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tesla phone

The notion of a Tesla phone, said to be dubbed Model Pi/P, has spread across the web. But how likely is the release of a mobile phone? No trustworthy authorities have persuaded us of its existence, but it has sparked our imagination: what would the world’s biggest company’s phone look like?

Tesla has a track record of making intriguing, though still on-brand, goods like the Cybertruck-inspired all-electric car for kids; an organization with their emblem imprinted on it; and a steel beep. Adding a cellphone wouldn’t be as strange, but at least for now, it doesn’t seem as likely as the other products.


Martin Hajek, fresh off his Citroen eCV concept car, has returned to his roots with a concept phone. The Model P depicts what a Tesla-branded smartphone could look like.

The rear of the phone is given a car-like glossy red paint finish, with a sculptural fin in the center and a camera cutout that recalls the headlights of the company’s cars.

Other callouts to their automotive language can be seen in the pointed “notch” at the top of the screen, and in the carbon fiber trim surrounding the speakers and charging connection. It is purely an idea at this stage, but it does offer a fascinating “what if?” situation.

The Key Features and Specifications of the Tesla Model Pi Concept Phone:

  • Rumored to be unavailable on the local mobile market.
  • GSM/CDMA/HSPA/LTE/5G are the network technologies.
  • SIM: Dual Nano-SIM.
  • Display: 7.0″ Super AMOLED Full Touch Screen Display, which is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 7.
  • Snapdragon 898 Plus 5G Mobile Platform Processor
  • Android 12 is the operating system.
  • The memory is comprised of 12 GB of RAM and 256 or 512 GB of ROM.
  • There are four quad 200 MP + 32 MP + 16 MP + 5 MP rear cameras, as well as a 64 MP front camera.
  • battery (non-removable Li-Polymer 7100 mAh).
  • Sensors: Fingerprint, Face ID, accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer.
  • Quickly charge your battery (65W Quick Charger) (65W Quick Charger)
  • Wireless charging is supported.
  • USB 4.0
  • IP69 accredited (up to 2 hours in water up to 2m deep)
  • 3.5 mm (Active noise suppression with dedicated mic) or (Active noise cancellation with dedicated mic).

Who is the new Rockefeller?

Vertical integration was how the first genuinely wealthy and powerful individuals made their fortunes. John D. Rockefeller is perhaps most infamous for how he built Standard Oil by leveraging vertical integration.

Numerous independent drilling companies were the origin of the U.S. oil industry. Rockefeller acquired the oil-transporting train lines from the fields to the refineries and customers.

By controlling the pipelines and refineries, he gained a competitive advantage over rivals who only owned oilfields.

He used this power to get rid of his competitors and buy them out until he had built a huge oil empire and was the richest man in the world.

Elon Musk has a chance to duplicate this achievement in a totally new and creative method.

Instead of commanding all the infrastructure of the oil business, he may very well be on the road to establishing a completely integrated space monopoly.

By controlling rocket launches, satellites, cellphones, and internet access, he has the ability to build one of the most powerful and wealthiest organizations the world has ever seen.

But why?

What’s fascinating about how this is all coming together is that Musk isn’t really motivated by a desire for personal fortune.

Okay, let’s be fair: everybody likes having plenty of money. However, this is not his primary motive. He is the quintessential nerd at heart. He possesses the intellect and financial resources necessary to colonize Mars.

However, the cost of colonizing Mars will be astronomical, and Musk is aware that he’ll need a massive cash cow to drive the enterprise. SpaceX and Starlink both seek to revolutionize the way we view the stars and interact digitally on Earth.

Starlink has more than 1,700 satellites in low-earth orbit, which means there are no limits to how fast the internet can be.

Elon Musk, CEO of both Tesla and SpaceX, gives way to the concept that the Model Pi could have amazing constructed satellite internet connectivity. The device itself will help raise money for more experiments in space, especially on Mars.

Musk himself has been externally optimistic when it comes to digital currencies, despite their seeming steady decline of late.

Given that the CEO has said he likes the digital currency and that similar reports say the gadget has a lot of potential,

Tesla’s Model Pi might easily function as a crypto-mining portable phone. The idea could have the Tesla phone mine MarsCoin, which is a cryptocurrency asset that Musk has promoted in the past.

Musk’s Neuralink is one of the most audacious ideas he has come up with over the years. It suggests that the mind could be linked to technology.

Neuralink is essentially a live-action adaptation of a Black Mirror episode, and the data analysis techniques used in the company’s mission are close to becoming a reality. So, it makes sense that Neuralink’s abilities could work well with Tesla’s phone idea. This would allow a user, as the company says on its website, “to manage a computer everywhere you go.”

Specifications for the Tesla Model Pi Concept Phone, 5G 2022:

We will begin this section with a summary of the display. This Tesla Model Pi Concept phone sports a 7.0-inch Superb AMOLED with a 4K pixel pitch. Not only that, the Tesla device gets support from Gorilla Glass 5 safety.

  1. It is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 898 Plus 5G chipset. Additionally, this smartphone features Android 12 as its operating system.
  2. This best pi phone comes with 12GB of RAM and 256/512GB of ROM (infinitely adjustable up to 512GB) (expandable up to 512GB).

Let’s talk about energy capacity.

The Tesla Model Pi Concept Phone 5G 2022 mobile device is equipped with a large 7100mAh battery cell that supports quick charging.

This battery’s enormous size will ensure its durability. In addition, the Tesla smartphone will support all network technologies, including 5G.

Tesla is well-known for its electric vehicles and renewable power solutions.

However, when will the legendary Tesla phone be released?

Phones aren’t anything new in 2022. Years have passed since the introduction of the iPhone, Galaxy S series, Google Pixels, etc., and the mobile phone market has matured. But that doesn’t mean consumers aren’t still seeking something new and interesting.

The concept design of the Tesla Model P is mainly built on creativity, so the design in terms of look, device parametric setup, or camera is entirely different from standard mobile phones.

The Tesla Model P has included self-developed CPUs and its own OS, which also greatly increases the ability to compete. In addition, the design concept of the Tesla model P is far superior to that of the iPhone 13.

The Tesla model P’s likely successor will go head-to-head with the iPhone 13, taking away a big chunk of the phone market from Apple.

For its part, Tesla has mainly focused on the car sector. The firm currently offers four vehicles, including the Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y.

It’s also working on the vehicle, convertible, and semi for future releases. Taking into account Tesla’s Solar Roof and solar panels, it seems likely that the industry has a wide range of products.

The Conclusion?

The smart phone made by the Texas-based company has to work with the company’s hybrid cars, and it will let people do many things, like control the temperature.

Also, the Pi Phone will have built-in access to Starlink, which will let users browse the web without having to use telephone lines on Earth.

Kudos to another of Musk’s companies, Space X. Starlink offers superior, reduced-cost internet service in several markets. Using space telescopes in stable orbit, this technology enables videoconferences, videogames, and broadcasting.


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