Spray Foam vs. Rigid Foam Insulation: Which Should I Select?


Spray foam insulation is among the most popular types of insulation. However, rigid foam insulation is a good competitor of spray foam insulation. Like spray foam insulation, rigid foam insulation also has many advantages. Because there is a tough competition between these two participants, selecting one of them is somehow challenging. Before jumping to the conclusion, you should need to know some points. This article will help you decide whether to take rigid foam insulation or spray foam insulation service in Toronto.

Ease to Install

Spray foam insulation is convenient to install in different types of situations. The gaps in the walls and ceilings can be filled easily with spray foam insulation simply spraying the chemical. This makes it one of the best choices for people. Coming to the expansion property, spray foam insulation does an excellent job here. It starts expanding after getting sprayed, and because it has a good expansion property, it skills all the cracks and gaps completely. This makes it an excellent product for providing a high degree of insulation and airtightness. Its high expansion property is effective insulation for blocking the air currents and moisture. Due to this property, it also resists molds and other fungi species to grow on the walls.

On the other hand, rigid foam insulation can be installed only in open and exposed walls. Because it is rigid insulation, it does not expand. That’s why any mistake during the installation of this insulation can lead to more severe problems. Coming to airtightness, the sealing efficiency of rigid insulation is not as good as that of spray foam insulation. Therefore, it is prone to air and moisture leaks. The chances of leakage are high in case the insulation is not installed properly. Hence, if you want rigid foam insulation, you should contact an experienced insulation contractor in Toronto.

Insulation Efficiency

Both types of insulation, spray foam, and rigid foam, are efficient methods of insulation. Both of these insulation types come with a high R-value. The R-value of the insulation is directly proportional to the insulation capacity. Therefore, a high R-value means that it provides an excellent insulation effect, provided you have contacted a professional insulation contractor in Toronto. This helps you keep the temperature of your home under controlled levels in both summer and winter. Moreover, it also cuts down the electricity bills.


Spray foam insulation is comparatively more expensive than its counterpart rigid foam insulation. But the spray foam insulation has a good life span. Therefore, the amount you spend on its installation will be recovered in some years. We are saying this because spray foam insulation helps you save your electricity bills.


If you are taking insulation services to increase your walls’ strength, you should go with rigid foam insulation. Because it is rigid, it provides the walls with additional strength. Contact a trusted insulation contractor in Toronto to get high-quality rigid foam insulation.


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