Stunning rooftop restaurants and cafes to hang out with your pals!

Stunning rooftop restaurants and cafes to hang out with your pals!
Stunning rooftop restaurants and cafes to hang out with your pals!

Eating in a cafe or a restaurant with your friends is nice, but how about going on a rooftop instead? Great vibes, good drinks, and epic views describe the rooftop bar scene. Raising a toast at the top spots, enjoying breathtaking views while sipping cocktails, and chatting with your buddies are what these rooftop cafes or bars offer. There is a reason that people go gaga over upmarket restaurants, foody lanes, and rooftop bars. When the weather is warm, these rooftop bars become playgrounds for city dwellers. 

Some things have the power to take a pause for a moment and think that life is not that bad; it’s a mesmerizing view accompanied by your favorite beverage lifted above the horizon and your best buddies. The best rooftop restaurants across the globe specialize in great drinks, jaw-dropping vistas, and chill vibes. These places offer a bird-eye view of must-see landmarks, notable architecture, and everyday city life. From a romantic terrace in Venice to the top floor of a New York Skyscraper, these bars and their views are worth a trip. For the best results, one must do thorough research and then make a bucket list. To help you out, we have compiled a list. Let’s dive into the list for a better insight. 

Best rooftop bars and restaurants globally

Combining great vibes, fantastic views, and above all, cherishable experience, we have come up with a pretty good list. Some of these bars are surprisingly down-to-earth, but others are undeniably swanky. We have cherry-picked the best rooftop cafes that will offer you an unforgettable experience. Though these aren’t all, we have tried our best to put as many options as we can into the list. You will find these rooftop restaurants, cafes, and bars on top of shopping malls, art centers, factories, hotels, and car parks. So, let’s get started. But firstly, make sure to fly off to these destinations with Spirit Airlines. Confirm your Spirit Airlines reservations and travel without costing a fortune. 

  • CE LA VI, Singapore

Located in the heart of the city, CE LA VI is one of the best places to enjoy with your friends. It is perched on the 57th floor and will take your rooftop dining experience to the highest level. There is an area for visitors both inside and outside to have a meal or a drink. For visitors who are looking for a luxurious place to enjoy dining or drinks along with some spectacular views, CE LA VI is an ideal place for them. The menu of the restaurant has all the modern Asian fusion. Pick your favorite to satisfy your hunger cravings. You can enjoy unique dishes and fresh seafood at this restaurant. So look no further and head straight to CE LA VI for a great experience. 

  • Baba Nest, Phuket

When you think that you have had enough of sky bars and high-design restaurants, there comes Baba Nest. It is a floating bar located in the center of a mountaintop infinity pool. Once you enter this place, you will find yourself in a gorgeous infinity pool on the ocean with views of mountains and trees. You will be seated on huge pillows. Low tables are available to give you a unique dining experience. It serves scrumptious Mexican food and delicious cocktails. If you love sunset views, then this is the best place in Phuket for you. Though there are plenty of restaurants in Thailand that serve delicious food, but a meal at Baba Nest can’t be missed. 

  • ROOF On The Wit, Chicago, Illinois

Settled 27 levels above the ground, this restaurant has become very famous among locals as well as tourists. Apart from the premium dining experience, it attracts tourists with its beautiful view, live entertainment, great drinks, and hearty food. The executive chef at this restaurant is Nathan Sears, and he uses his culinary expertise to prepare food. He makes a meal by blending Spanish cuisine with the other culture’s food. No matter if you are visiting ROOF On The Wit to enjoy a meal or attending multiple events held by them, you will definitely have a good time here. 

  • Folly Rooftop, Dubai

Positioned in a prime position, Folly has an incredible vista of the Arabian Gulf beyond and Madinat waterways below. You also get a chance to see a glimpse of Burj Al Arab. The restaurant has a chic yet casual atmosphere, perfect for spending time with your friends. This bar is one of the best spots for sundowners, as you can witness jaw-dropping sunset views. There is always a friendly and chill buzz at Folly. Choose from the extensive cocktail menu, but ensure to not miss on the popular Folly pops. The wine list of the bar is just amazing, and you can enjoy dinner on the floor below. 

  • Westlight, Brooklyn, New York

Towering high above, Westlight offers unskippable views of Brooklyn from a wraparound terrace. It is embellished with canary-yellow viewfinders, with which you can enjoy a great look at the town. This awe-inspiring place will make your jaw drop in awe once the elevator door opens. Go ahead and settle into the industrial, warm space. You will definitely feel special as the energy of the crowd gives positive vibes to visitors. Enjoy a wide variety of drinks and have a wonderful time here. However, everyone comes here for views and drinks, but make sure not to miss out on the delicious food. It has all the stuffings that we want after being tipsy, like duck carnitas tacos, shrimp dumplings, and spicy chicken empanadas. 

  • Frank’s Cafe, London

It’s impossible to find a better place than Frank’s Cafe for a tremendous sweep of central London from the south. Perched on the top of a multi-storey car park, this cafe only opens in summer. It is a wood & canvas, and rough & ready structure. Once the sun starts setting down, the cafe starts filling with hip, young Londoners. Frank’s Cafe is a huge space, and you can admire various skyline views. Classic Negroni is the highlight of the cafe, which is a must to try. Moreover, you can also try a wide selection of classy summer tipples, including tonic or Pimm’s and white port. Don’t forget to watch the popular pink staircase. 

  • SUSHISAMBA, Las Vegas

Multiple branches of SUSHISAMBA are located all around the world, and this food chain is very popular worldwide. The restaurant serves a unique fusion of Peruvian cuisine and Japanese sushi. People who love sushi can’t afford to miss visiting SUSHISAMBA. If you wish to enjoy the Peruvian-Brazilian-Japanese blend of cuisine, then visiting the food chain in London, Amsterdam, or Las Vegas would be a perfect choice for you. Moreover, you can enjoy a 360-degree view at this rooftop restaurant. There is a different terrace for both the bar and restaurant. 

  • Siglo, Melbourne

Getting your preferred seat at a picturesque rooftop bar is the best thing, but at Siglo, you can enjoy astonishing views from every corner of the restaurant. Get a glimpse of iconic attractions such as St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parliament, and Princess Theatre. It will feel like a tour on a bus but with booze. Siglo is very welcoming, and people will greet you with a big smile on their faces. Come in the afternoon for Aperol Spritz or to enjoy a flashy celebration with champagne, cigars, and caviar. If you don’t like the smell of cigar smoke, then you must skip visiting Siglo. It has an impressive selection of Havanas that are puffed throughout the night. 

  • 71Above, Los Angeles

Situated on the very top of the US Bank Tower, 71Above is a gorgeous rooftop restaurant. As it is positioned on one of the tallest buildings of LA, it magnetizes tourists as well as locals. There is no other building that matches its height, and therefore you are ensured to get a picturesque, unique view of the city. However, you will have to spend some extra money to enjoy at this restaurant, but it will be all worth it. But if you are ready for it, you will have an experience that you will never forget. Who doesn’t want to enjoy the mesmerizing views from the tallest building? So don’t think twice and give this restaurant a shot. 

  • Chinchilla Rooftop Cafe & Bar, Cape Town

Sandwiched between the Atlantic Ocean and Table Mountain National Park, Chinchilla is one of the stunning destinations in Cape Town. It overlooks Campus Bay Beach, and you can see a wide stretch of white sand lined up with palm trees. However, Chinchilla Rooftop is a two-storey building, but the views it offers are unmissable. Laid-back and loungey, this cafe has a resort-chic vibe. You can never get sick of the view at the cafe. Moreover, there is a rotating cast of live DJs that keeps you entertained throughout. Spend a day on the beach and then come to the cafeteria to treat yourself with a carafe of Peach Rose Sangria and Watermelon Mint G&T. The cafe’s menu is seafood-centric, which is rife with crayfish, oysters, mussels, and prawns. 

Mesmerized after reading about these rooftop cafes, bars, and restaurants? Now, suppose the feeling you will have after going to these cafes. Don’t waste time fin thinking and book flight tickets now with British Airways. Make British Airways reservations and save maximum on your travel expenses. 


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