Strategy to improve your HME billing


It is no secret that the rising healthcare cost and changing billing regulations have always been the problem areas for many HME providers.

Today with the recent rise in the minimum wage, a large number of healthcare systems in California are facing further confusion. In fact, with the rise in the wage to $25 per hour ordinance for healthcare workers, today the most convenient solution for most practices is outsourcing. this is because outsourcing not only helps in providing a cost effective RCM solution but also provides you with time so you can focus on patient care and expand your business. 

Sunknowledge a dynamic RCM solution:

Complying with the latest regulations and optimizing the billing process, Sunknowledge for the past 15+ years has not only helped many practices minimize billing and coding errors but offered state of art solutions to many improving their ROI.

With an experienced billing team working constantly to reduce the billing and coding error rate, the expert further works round-the-clock aimed at helping to increase reimbursements and cash flow. In fact, reducing your chance of denial and claims rejection, Sunknowledge HME billers are further known for closing the gaps between the billing operations for many. The best part of choosing Sunknowledge for managing your HME billing are-

  • You experience a reduction in your overall operational expenses by 80 % which will help you in long run.
  • Reduction of all your billing worries as it eliminate all your practice management challenges like – hiring and retraining resources, billers and coders training tension, learning new software for better billing practice and many more.
  • Lesser accounts receivable days and closing of aging accounts receivable as old as three years
  • Saving both your time and money, a complete RCM solution for all your HME billing troubles at only $7 per hour; in fact, Sunknowledge does not charge for any kind of amount or have an additional hidden rate for Transition / Training / Onboarding cost; thus saving you a lot of money
  • Customized reports that help you understand your billing loopholes so you can focus on improving it and many more.

So if you are struggling to improve your HME productivity metrics, Sunknowledge is the ideal destination catering to all your billing needs. Reducing your overhead cost, Sunknowledge provides much needed solution for making your billing seamlessness.


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