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Captains play a very significant role in a team’s success in any sports game. It links the players and the coach and guides the team in the right direction. Choosing the right captain for the team is the key to success in the sports world. A right captain can change the game at any moment with his experience and knowledge. In daily fantasy sports, the choice of a captain and vice-captain plays a crucial role.

A captain is a person who performs his roles and responsibilities to the best of his ability. A captain leads the team and inspires the team members to render a top-notch performance. A captain should be able to handle contingent situations, take the pressure, make better decisions, and communicate them at the right time. Daily fantasy sports are gaining massive popularity in today’s time. To win, we should adequately select the captain, vice-captain, and other team players. There isn’t any sure-shot success formula that would work in every situation, yet a few tips and suggestions discussed below are essential to consider while choosing a captain of your sports team.

Tips and Suggestions for Choosing the Right Captain:

The captain is not just the leader of the team, but is also the essential key decision-maker and communicator and helps keep the players united to achieve the common goal of winning the match. So, what are the qualities and traits necessary in a captain? 

1) Leadership Qualities – A captain being the decision-maker of the team, has to make many vital decisions that could turn around the outcome of the match. To make these decisions, one should have the requisite experience and leadership qualities necessary to keep all the team players united and motivated. A captain is a leader who leads the team by example. A captain should understand the opposite team-their strengths and weaknesses, weather conditions, pitch reports, etc.

2) Performance history- A captain should have a consistent track record of good performances over a sustained period. He should be an all-rounder and have the requisite skill set to manage the whole team. So, before selecting a captain, it is essential to check the past performance of the prospective captain. The captain should be in form and trend; otherwise, it would be risky to choose a newbie as a captain. A captain with a good past performance can help you win the cash safely with less risk involved.

3) Skilled in performing under pressure – Before selecting a captain, it is vital to ensure that the person performs well under pressure since any sports game demands a calm mindset during tough times. Those who lose their calm and cannot perform under challenging situations should be avoided as captains. A good captain can motivate the team and stay motivated during difficult times and when things don’t go as planned.

4) Choose a confident and self-motivated player – A self-motivated captain inspires the other players to give their best performance under challenging situations. A captain should be the payer who always has a never say die attitude and always stays motivated no matter how difficult things get. If the captain is confident and inspired, then so is the team and all the players. So, confidence and motivation are necessary factors to consider before selecting your team captain.

5) Risk-taker – Before selecting the team captain, one should consider whether the player you are making the captain is a risk-taker. Risk is involved in every sports game, and in today’s competitive world, risk has high rewards. Often, captains have to make decisions that might be risky, but they might fetch favorable results in the end. So, another vital trait of a good captain is that he should be a risk-taker.

6) Good communication and management skills – Another skill to look for before selecting a captain is his management skills and communication skills. It is essential to tackle the conflicts that often arise among players that might adversely impact the team’s performance as a whole. A good captain conveys his message clearly to the team and has good management skills.

7) Other key skills related to the sports – The key performance scorecard of the person in the last couple of matches is to be looked into before selecting a captain. Also, look for his strategies to win the game, goodwill, popularity for delivering good results, and rapport with other key players. There should be consistency in the performance of the captain.


It is not an easy task to be a captain, so it is essential to select a candidate a captain who has a versatile and promising track record of good performance. A good captain increases the chances of winning the match with the right strategies and tactics. So, to win cash in dream fantasy sports, one should be very cautious in selecting good players and a dependable captain. One should thoroughly analyze the performance history, and then they should make any selection.

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