Spirit Airlines Group Travel Hacks – How to Save Big!

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As everyone knows, Spirit Airlines is not just an airline — it’s also an experience! With their seatback TVs and easy-to-use booking engine. They make it easier than ever to go on your next group trip with your friends, family, or coworkers and be excited about it! But what if you could go on that same group trip and save even more money in the process? Never fear! In this guide, we’ll show you how to save big on your next group travel trip with Spirit Airlines!

The Group Leader Can Fly Free

Spirit offers a neat program for group travel where one passenger can Spirit Airlines fly for free with every 10 travelers. This is great news because it allows you to save money while flying Spirit Airlines somewhere with a large group. So how do you take advantage of Spirit’s Group Leader Can Fly Free promotion? I’ll explain step-by-step below. #1: Book Spirit Airlines Through Orbitz: Spirit Airlines does not have its own Spirit Airlines website, so you will need to Spirit book flight through an online travel agency like Orbitz or Expedia. In fact, if you want to book flights through their website for Spirit at all. You must use Tripitravels or Expedia as your Spirit Airlines booking agent (this is in addition to any taxes and fees that may be applied). If there are any other passengers in your party. They will also need to make their Spirit Airlines reservations through Orbitz or Expedia as well. Be sure when creating your reservation that each person traveling has his/her own unique name and e-mail address (including first and last name). If they don’t enter their own information, they won’t be eligible for the Spirit Airlines deals!

The Discounts Add Up

Despite how it may seem, you don’t have to be an adult with a credit card and a Social Security number to buy Spirit Airlines Tickets. Many families want their kids (or themselves) out of diapers by age 18. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring young people along for your next family vacation. Kids under 18 years old can still fly Spirit Airlines if they’re accompanied by an adult who has paid for at least one ticket and all of their luggage is checked in together. Better yet, if you purchase tickets as a group online or via text/email message through Spirit Airlines Destinations, then everyone pays less—the more people who pay in bulk means everyone gets cheaper prices.

All Ages Are Welcome

Spirit doesn’t have a set minimum age requirement. But they recommend you bring someone along who can verify your age if you look younger than 26. If that’s not an option, bring your photo ID and try flying Spirit Airlines during off-peak hours (usually early morning or late at night) when ticket agents are more lenient. Also consider paying extra for pre-flight Spirit check-in—that way you won’t have to Spirit Airlines deals with any hassles while waiting at the airport. If all else fails, be prepared to show a US birth certificate or passport as proof of your age; just make sure it has a photograph and is up-to-date.

Layovers are Fun!

One of the easiest ways to save money on airfare is by using search engines to find available flights. and then Spirit Airlines booking them as far in advance as possible. The more time between your purchase and your Spirit flights, the better deal you’ll probably find at Spirit Airlines Booking Phone Number. And, of course, buying Spirit plane tickets for a group can help keep costs down—especially. If you work with a group like Student Universe or Wander (which offers students discounts). That specializes in getting groups good Spirit Airlines deals. You can also join a points program like Alaska Airline’s Mileage Plan or One-worlder Explorer or sign up for their email list; they often send out special deals for members.

Search for Sales and Book Early

Everyone knows that you should check for airfare sales and book Spirit Ailines tickets early. Sometimes, though, there’s a reason that sale fares aren’t even listed on certain days or at certain times. If a ticket is so Spirit cheap flights that airlines can’t make money on it, they often don’t sell it. To save money on group travel whether it’s a family reunion or company retreat. You may have to wait until well after everyone else has bought their tickets. And pray for another flash sale. However, if your departure date is flexible, be sure to search at least two weeks before flying Spirit Airlines. Most of these discounts are in place only if you book by a specific deadline.


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