The best cryptocurrencies to invest in

The best cryptocurrencies to invest in

The best cryptocurrencies to invest in


As you know, the hot and volatile market of cryptocurrencies has attracted more and more attention from the world community. But given today’s conditions, which cryptocurrencies are a better investment option? We asked this question in an interview with Mr. Mohammad Hosseini, one of the leading analysts and traders in the cryptocurrency market. Join us to check out his proposed currencies together.

At the beginning of the interview, Mr. Mohammad Hosseini expressed his satisfaction with the unprecedented progress and pervasiveness of cryptocurrencies and said that he predicted a very bright future for investors in this field. Cryptocurrencies, using the latest technologies, have formed an infrastructure that no institution or organization can disrupt. So you too can safely invest in cryptocurrencies. But first, you need to get enough information about the project and finally buy and invest.

Mr. Hosseini, in your opinion, what makes a currency suitable for investment?

As you know, thousands of cryptocurrencies are traded in the market every day, but many of them cannot grow and increase prices in long term. Any cryptocurrency is designed and created to address structural problems or weaknesses in financial institutions. So projects that are the result of a new and creative idea have the potential to grow relatively more in the future.

Mr. Hosseini, in your opinion, considering the current market conditions, what cryptocurrency can be a good option for investing?


Ethereum, for example, has a more advanced structure than Bitcoin. Vitalik Buterin, the main developer of this project, has increased the capabilities of Ethereum by using the technology used in Bitcoin. You can develop your smart contracts and decentralized software on the Ethereum network platform. Ethereum currently uses the Proof of Work algorithm to record and manage user transactions, but the use of this algorithm has significantly reduced network scalability. This has led developers to consider upgrading the network and replacing the Proof of Stake algorithm. According to reports, this version will be implemented on the network in 2021 in several consecutive stages. The replacement of Ethereum 2.0 will be a big and positive change for investors and the project user community, and I am personally optimistic about the future of Ethereum.

Binance Coin, also known as the proprietary cryptocurrency of the Binance network, can be a good investment option. The pervasiveness of the cryptocurrency market has led to millions of users from around the world operating in the Binance exchange every day. Users who have Binance Coin in their account benefit from dedicated network services and pay a relatively lower fee. The significant growth and development of Binance Coin in recent times and the credit that Binance exchange has among the users indicates the ability of Binance Coin to grow in the future.

Cardano is also a good investment option. Bitcoin and Ethereum are among the first cryptocurrencies that have evolved and became widespread among people. So they certainly have systemic and structural weaknesses. Charles Hoskinson, the main developer of Cardano cryptocurrency, was once one of the founders of Ethereum. But he left the team after a while to be able to implement his idea of ​​creating Cardano cryptocurrency. Cardano has a better infrastructure than Bitcoin and Ethereum because it uses the Proof of Stake algorithm. The main goal of the project is to acquire blockchain internet technology. According to experts and activists in the field of cryptocurrencies, the implementation of the idea of ​​exchanging and moving information between blockchains is a great achievement.

The next cryptocurrency is called Polkadot. Polkadot, or DOT, was created by Ethereum project developer Gavin Wood. The goals of the DOT cryptocurrency project are similar to those of Cardano. As Gavin Wood sought to create a bridge between the blockchains, he left the Ethereum team to develop his project. Many projects are currently seeking to implement Gavin Wood’s idea of ​​implementing blockchain internet technology. But DOT cryptocurrency, as one of the pioneers in this field, has a high ability to develop.

Bitcoin Cash is also one of the most popular currencies among users. The creators of this project have created Bitcoin Cash by making structural changes in Bitcoin. One of the main problems with Bitcoin is the slow process of registering and approving transactions. This has significantly reduced the scalability of the network and made Bitcoin not a good option for day-to-day exchanges and transactions. Bitcoin Cash has increased the speed of registering transactions several times by increasing the volume of each block. In addition, the fees paid by Bitcoin Cash network users are very small compared to Bitcoin. You can register your smart contracts using its network services. Note that Ethereum offers relatively better services to users in the field of smart contracts.

Litecoin cryptocurrency, on the other hand, has a similar application to Bitcoin Cash. By changing the structure of Bitcoin, Litecoin has greatly increased the speed of registration and execution of transactions. So Litecoin’s structure is designed in such a way that it can be used as a payment method. Even in some stores, customers can pay with Litecoin. Litecoin cryptocurrency has its fans and since it is on the list of the world’s top currencies, it can be a good investment option.

The next proposed cryptocurrency is called Chainlink. Chainlink cryptocurrency is a token implemented on the Ethereum platform, and the main purpose of this project is to communicate and exchange information in the blockchain network and the real world. The complex structure of Ethereum makes it difficult for ordinary people and network users to use smart contracts. By implementing such a structure, Chainlink will have a significant impact on the acquisition of smart contracts. The creative idea of ​​the Chainlink developers represents a bright future for the project.

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What offer do you have for investors in cryptocurrencies?

As you can see, each of the cryptocurrencies has its own capabilities and applications. Try to choose the best investment option by obtaining accurate information and comparing the competitive advantages of each project. But in general, experience in the cryptocurrency market has proven to be successful projects with creative ideas. The wrong policies imposed on the world by the government have made life difficult for ordinary people and cryptocurrencies that seek to solve such problems are a good option for investing.

Closing thoughts

In this article, we address one of the most important questions that users want to know which currencies are best for investing. Therefore, according to our interview with Mr. Mohammad Hosseini, he introduced us to the best currencies for investment. According to him, creative ideas and practical projects that are created to solve the problems of previous projects are among the best.

Summary: In this article, in an interview with Mr. Mohammad Hosseini, we will introduce the top cryptocurrencies for investment. Join us to get acquainted with the top 7 cryptocurrencies and see what makes a cryptocurrency valid.


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