Six Valuable Tips to Improvise Your Car’s Performance



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Everything at its peak always seems satisfying, and so is the car. A car that performs at its prime provides a comfortable ride as per the expectation.

However, a new vehicle usually offers the pleasure of a seamless ride while it may experience a dip in performance over time.

A car goes through various routine maintenances during its lifecycle. The routine car maintenance surely helps in maintaining your vehicle.

But, a discussion about the improvisation in the car’s performance often ends up at the expenses.

However, there are ways to improvise the performance of your car. It never goes out of your budget and does not require much time. Read on the following tips that can maximize the performance of your car quite conveniently.

Change Your Car’s Spark Plug and Air Filter



A clean air filter proves to be a vital component for the inflow of the adequate air. A smooth airflow increases the efficiency of the engine. While a burnt spark plug pushes your engine to work overtime. These components are crucial to attaining the desired level of efficiency.

Therefore, it is necessary to keep these components in top shape as they can add on a healthier engine as well as the desired level of fuel mileage.

In case, you have not sure about the condition of such parts, a car scanning and diagnostics service is a great tool to comprehend such issues with your car.

Besides, you can approach a professional at a trusted workshop such as Service My Car for a service. Here, you also get the sparks plug replacement or the air filter replacement if required.

Never Skip a Routine Maintenance



Sometimes, a busy schedule impels you to procrastinate such as skipping your car oil change or other necessary maintenance.

These things do not seem very important, however, they have a severe impact on the overall performance of your car.

Besides, such basic maintenance always keeps you safe from burning a hole in your pocket. An unmaintained vehicle has the considerable probability that you have to spend on costly repairs. Maintain a record of your vehicle maintenance to avoid skipping the necessary maintenance. And, the Service My Car is always available for a reliable car service.

Limit the Excess Weight on Your Car



You have been driving a car for a while, it is sure that you have already collected extra items in your car. Just check out the trunk or the back seat.

Unload these excess weights to improve the efficiency of your car as it has a specified payload limit. And, even smaller things can add to the load while hampering your car’s performance and negatively affecting fuel economy.

Besides, you can reduce the weight of your wheel too. As the quality alloy rim is lighter as compared to the steel wheel.

The lighter wheels enhance the performance as the engine has to push less weight. They assist in improving the acceleration and contrary your vehicle stops early.

Always Opt For Premium Engine Oil



A bit high, yet worthy investment, premium engine oil adds the necessary lubrication while your car is rushing over time. Genuine lubrication sustains its quality even after crossing the limit while working at prime under the specified time.

This does the trick by improving the car’s efficiency if the car has the proper lubrication.

The high-quality engine oil also keeps wear and tear of the engine away if you extend the oil change for some time while a low-quality oil may get thinner even before the speculated time.

Therefore, you can pay a bit more for the high-quality oil to preserve your car’s engine. However, if you need professional assistance, just drive the Service My Car for service on demand such as car engine repair, engine diagnosis, etc.

Maintain the Alignment of Your Car’s Wheels



A car’s wheels often attract the misalignment once they hit the cracks, bumps or accidentally run over the corners of the roads. The misaligned wheel often drags the vehicle to either side or moves against each other.

This pushes the engine harder to drive your vehicle and eventually consumes more fuel.

However, the misaligned wheels that have been ignored for a long time may hamper the suspension system which would not be a good sign for your car’s efficiency. Therefore, you should be proactive enough to seek the frequent wheel alignment, at a trusted workshop such as Service My Car.

Upgrade Your Vehicle with Polyurethane Bushings



Most vehicles come with rubber bushings in the suspension system to absorb the jerks from the bumps or the cracks in the road. They can easily shock the vibration as well as noise to provide a comfortable ride for the passengers.

Polyurethane bushings in particular offer more agility as well as robustness during a hard ride. They also bring more resistance against wear and tear. You have to remove the rubber bushings first before using the poly bushings. However, a worthy option would be to take the help of experts at Service My Car for such a car repair.

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No doubt, once you implement such advice, the results would make you amazed. And, more importantly, you can easily avoid costly repairs. In case, of any professional assistance regarding your car, approach Service My car. Just call us or book our service online.


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