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Do you find it difficult to teach your children Islamic ideals while making them better Muslims? Many parents regret that they cannot educate their children about Islam due to circumstances beyond their control. The short answer is that you are not introducing them to Allah’s commands, instructions, or holy book, the Quran. You could be teaching children Islam through a variety of moral texts.

But only the Holy Quran can transform them into good Muslims. You are the authority figure. You are responsible for ensuring that your child reads and follows the holy Quran. Everyone can benefit from the Quran. This rule applies to both children and adults. The advantages of teaching children the Holy Quran are numerous. Learn the Quran with the help of an online Quran teacher in the USA and online Quran teachings on Skype.

Children who study the Quran grow to love the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) gave everything for his people, for us, and you. He used to cry all day and night for his people. He loves us so much that He will help us even if our parents and closest relatives refuse to help us on the Day of Judgment. On behalf of his people, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) would ask Allah for forgiveness. Unfortunately, today’s children only know the Prophet Muhammad’s name (peace be upon him). Nobody loves him, and no one knows who he is. Children who study the Quran grow to love the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Understanding the Quran will help your children understand the trials, tribulations, and sacrifices that our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) endured to lead us on the right path.

Through Quran study, children are introduced to Allah’s love.

Parents force their children to follow Islam’s philosophy rather than emphasizing Allah’s command and instilling a love for Allah in their children. This is parents’ most serious mistake when teaching their children about Islam. Assume you want your child to pray, Salah. Do not tell them to pray just because it is required. Allow them to read the Quran. Highlight and encourage Muslims to perform Salah by highlighting the scriptures that command them.

The Holy Quran introduces the children to Allah’s commands and their love for Allah. Explain in greater depth the passages and hadith that deal with rewards and heaven.

They become better people and Muslims as a result of learning the Quran.

The Quran teaches children how to live properly. Things learned young are remembered for the rest of one’s life. Assume you require your child to begin studying the Quran and its teachings at a young age. You will see the benefits in their old age and on the Day of Judgment.

Learning the Quran helps your child become a better person and Muslim.

Your children will learn from the Quran how to spend their lives wisely, interact with others, practice Islamic tenets, promote Islam, and obey their parents and teachers, among other things. The Quran will instill Islamic principles in the child.

The study of the Quran improves children’s abilities.

Memorizing the Holy Quran necessitates intense concentration. You will notice a profound mental transformation as your children begin to study the Holy Quran. You will notice their minds expanding and sharpening due to the Quran’s blessings. It aids in memorization and learning of other subjects.

Because of the numerous activities and competitions organized by their respective academies or tutors during Quran study, children will be able to be more physically active in their daily lives. Memorizing the Quran has been shown to improve mental capacity and learning ability. On the other hand, the benefits of reciting the Quran are substantial and uplifting.

Children can win a variety of prizes by studying the Quran.

Allah SWT will reward your children for memorizing the Holy Quran and you as a parent. Allah bestows incredible blessings on those who study, recite and apply the Holy Quran. Your child will benefit greatly from Quran study. The sooner your child begins reading the Holy Quran, the sooner he will be able to obtain Allah’s forgiveness.

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Islam’s Fundamental Beliefs

As a result, Islam can be defined as a method of achieving absolute serenity by voluntarily bowing to the divine will. You can learn the Quran using online Quran teachings on Skype with the help of an online Quran teacher in the USA.

How did Islam come to be?

Islam is a monotheistic religion that places a premium on faith in a single God (Allah). It shares some beliefs with Judaism and Christianity because it traces its roots back to the patriarch Abraham and, ultimately, to the first prophet, Adam. The prophets all preached the same message of worship of one God and human charity. Muslims consider Muhammad to be the final prophet. Muhammad was born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, around 570 CE. Following his education, he became a trader.

He did not enjoy the company of others because of social and economic inequality and superstitions. The populace had forgotten the Prophet Abraham’s command to worship only one God, and they were worshiping several deities. Muhammad loved going to the mountains to pray and think. God revealed something to him through the angel when he was about 40 years old, in the year 610 CE, on one of those occasions (Gabriel). Throughout his life, he continued to receive revelations from God and began preaching to others about what he had discovered. His main point is that there is only one God, Allah, and everyone should conduct themselves in a way that pleases Him.

How many Muslims are there?

Islam spread quickly, first in Arabia and its neighboring countries, then globally. Out of the world’s 1.2 billion Muslims, 7 million live in the United States. Only about 18% of Muslims in the Middle East are Arab. Islam is divided into two major sects: Sunnis, who account for approximately 80% of the world’s Muslims, and Shi’ites, who account for approximately 20% of Muslims. Although they share fundamental beliefs, they disagree on Muhammad’s successor as caliph of Islam.

Who or what is God or Allah?

Simply put, “Allah” is the Arabic word for God. He is the same global deity worshiped by people of all faiths. Some people prefer the word “Allah” to “God” because it does not have a masculine or feminine pronoun. Furthermore, “Allah” does not have a plural form.

What are Islam’s tenets?

  • Muslims follow six central doctrines:
  • Have faith in one God (Allah)
  • Believing in angels

Belief in the prophets’ sacred texts, including the Torah given to Prophet Moses, the Bible given to Prophet Jesus, and the Qur’an (Koran) given to Prophet Muhammad.

Believe in God’s prophets, including Muhammad, Moses, Ishmael, Isaac, and Jacob. Despite their belief in Isa or Jesus, Muslims do not regard Jesus as the Son of God in the same way Christians do.

A belief in the afterlife and the Day of Judgment. Growing in one’s relationship with God is the best reward for doing well.

Belief in a divine will. As a result, while God is all-powerful and nothing happens without His permission, he has given humans the ability to choose whether to be good or evil. Ultimately, everyone will be questioned about how they live their lives.

What are the Five Pillars of Islam?

The following are guidelines for incorporating Muslim values into daily life:

  • According to the Quran, there is only one God (Allah), and Muhammad is His prophet or messenger (statement of faith).
  • Salah, or daily prayers, are offered at sunrise, noon, mid-afternoon, and night. Arabic-speaking people pray with their backs to Mecca.
  • We give 2.5% of our wealth (Zakat, or alms tax) to the poor and needy.
  • During Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar, Muslims fast during the day. The goal is to show solidarity with the poor and to remind people of the value of what they have. Ramadan is a month of self-control and study.
  • Muslims believe everyone should perform the Hajj (pilgrimage) to Mecca at least once in their lives to visit the Kaaba. The Kaaba is thought to have been built by Ibrahim (Abraham) and one of his sons. As a result, Muslims regard it as a highly sacred location.
What is the last book of revelation considered holy by Muslims?

Muslims regard the Qur’an or Koran as God’s most recent revealed text. During his 23-year journey, Muhammad received God’s speech in Arabic. During Muhammad’s lifetime, scribes memorized and then recorded the Qur’an. The Qur’an emphasizes moral, ethical, and spiritual principles to promote justice for all.

Many Muslims attempts to learn how to read the Koran in Arabic, the original language of the book. Muslims frequently memorize entire passages. The Sunnah is a record of Muhammad’s words and actions. To comprehend the Koran, the Sunnah is consulted. It also includes advice on behavior, worship, and belief.

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