The Best Things to Do in Durban

things to do in Durban
things to do in Durban

Durban is the third-largest city situated on the east coast of South Africa. Durban, known as eThekweni by the Zulu people, is a great tourist spot and a perfect getaway. You will be surprised to find out the multiple tourist attractions the city has to offer. The city of Durban is also famous as heaven for people coming here to surf.

The coastline is huge and extends for miles before the mix into the beautiful Indian Ocean. The infrastructure is something to be enamored by. While the mixed subtropical climate makes for the perfect background for the city’s landscape. Politically speaking, Durban lies in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa.

There are many things to do in Durban, and subsequently, it attracts millions of tourists every year. If you want to fly to the city of Johannesburg, it will take you around an hour. Additionally, if you plan to fly from Cape Town, it will take around two hours.

Durban is a booming metropolitan and an important port city. The cosmopolitan areas of the city are shaped by the many ethnic groups that settled here. The city has a very troublesome history of diversity and the screams of the days of war and vengeance. In 1823, the British people decided here for the first time due to the port’s importance and the trade opportunities.

At that time, the land was predominantly occupied by the Zulu people and the Boers. Durban today stands on the same ground where the Zulu population lived, resulting in huge clashes. There was a massive caste battle between the British, Zulus, and the Boers, shaping the city as it is now.

Interestingly Durban is also the home to the largest Indian population in Africa. This phenomenon occurred because Indian laborers were taken to Durban in 1960 to work for the Sugar plantations. However, when these contracts ended, they decided to stay put in this city of South Africa.

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Interesting Things to do in Durban

Durban is a land of change and historical significance. It is the same place where Mahatma Gandhi started his political journey. He came to South Africa as a new lawyer who led him to gain political insights with Doctor John Dude. It is the same where Dr. John Dude became the novel president of the African national congress. Doctor John used to practice from Inanda Valley, which is just a 20-minute drive from North Durban. In Durban, Sir Nelson Mandela voted for the first time in a newly democratic republic of South Africa in 1994. 

You will be able to witness everything from the plate of many cultures in Durban. See the heritage of Indian places and Zulu Areas alongside other historically important attractions. You can take strolls around the many parks that the city has to offer. Go and eat some of the best Indian restaurants the city has to offer. If you want to know what things to do in Durban, come with us to this article about the same.

The Golden Mile

If you want to take a tour of Durban while just strolling, this is the place where you should start from. The Golden Mile is a happening and hip beachfront sidewalk. The sidewalk is lined with multiple and enormous tall buildings, hotels, shops, restaurants, and performance venues.

The highlight of the Golden Mile is its many large and golden-hued beaches. These beaches are a huge tourist attraction, and people come here to do everything from surf, swim, and fish to just lay there in the sultry sunlight. If you are worried about your child’s safety, don’t be. The beaches are lined with Lifeguards and shark nets to protect the civilians all year-round.

The stretch looks truly like a little California jolted into Africa and is one of the best things to do in Durban. You will see that the pedestrians are all over the waterfront. Some are jogging, while others are cycling and skateboarding. Some of the other attractions that the promenade boasts are the Moses Mabhida Stadium, Ushaka Marine World, and Mini town. The Town is a miniature replica of Durban and has mini airports, railway networks, and a port view area.

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  1. Durban Botanic Gardens

The only present Botanical Garden in Africa, The Durban Botanic Gardens are nothing of the sort to be missed. The purpose of the construction of the garden was to test the crops presented here in 1849. The Botanic Gardens are situated on the eastern slope of Berea Hill. They are a short drive away from the Northwestern corner of the city’s center. In today’s day and age, the gardens are a huge tourist attraction for people to stroll across. You will find multiple exotic subtropical and indigenous plants, some of which may be even of great lineage and heritage. You will be surprised to find out trees that are more than a hundred years old.

The main attractions are the plants like Cycads, bromeliads, palms, and orchids. The visitors can go for a trip to the garden of senses, an aroma-filled experience. Apart from the amazing flora you will find here. The park is also an abode for more than 50 different birds. These birds are the natural settlers of this place.

3. Umgeni River Bird Park

The Umgeni River bird park is situated inside the Riverside district of Umgeni River. The park is famous for showcasing more than 200 different species of birds. It’s said that some of the birds here are the only ones of their kind in the entirety of Africa. The park is well connected by a trial of long lengths spread like a complete network. You will see everything from lush green sceneries and cascading waterfalls.

The range of birds is amazing. At one place where you can see the indigenous species of Africa flying, you will also see birds from Australia and Southeast Asia. You will see everything from arts, cockatoos, and lories. The park is also famous for featuring a bird show every evening. The bird show informs the general public about the exotic species of birds presents here.

  1. Indian Quarter

The Indian quarter in Durban is a delight for the senses. There are exotic Indian visuals, smells, aromas, and sounds all over the place here. The Indian Quarter is spread like a circle around some of the best places in Durban. There is the Victoria street market and Juma Masjid Mosque. The Juma Masjid is supposedly the largest Muslim worship complex in the entirety of the Southern Hemisphere.

You will see Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, and Somali traders everywhere. The narrow streets of the quarter are splattered, with them trying to see things from their respective homelands. They sell items ranging from saris and spices to incense sticks, beaded sandals, and fine detailed handmade artifacts. If you are a good bargainer, you are here for a great treat. You can also eat at some of the best restaurants here that serve the most delicious Indian food.

  1. Mitchell Park and Jameson Park

Mitchell Park, in the upmarket suburb of Morningside, is presumably the most settled park. It’s furthermore notable for picnics and walks due to its dark yards, mass plantings of wonderful blooms, and wide wheelchair-obliging ways. Children will revere the wilderness exercise center, more modest than an anticipated zoo, and walk around the aviary, while those searching for some food can eat at the outside restaurant. Lining Mitchell Park is Jameson Park, which shows more than 200 kinds of roses. 

  1. uShaka Marine World 

uShaka Marine World is one of the best things to do in Durban’s Golden Mile. It is a water-themed amusement park stacked with rides. Based on duplicates of four wrecks, Sea World remembers the greatest aquarium for the southern side of the equator, where visitors can get up close to marine life via underground audit shows. 

Various attractions here consolidate Dolphin Stadium, Penguin Rookery, and Seal Stadium. The Wet and Wild are a display of slides, sprinkle pools, and super chambers. On the other hand, uShaka Kids’ World is a paradise for two to 12-year-olds. 

  1. Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban

The Stadium is a top-notch wearing and event setting on the Golden Mile Durban. The field worked with eight FIFA World Cup Games in 2010. It’s anything but’s an explosive 360-degree viewpoint on Durban from the most elevated place of the field’s bend. You can either climb the 500 parts or just take the Sky car whisks that throw visitors to the top.

Adventures will like the 230-meter Big Swing Big rush, which is the world’s generally raised. Segway journeys through the field are available, and visitors will enjoy several diners on the spot, similarly as shops selling wearing items.

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