lumpy and uneven, and they make people feel embarrassed when they are close to someone. As a result, laser skin resurfacing is the best option. It effectively reduces the appearance of pores. Furthermore, the skin becomes more equal and smoothed out. In addition, the outcomes are long-lasting.

Reduces Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Wrinkles and fine lines are clear markers of growing older. Lines around the mouth and eyes, for example, are areas that laser skin resurfacing can treat.

As a result, having these indications of aging removed will make you appear younger and smoother, as well as healthier.

Summing Up

To conclude, if you are facing any minor flaws impacting your skin quality, you should seek laser skin resurfacing treatment. Besides, the certified professionals do recommend Botox in Canberra as it is also a popular treatment for making the skin younger and healthier. All in all, you will need not live with wrinkles, scars, or spots. Simply go to the laser clinic in Canberra and make an appointment with the professionals. Finally, they will assist you in selecting the appropriate treatment for your skin problems.


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