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The year 2021 heralds the summer that everyone is looking forward to. This also means that the clothes in the men’s closet need to be updated. Every season, new popular elements are introduced in clothing, so many trendy items may not be suitable for us. We can’t follow the trend blindly. We should buy classic clothing styles while adding some trendy elements to avoid being too boring. Buy it in a high-quality wholesale men’s clothing online store, the price is very reasonable, and you can find a style that suits you. What really suits us is the most important thing. So, what are the basic classic essentials in men’s wardrobe in summer? Let’s read on.


1.Round Neck Tank Top Clothing

A men’s tank top should be a staple in every man’s wardrobe. We can choose this kind of round neck tank top in style, V-neck vest is suitable for home use, but this kind of round neck is very suitable whether it is worn at home or for sports and fitness. This vest is made of cotton blend fabric, which is very dense and wicks away sweat very quickly. It is not embarrassing to sweat in the summer. Especially for guys with good figures wearing this kind of vest, there will definitely be ladies who will admire it. It can be said that it is a classic must-have for every man in summer.

2. Bright shorts

One of the coolest pieces that a man can’t do without in the summer is shorts. Black shorts are probably the first choice for most men. But in summer, we can go for light colored shorts that don’t absorb as much heat as dark shorts. After all, summer is a hot season, so choosing something cooler is a priority. Light colored shorts will look more vibrant in the summer. These shorts are made of polyester fibers that have high air permeability and sweat wicking properties. A contrasting color design is used in the color, which can be combined very well with any top. The choice of shorts with a recommended length above the knee will show the proportions of the body. The largest code size is 8XL, you can buy it yourself according to your needs.

3.Summer T-shirt

As the most classic summer single product for men and women, t-shirts will always be in the first place. Although it is the most versatile, in the t-shirt style choice we still need to choose suitable for their own. Here are two tips to help you choose the right T-shirt for yourself.

Tips 1):For a man who is not tall, it is recommended to choose a fit and slim style that goes down along the waist and just covers the length of the waistband is the best look.

You can choose the above linen t-shirt, which looks a bit like a polo shirt and looks more casual. Linen fabric absorbs sweat faster in the summer and is very breathable. Boys who are not so tall can roll up their sleeves when wearing it, which will make them look taller visually.

Tips 2): For men with a fat body, the focus of wearing is to use clean lines, stiff pieces or styles that can increase the weight of the shoulder line of the torso to turn the front triangle body into an inverted triangle.

The above stripe t-shirt is very suitable for slightly overweight men. It is made of cotton blend fabric and is very comfortable and casual to wear. Use thin stripes on the stripes, and the thin stripes will be visually thinner than the usual wide stripes.

4. Plain cargo shirt jumpsuit.

How can there be no jumpsuits in single products for men in summer? Jumpsuits should be the most suitable garment for summer. Men wear very young, but it is difficult to choose a good-looking jumpsuit.

Recommend the following men’s jumpsuit, which is made of cotton and polyester blended fabric, very comfortable and smooth to wear. This jumpsuit has two solid colors, very high quality blue and gray. This jumpsuit can be bought in blue, perfect for summer, very energetic. It is not at all fussy to wear. When you wear it, unbutton the first button and roll up the sleeves and pants to make it more fashionable. With a pair of simple white shoes, you will become a street hipster in seconds.

Not only the clothes, but also the essential summer accessories for men are the key to make the right outfit.


5. white shoes

If there is one accessory that every man must have in summer, it is a pair of white shoes. White shoes can’t go wrong with any fashion item and are very versatile in summer.

The design of these small white shoes is very novel, the upper is painted with reflective line graffiti and has a small height. The sole of the shoes is made of PU leather, which is very soft and comfortable to step on. Men can go to the website 84 Degrees East according to their size.



Sunglasses are a must for summer sun protection and very useful. Sunglasses not only block ultraviolet light and prevent the aging of the eye skin, but also have a decorative effect. They are loved by many hipsters on the street. The following sunglasses are suitable for all seasons, with simple and generous styles and are very attractive.


Necklaces can affect a person’s temperament. If you wear a simple necklace in summer, it will not look so monotonous. This necklace is also versatile all year round. The design is simple and fashionable. If you don’t know what accessories to pair with it, you will never go wrong with this necklace.

For summer men, I must say that the basic style is indeed very fashionable. If you wear the basic styles well, you can slowly improve men’s taste. When we buy clothes, we also need to choose good quality so that they are comfortable to wear. You can choose to buy from some high quality wholesale men’s clothing websites. The quality of products in 84Degreeseast online wholesale has always been very high. If you want to buy more styles, you can go to 84 Degrees East website. Hope you like today’s content. For more information about menswear and sharing, please leave a message in the comment section below.

One of the most important things you should know about this season’s fashion trends is that it’s all about jewelry. No matter how you decide to wear your jewelry, whether it’s on your fingers, on your wrist, or around your neck, matching it with your overall outfit is a must. Oversized jewelry is probably one of the easiest ways to add a little sparkle to your look, and you may find yourself gravitating towards gold, silver or rhinestones. This trend will continue this season and into the new year. As always, you should buy your jewelry only after you have carefully chosen your outfit.

For those of you who keep up with the latest trends, one of the most exciting trends this season is the “sexy maternity dress”. This wide selection of maternity dresses is a great way to turn your pregnancy into an excuse to get fancy! These oversized suits feature ruffles and bows in a variety of colors, and are perfect for women hoping to turn their special occasion into a style statement. Since most of these dresses hit stores in November, you’ll be able to find the perfect dress to match any of the stylish outfits you want to wear during the holidays this season. If you’re looking for a unique way to show off your tummy during the summer months, the “athleisure” look might be the right fashion accessory for you. With the current trends surrounding the need to look stylish during pregnancy, it’s easy to incorporate a few trendy elements into your wardrobe. One of the hottest and most popular additions are small bags, which are perfect for carrying your essentials. Known for their versatility, these bags are both trendy and functional. Tiny bags are ideal for carrying makeup, water, books, and anything else your cute little belly might need.

Last year’s hot fashion trend was knee-length skirts, and this year promises to be no different. Knee length skirts are currently dominating the fashion scene and can be found in the form of either trendy shorts or gorgeous full length skirts. This season, you’ll see even more elegant versions of knee-length skirts, and even some that go past the knee! If you want to wear the classic skirt but still be in style, try an ai style skirt that hugs your body from the waist up. It’s a cute and flattering style that always catches the attention of everyone in the room.

Animal prints are also making a comeback this season, and you can wear many different animal prints in your closet this winter. From leopard print to jute and even zebra, the variety of animal prints in your closet will be endless. Some of the latest fashion trends are moving towards bolder colors, such as electric blue, and brighter, more vibrant hues, such as bright pink and purple. Whatever you choose to wear, the top trends for women’s clothing this winter are all about bringing flair and glamour to your everyday wardrobe, and these five essential pieces will make any woman feel like the runway diva she is







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