Some Offbeat Ways in Which Field Force Management Software Increases Productivity

Some Offbeat Ways in Which Field Force Management Software Increases Productivity
Some Offbeat Ways in Which Field Force Management Software Increases Productivity

Are you responsible for a team of field executives? Is your job stressing you because of the number of things you need to take care of on a daily basis? Well, maybe you need field force management software, regardless of how big or small your team is. 

Today’s technical environment allows you to do away with all unnecessarily manual work you need to do to get your team running. With the help of the right software aid, managing everything quickly and more efficiently to increase profits in your team is possible.

So, are you wondering how field force management software will come into play in increasing productivity in your organization? Continue reading this blog to know more!


What is Workforce Management Software? 

Using field force management software or workforce management software becomes a must while working with field executives. However, before knowing how you can use it to your advantage, you should know what the tool is to begin with, right? 

Field force management software is a platform that helps you manage attendance and tasks for your team in one place. The primary purpose is to be a gateway between you and your employees on the field. This software will make managing field operations as effortless as managing office operations. 

One of the principal things to define how field force management software functions is tracking employees in real-time. With the help of mobile tracking, workforce management software can generate verified attendance and get you authentic data. 

Every manager should use workforce management software to ensure that everything in a world where everything has become digital is simplified and digitalized. By doing so, they can massively reduce operational costs and increase productivity in their team.


Increasing Productivity Through Field Force Management Software 

Sure, real-time tracking and management ease are straightforward ways of increasing productivity in an organization with field force management software. However, what about other ways that you can use your field force management software platform to increase productivity in the field? 

Let us look at some of the ways in which you can improve productivity in your field through a field force management software system


1. Better Communication Through the Platform

Indeed, even the greatest global policy discussions can be addressed through genuine and straightforward correspondence. Hence you ought to constantly encourage clear communication in your field executives’ team. However, when there are no defined channels of communication, misunderstandings become commonplace.

You can make use of workforce management software‘s inbuilt chatbox. It simplifies communication massively. This way, executives get to have their doubts cleared in real-time instead of having to wait for clarification. moreover, everything stays on the same platform for convenience. 

Here are a few things you can do through software’s chatboxes that can improve communication in the workspace: 

  • Maintain regular meetings: All the communication within the team doesn’t necessarily have to be substantial. Sometimes, it can be not-so-significant too to maintain team rapport. Therefore, you should use your workforce management software to arrange regular meetings. 
  • Direct communication: Direct communication is the basis of getting messages straight across through the team. Indirect communication is the biggest reason for misunderstands. 


2. Make Task Management Open and Flexible 

Task management is one of the biggest challenges managers can face while maintaining a team of field executives. Knowing who can handle what tasks at what time is important to determine how your team will work. However, the larger your team size, the more complicated the process becomes. 

While managers can assign tasks according to skill and priority, it is important to know if that executive is even free, right? 

With the right field force management software, you can make everyone’s tasks open, flexible, and transparent. Therefore, while assigning tasks, you will always know who is free to take what tasks. Moreover, you can also freely check each executive’s to-do list to see progress. 

Flexibility also plays a huge role in increasing productivity. Since executives get some control over how and what they’d be working with, your organization will enjoy higher productivity levels. 


3. Provide Evidential Feedback 

Unless your executives grow while working for you i.e., unless they gain new skills, your organization will not grow either. After all, where will any newness in operations come from if the people on the job are not learning anything new? And do you know the best way to encourage employee growth? Feedback! 

When people get the right feedback, they definitely grow. The right feedback will give them insight on what they can do differently but is delivered in an evidential or subtle manner. A great way to provide evidential feedback to your team is through field force management software

With the help of software, you will always know where your executives are and what kind of work they are doing. Therefore, data-driven feedback is easy to accumulate and deliver. 


4. Make Performance Transparent

Some healthy competition within the company will not hurt anybody. After all, challenges are one of the best ways to keep everyone motivated. You can use this motivational technique (but not too much) to your advantage by making everyone’s performance transparent in the company. 

When everyone gets to see what their colleagues are doing and how well they are performing, they are likely to get competitive. If they get competitive, they are likely to perform better in your organization. 

If you have incentives such as ‘employee of the month’ or ‘annual champion’ in your company, making performance transparent will also make things better. This way, nobody will blame anybody for favoritism and employees can keep increasing self-productivity as a gamified version of inducing competition. 


Use TrackoField To Increase Your Field Productivity

You have a fair idea of how you can use field force management software to increase productivity in your organization. After all, it isn’t necessary for everyone to follow the same old ways to increase productivity. That would get very mundane anyway, right? 

You can try any of the offbeat ways listed in this list to increase productivity in your team of salesforce executives. And to get the most powerful of the features and functionality mentioned here, you need potent field force management software. Try TrackoField to get the most out of your team of salesforce executives


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