Steps to Fix QuickBooks OLSU 1013 Bank Feed Error

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Your Guide To Fix The Error OLSU 1013.

The OLSU errors are not easy to fix, regardless of how many precautions you keep while using the software. One such example is the QuickBooks Error code OLSU 1013, which is quite tricky to troubleshoot. Such errors can cause quite a lot of irritation. If you are also a victim of this error, then take your time and learn how to fix this error. With our comprehensive guide, you have to read every detail and get the basic concepts needed to fix the Error OLSU 1013.

What Exactly Is The Error OLSU 1013?

Whenever you come across Error OLSU 1013 issue code, you might wonder what this error wants to convey. We will help you out in this matter.

When the QB user can’t establish a network and communication between their bank account and the financial service provider bank, this issue is bound to occur. Otherwise, whenever there is an issue with the server of your bank, you will face this issue. Also, if the user cannot fix the QuickBooks Error code OLSU 1013, they need to take a look at their FIDIR by changing the TLS 1.2 protocol permissions. Apart from that, you can set a default account as per personal and company preferences to avoid such bugs.

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Explained: Quickbooks Error Code OLSU 1013

The Error OLSU 1013 will show up when the Qb software doesn’t have a proper connection with their financial provider bank. The error message that shows up on the screen will be as follows:

An unexpected error occurred. The branding and profile servers could not be accessed.

Also, the QuickBooks Error code OLSU 1013 might show up when the bank account and banking institution do not have a properly established connection. Usually, the bank server is responsible for this issue. Otherwise, there is an issue with your internet connection.

Why Does The Error OLSU 1013 occur?

One may have to face the Error OLSU 1013 due to multiple reasons. If you have an un-updated software or quite an obsolete version of the software, then this issue will be solved if you update the software. Otherwise, the internet connection is at fault. Lastly, your user system or the QB account might not have permission to connect with the server of a bank. Let’s get to know the possible reasons behind the QuickBooks Errors code OLSU 1013.

  1. The QB user may have accidentally entered the wrong credentials or incorrect ID to log into their bank in the QB software.
  2. Also, the user is not working on the express mode or side by side mode. This is the safest mode to work, and avoiding them can lead to this error.
  3. Apart from that, also make sure that the banking institution’s directory is outdated. If this isn’t the case, then this issue is prone to show up on your system.
  4. Finally, if the bank’s server is under maintenance, you will face this issue. You can write a mail to the bank or simply wait for the issue to get resolved.

How To Fix The Quickbooks Errors OLSU 1013?

We picked the best way to deal with this error. For this, you have to create a new company file and it will ultimately resolve the code OLSU 1013.

  1. Firstly, the user has to go to the File menu and select a new company where they can further choose the express start option.
  2. After that, they need to add the bank account that faces the issue and set up an account that has bank feeds.
  3. Lastly, the user has to download their bank feed transactions and check the account.

This method will fix the code OLSU 1013. Otherwise, reach out to the errors support team for instant resolution of the OLSU 1013. Reaching out to US-based experts will benefit you by saving your time and efforts.

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