The Beauty and Colors of Kilim Rugs


The kilim is a Turkish word. Kilim rugs are crafted in Turkey, Iran, and Azerbaijan. Hands weave these rugs on a loom. They are pile-less made of flat-weaving techniques. One leading quality of the kilim rug is that they are woven on a loom instead of knots. They are also popular as coverings and wall-decors in Turkey and the central regions. It is the main decor element in Turkish homes. Kilim rugs are a colorful and affordable addition to your home’s furnishing despite their many good qualities.

A Brief Background on Kilims

The word kilim is derived from the Turkish word “element,” which means to weave. It refers to a particular type of carpet that originated in Anatolia (modern-day Turkey). They were originally made by nomadic tribes who used a tapestry weave to make a flat surface. They would typically use the natural colors of dyed wool derived from plants and animals in their native lands. Before kilim rugs became highly sought after, they were originally used as bedding for people who lived in tents or other houses made out of animal skin, such as goat hair tent homes.

Making Process Of Kilim Rugs

Kilims rugs are woven on a loom instead of knots. Interlocking horizontal and vertical threads craft them. Also, Kilim rugs are hand-made with less or no pile. Multi-color strands are used in the crafting of kilim rugs. These rugs are made of full sheep’s wool, goat’s hair, and cotton. They are crafted in the Anatolia regions of Turkey. Kilims are also crafted worldwide, including North Africa, South Asia, and Central Asia. Their sizes vary from small rugs to large pieces too. The beauty and colors of kilim rugs fascinate people from all over the world. Making these pieces is an uphill task. It takes a long time to be completed. The crafting of kilim rugs is passed on from one generation to the other in many families. In addition, they are also crafted by nomads that move around carrying their homes with them wherever they go according to seasons and weather conditions.

Kilim Rugs Unique Styles And Patterns

The patterns of kilim style area rugs are endless because it depends on the imagination of the weavers or craftspersons who make them. The motif generally used for weaving kilims is the Herati pattern. This rug has a flower in each corner, with small leaves and stems spread all over it. Most people unfamiliar with kilims might mistake them for ordinary mats because kilims look like floor covering materials that keep your feet warm during cold weather or don’t slip when you walk on them. One of the hand woven materials that can show a lot about kilims is carpets. It is usually placed in front of seating places, and they are also used as decorative items for walls.

Pile Height of Kilim Rugs

The pile height of kilims is another factor that one needs to consider. There are two types of pile heights available for kilim rugs – low and high piles. A low pile height rug will slightly be thick, but it won’t be very conspicuous when placed under chairs or tables. In most cases, these rugs come in standard sizes, which are suitable for most purposes. On the other hand, high pile kilim rugs are thick and luxurious because they have a very long pile height. They can be used as wall hangings or placed in front of seating areas to add warmth under your feet while keeping them cozy on top.

Colors and Shades of Kilims

Kilims come in different colors. It makes them easier for you to choose the type that will match your place. However, since most kilims are handmade and unique, it’s nearly impossible to find two rugs with the same color combination or shade, even if they come from the same design. However, there are a few colors that can be seen repeatedly in different designs of kilims. These include red, blue and cream.

How To Recognise A Kilim Rug

Kilim rugs are unique pattern rugs for your home decor. It is a thin-pile rug different from other rugs. Here are some essential characteristics of kilim rugs:

  • The primary thing to notice in kilim rugs is their weaving technique. It is woven from strands of different colors. Kilim rugs are flat with no pile. 
  • Kilim rugs are made of wool. The other strands are of wool or cotton. 
  • It comes in various designs and patterns. They are available in bright colors and bold patterns.
  • They have a wide variety of Turkish motifs. Kilims rugs are mostly geometrical in patterns.

Benefits of Kilim Rugs

Kilim rugs are an inexpensive and vibrant addition to your home decor and enhance a simple color theme. Kilim rugs are Turkish-origin rugs crafted from colorful strands. Some benefits of getting a kilim rug for your living area are:

  • They are lightweight, breathable, and suitable for every season and climate. Kilim rugs are best for hot areas as they are thin and resist heat.
  • They are easy to move, clean, and wash. Kilim rugs are a perfect choice for a crowded home or a home with kids and pets. 
  • Kilim rugs are the perfect rugs for your kitchen.
  • These rugs are durable and affordable.
  • They make your place colorful. Kilim rugs come in the most vibrant color palette. 
  • They have no pile and don’t shed, which makes it best for dusty areas.
  • They are an aesthetic and unique addition to your home.
  • Kilim rugs are a classic work of art and are also best as wall-hanging or rooftop rugs.

What Makes Kilim Rugs Special

Kilim rugs are unique Turkish-style rugs. They are the best investment for your home. Kilim rugs are versatile and are best for every part of the house, from the bedroom to kitchen, rooftop, and patio. It is also perfect for wall decor. It adds a pop color to your decor. At the same time, they are traditional and trendy. They are timeless rugs and easy to maintain. Kilim rugs are the highest trend in interior decor. Kilim rugs are classic and colorful rugs. They beautify your living space.

Summing Up

Kilim designs are beautiful, and they provide comfort. They also look beautiful when you use them as wall-hanging or rooftop rugs. Kilim’s design is versatile, and its timelessness makes it a perfect investment for your home décor. They add beauty to every part of the house, from the bedroom to the patio. It is also perfect for wall decor. It adds a pop color to your decor. At the same time, they are traditional and trendy. With the huge variety of rugs, RugKnots is the right place to buy these beauties for your abode.


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