The best 5 domain registrar for .pk domain in 2022

domain registrar for .pk domain

You must choose the best domain registrar for .pk domain to get an easy-to-use, cheap, and exceptionally safe domain name for your business website. Generally, the .pk domain can be directly registered with PKNIC. However, PKNIC has accredited various registrars to sell the cheap .pk domain due to the increased demand for domain names nationwideA domain registrar sells you the domain names and manages its information in the registry database. The registrar can perform its operations only if ICANN accredits it.

Criteria for the best domain registrar

While looking for a domain name of your choice, you must know that ICANN hasn’t accredited every domain registrar to sell every domain name extension. Furthermore, every domain provider differs in its service policy. For example, some registrars offer free addon services whereas, some provide low prices for a domain name as a discount. Hence, when you look for your domain registrar to get pk domain, you must keep the following in your mind.


Typically, the price is the first and foremost thing you must check with your domain registrar for .pk domain. More importantly, it would help if you were wary that some registrars charge low upfront prices; however, their renewal charges increase.

You can get a minimum of 1-year domain name registration. However, some agencies may allow you to register for 2 or 10 years.

Domain expiration policy

As domain names are registered for the said time, you must keep track and renew your domain in time. Furthermore, you can also opt for auto-renewal of your domain. You can lose your domain name to another business or even your competitor with a slight mistake. Hence, studying the domain expiration policy is wise because some registrars offer some grace period after the expiration.


Whether you need any addon services or not, when you choose your domain registrar for .pk domain, you must check their addons. Knowing what you can have is always beneficial. These add-ons may include domain parking, privacy, extended expiration policy, and some registrars even offer free domain names with their hosting plans, such as Navicosoft.

However, when you register pk domain, you must check if they have checked any add-on services on their own. After that, it will simply add to your fees, such as $14.99 per year.

Hidden fees 

Lastly, when you buy pk domain, you must ensure that there will be no hidden charges. For example, they may charge you extra for renewal or domain transfer, etc.

The best domain registrar in 2022

A careful choice of registrar helps you protect your brand name and privacy. Furthermore, it may facilitate you with domain transfer as well. The main requirements set by the ICANN to buy the domain include the name of the honor, CNIC copy, email address & contact number, postal address, affiliation certificate, name & letterhead of the institute/ dept, and signature of the CEO, etc.

Based on the criteria for the best domain registrar for .pk domain, we have compiled the following list of the top-notch domain name providers for you to choose from.


Operating in Pakistan, the UK, and Australia, Navicosoft has earned its name as the top-notch web hosting and domain agency. It offers the following options to buy pk domain such as.

  • .pk

You can quickly get your pk domain name registered for Rs. 2631.00/year, which is only about 14.89 USD. However, the agency also offers free domain names if you opt to buy their hosting package. In addition, there are diamond-pk, pro-pk, Mega-pk, and bronze-pk hosting packages that start from Rs. 7000/year. Lastly, when you check out, you may wish to get the DNS management offered for 2 years by Navicosoft utterly free along with your domain.


The second best option among the best domain registrar for .pk domain is the hostbreak. You can register the following pk domains.


The company offers 6 different packages with discounts for pk domain names. The packages start from Rs. 1650/ 2years and go up to Rs. 2200/ 2 years along with value offers with hosting plan.

Hostbreak takes pride in guaranteeing that they don’t charge any hidden fees. Furthermore, they support various payment methods such as JazzCash, Easypaisa, Upaisa, MasterCard, PayPal, and VISA. Hence, it makes a reliable and favorite choice for your domain registrar.

Dedicated to providing the cheap pk domain and web hosting services in Pakistan, always keeps its hardware up-to-date. Serving with quality domain registration and hosting setup, is a highly competitive domain registrar known as the official Gold Channel Partner and the PKNIC. Following are the available pk domain extensions.


All these domain extensions are available for Rs. 2500/ 2 years. In addition, ensures that every domain is supported with complete panel administration. However, it does not offer free DNS management as an add-on.

.pk domain

.pk domain ranks among the premium domain registrar for .pk domain. Authorized by PKNIC, .pk domain provides you with a wide variety of .pk domains to choose from, as you can buy any .pk domain from them. Moreover, it stands out in its pricing that they sell the domain for prices even lower than the PKNIC registry itself. Furthermore, the company reserves the honor to have built long-lasting relations with the registry.

Prices for all the .pk domain are almost the same, however, some may differ slightly such as follows.

PK Rs.2289/2Years Rs.2289/2Years Rs.2849/2Years Rs.2289/2Year Rs.2289/2Years Rs.2289/2Years Rs.2500/2Years Rs.2500/2Years Rs.2500/2Years Rs.2500/2Years Rs.2500/2Years Rs.2500/2Years

.GOK.PK Rs.2500/2Years

If you seek domain transfer or renewal of your .pk domain, the charges will differ from the list above.


Serving since 2002, WEBsouls is our last entry to the list of reliable domain registrar for .pk domain. The company’s tagline indicates the most important motive “We make customer, No Sale”. You can have a variety of options for your .pk domain in same price Rs. 2550/ 2 years. Following are some of the domains you can have from WEBSouls.


Significantly, WEBSouls facilitates you with domain transfer utterly free of charge so that you may have your website running smoothly. Therefore, it qualifies for the best domain registrar for the .pk domain for its reasonable pricing and customer-centric approach.


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