The Complete DIY Checklist Before Hiring Building Inspector?

The Complete DIY Checklist Before Hiring Building Inspector?

Are you in a hurry to hire a building inspector? Then wait for a min and think about the role of yourself in inspecting your own home. Only big things don’t need to be inspected in building inspection. There are some little things which you can do yourself. If you are thinking it is not about your cup of tea then, you can go with a professional building inspector. If you have a big family, then it would be beneficial to go for a building inspection.

You can divide the task between your family members according to their choice. If your family helps in this, then you can also get ideas or suggestions from them. As it is said that if four people work together then the work gets better because everyone gives their ideas and efforts. There are some tasks in the building inspection, which are very easy to do but we call the professionals to do and give a high fee to them.

So you should solve those small problems by yourself. But before starting all this I would like to recommend you that first divide this building inspection process into two parts:

  1. Indoor Home Building Inspection
  2. Outdoor Home Building Inspection

Such a partition will make it easier to inspect. Here are some of my DIY checklist before hiring a building inspector


Indoor Home Building Inspection


  1. Drainage and Water Supply
  • If the supply of water in the house is not good then it becomes a big problem in the house. As you know, more than half of the household work is done by water. So, it is very important to have a good water supply.
  • Along with the water supply, you can also see the drainage. You can check that the water is going continuously and not overflowing. Check all the pipes in the bathroom and kitchen and take care that no pipe should be rusted.

2. Wall and Ceiling

  • You must have seen the cracks in the old houses. So, you have to carefully check the cracks on the wall and ceiling. If there are cracks in the house, it may take a lot of money to get it repaired or maybe convert into a loss.
  • Check the house cracks by running the hand on the wall. If you are feeling some roughness and holes, there will be some problems that you should not ignore. If any wall is installed on any wallpaper then remove it and check it.
  • There are lots of people who install wallpaper to cover up wall moisture. It’s better to check all your walls and ceiling whether it has moisture or water leakage. This will prevent you from having water leakage or moisture in the future.


3. Kitchen drawer and house doors

  • If the house has a modular kitchen, then check its drawer properly. The kitchen drawer gets a little bad while using for a long time. Check all the drawer chains from your side whether it has rust or not.
  • If there is rust then, you might have to change the entire drawer section. Similarly, you have to check all the doors of the house as well. Check all the door stoppers and locks of the house are working properly or not.
  • Well, all the doors and windows must be working properly. If these work well then you will feel safe at home. These are very important, as you are creating your own side of building report.

4. Renovation Required or Not?

  • Over time, the house gets old and some houses are such that need renovation like a replacement of windows and doors. If you need to replace anything, then you have to spend a lot of money. So, check out all the things carefully.
  • But if there is no need for renovation, then it is happy news for you. You don’t need to replace anything. You can ask the current house owner about the age of all the installed decor items. Also, ask him about its condition and all.


5. Electrical Wires

  • Check all the electrical wiring inside the house. Make sure that no wiring should be damaged and cut and check it carefully. It should be the main part of building inspection as there are children in the house, who don’t know anything about the harm of the electrical wires and just touch it without even thinking about it. 
  • Some people installed low-quality electrical wire in the house which may cause a dangerous situation in the future. So, it is good to check all the wiring before moving to a new house.

Outdoor Home Building Inspection


  1. Check the pillars and face of the house
  • If the pillars of the house are strong then your house will have a long life. So it is very important that the pillars of the house should be strong. Make sure to  check the material of pillars. Secondly, you also have to take care of the direction of the house. 
  • If the face direction of the house is on the east side and sunlight falls directly on the house, then the house is a better place to live in. after all, what’s more good than to wake up every morning with sunlight shining on your face.


2. Garden or Backyard

  • It is good if there is a garden or a backyard outside the house. If you have a garden then you can walk there to get fresh air and your child can play. 
  • Check all the plants, whether growing or not. Make sure that no plants should have insects and their branches are growing properly.


3. Check outside water supply

  • After seeing the pipes inside, now check the pipes which are outside. Is it working properly? Check it properly whether it is rusted or not.
  •  As you know if there is a garden, then there should be a large pipe and it is very important to have a good water supply outside. If the supply of water is not good, then there will be a problem in giving water to the plants.


4. Examine the garage, sheds, and chimney

  • After checking everything, now check all the external areas like a garage, the main gate of the house, chimney and sheds, etc. These things should be in good condition. 
  • If there is any pool outside then check its drainage and its water filtration. If it is not good, then talk to a professional repairer and ask how much it can cost.

Final Words

After completing all the tasks, check whether you have checked all the things according to your checklist. If you have checked then do again double-check. Make a list of which things should be repaired and how much it will cost you. At last, I would like to say check your home properly before moving into it because this is not only just a house, it will be a dream house for you.






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