The Best Wireless Headphones for Your Lifestyle: Beats Studio3 vs AirPods Pro

Beats Studio3 vs AirPods Pro

What is the difference between Apple AirPods Pro and Beats Studio3 Wireless? Find out which is better and their overall performance in the headphones. In this article, we are going to give a detailed explanation of Beats Studio3 vs AirPods Pro.

Beats Studio3 Wireless vs AirPods Pro

Some headphones have the ability to fill the gap between over-ear and in-ear, but where do the Beats Studio3 Wireless stand when it comes to wireless sound quality? Does it even matter? The best headphones for everyone.

Powerful Volume Sound Beats Studio3 Wireless is packed with bass and kicks hard but we know some people can’t handle that much bass, especially in their daily commutes.

Beats Studio3 Wireless comes in two versions, the over-ear, and the in-ear so we decided to put the latter through its paces for your ears. If you have smaller ears, we recommend you get the over-ear version.

The Pros and Cons

Surprise, surprise: The best wireless headphones are Beats Studio3 Wireless ($350) compared to Apple AirPods Pro ($250).

If you’re looking for something more sporty than the Apple AirPods, then AirPods Max is still a great choice, but the Beats Studio3 Wireless was my recommendation.

The Apple AirPods are great, but they’re also rather expensive. How does the Beats Studio3 Wireless compare to AirPods Pro? AirPods Pro is the more expensive and more powerful wireless headset.

The Beats Studio3 Wireless wins out as being a better value for a more compact and comfortable headphone. How Does Beats Studio3 Wireless Perform? Beats Studio3 Wireless has a few key features that Apple AirPods don’t have.

Beats Studio3 Wireless

The Beats Studio3 Wireless was released in October 2017 and is designed with bass-heavy sound, DSP technology, a multi-driver speaker system, and active noise canceling. The Studio3 Wireless offers up to 40 hours of playback time on the original charge.

Like the previous Beats Studio and Beats Solo 2 Wireless headphones, the Studio3 Wireless are well-designed and offer a well-balanced sound experience.

The Studio3 Wireless offers a couple of upgrades over its predecessors; they now come in a color of black and white, which is exclusive to the black and white model.

On the downside, the Beats Studio3 Wireless has the same charging cable and charging case as the previous Studio headphones, which could be a deal-breaker for some.

Quality Sound

The new Studio 3 headphones have an all-new, natural sound that sounds more like a live performance. There are no cheap skips or muffles. If you want the best sound from the best noise-canceling headphones, get the new Beats Studio3.

Acer TrueHarmony Beats Studio3 headphones have both stereo and ambient noise cancellation. With Acer TrueHarmony, you can make the sound quality even more clear and dynamic.

The headset also gets built-in high-res music storage via Bluetooth. The final touch is you can share music with friends via a Bluetooth connection and the built-in microphones.

Lightweight Design The new Beats Studio3s has been designed to give you a light but snug fit. Beats Studio3 will give you a comfortable listening experience on any type of terrain.

A New Level of Comfort

Tight and secure fitting ear cups with Active Noise Cancelling & Play-Fi³. Convenient Auto Power Off and Audio Pause.

Wireless with Bluetooth 3.0 + aptX Adaptive Audio. Fully Chargeable With Compatible Apple Accessories Up to 40 hours of playtime, 2 hours of battery charge for five hours of continuous playback.

Bigger Battery Life

With Beats Studio3 Wireless, you’ll get around 40 hours of listening time or 25 hours of standby time when the battery is fully charged.

This isn’t enough for a full day’s use but is enough to get you through a busy day or night on the go. Active Noise Cancelling Taking out the mike means taking out the earbuds, which means taking out the noise cancellation.

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What Beats Studio3 Wireless Sound Like “The Earphones segment has always been critical to Beats and Beats by Dr. Dre. This isn’t just about sound quality, though that’s an important part.

We listen to customers and the Beats Studio3 Wireless brings them compelling features like noise cancellation that deliver the personal audio experience they have come to expect, while still delivering powerful sound quality.

The New Design

When you have The New Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones, you can take them on a hiking trip or a sweat session without worrying about the headphones falling off your head.

The sound has been carefully tuned to deliver crisp details and impressive bass and a deep spectrum of tones. They have rich mids and bright highs that will make your music sound clean and crisp.

The 40-Hour Battery Life In addition to the Active Noise Cancelling, the Beats Studio 3 Wireless offers a respectable 40-hour battery life. So you don’t have to be worried about charging them, they can easily last through a full day of work. And in case they run out of juice before the day is over, you can connect them to a power bank to charge them up. Perfect for New York or the New York hustle.

AirPods Pro

Wireless audio products like Beats X, Studio3, and Beats Pro Wireless are available in different versions and price ranges for everyone.

Out of them, Beats Studio3 is the best option for those looking for a noise cancellation feature while AirPods Max is a good option for those who wish to have a decent amount of battery backup. We compare the two devices in detail.

Wireless earbuds have emerged as a valid option for users who prefer a discreet listening experience when they are away from their phones. While the Apple AirPods have become ubiquitous, its sequel, the AirPods Pro, is receiving positive reviews for its audio quality, convenience, and styling.

In fact, Business Insider is gushing over the way the AirPods Pro performs, rating them as one of the best earbuds in the market.

The original Apple AirPods’ simple, cylindrical form factor has earned them acclaim for being one of the most convenient earphones on the market. It was the company’s turn to reinvent this winning formula. With the AirPods Pro, Apple promises to deliver on its second attempt.

The Evolution of Earphones

True wireless earbuds are still in their infancy but their utility and adoption are promising. In spite of the few wrinkles that these “wearables” still have, the future of true wireless earbuds is one that the industry will largely recognize.

The problem with wearables, as argued by few voices in the industry, is the bad experiences of every first-time user (or even many, it is up to you to judge for yourself).

If you must know, the essence of a gadget is to make your life better by freeing you from restrictions and limitations (by throwing the headphone jack on the grave with it).

Hence, we have a new category in a town called wearables, which is devoid of the headphone jack. On the other hand, to be fair, true wireless earbuds have always been destined for the post-battery era.

What’s New with Apple AirPods Pro

1. Noise-canceling microphone
2. Apple W1 chip
3. More water resistance Price as Reviewed: $249 AUD Developer: Bragi Publisher: Bragi Platforms: iOS, Android Where to Buy: Bragi Store (Australian) I’ve tried a number of true wireless earbuds and AirPods Pro is by far my favorite.

They are incredibly comfortable and have great sound quality. While AirPods aren’t waterproof, the AirPods Pro is IP67 water-resistant so you can dunk them in water for 30 minutes or more and they will still work.

They have an inline mic and the battery life is good at about 5 hours on a single charge. However, the one criticism of the AirPods is that they look slightly oversized. They’re slightly longer than the Earpods I had in high school.

Pros and Cons of Apple AirPods Pro

First impressions are important to make the right buying decision. In the recent review of Apple AirPods Pro, we have given equal importance to the pros and cons of AirPods Pro.

In this review, we will be discussing the pros and cons of the Apple AirPods Pro. Thanks to neodymium-based drivers Likeable sound design Quiet, and low-distraction Ear tips Unlikely to get lost if they’re snugly fitted in your ears Despite this Bluetooth connectivity does not have a speed limit.

The AirPods Pro comes with a water-resistant case and charging case to protect them from accidental splashes. AirPods Pros and Cons Compared to Other Earphones Wireless earbuds are no longer just a backup pair of headphones for mobile users. Now, there are plenty of options to choose from.


The Beats Studio3 Wireless are still on their second generation. The difference between these two is that the Beats Studio3 is not water-resistant but the AirPods are. Another big difference between the Beats Studio3 and the AirPods is the battery life, and they sound different as well.

Now the AirPods are a great product and the Beats Studio3 Wireless are also a great product but it’s the wireless connectivity and the battery life that you should be more aware of.

If you like to run and don’t want to have to charge your Beats, and want to use your AirPods with that functionality, then the Beats Studio3 Wireless is a good choice.


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