Simple Ways to Care for Your New Turbo Braces


If you’ve recently gotten braces and are overwhelmed by the thought of having to take care of them on your own, don’t worry! It’s really not as hard as it sounds, and with these tips, you’ll be able to manage any dental issue that comes up with ease. In fact, the only thing you’ll have to remember are these four simple turbo braces.


Use only water when cleaning your braces

It’s tempting to use a mouthwash or toothpaste when cleaning your braces, but according to dental professionals, it’s best not to use anything besides water. Using toothpaste and mouthwash could leave behind a residue that can damage your brackets. They also recommend using soft-bristled brushes, since harder bristles can damage your braces and they may also trigger plaque buildup that causes cavities. Don’t worry—your orthodontist will give you detailed instructions on how to properly care for your new turbo braces. Be sure to follow these directions carefully. You don’t want to cause unnecessary damage before your appointment with an orthodontist! The key is to stay away from any materials that might scratch or chip your braces. You should be fine if you stick with plain old water and toothbrushes (especially ones without hard bristles). If you are concerned about keeping food particles off of your braces, just be sure to rinse thoroughly after eating. If necessary, gently brush them clean after meals as well.


Do not eat sticky foods

Sticky foods can get stuck between your braces and your gums, which can lead to gum irritation and increased risk of cavities. To avoid problems with sticky foods, pay special attention when you’re preparing food; when chewing gum; and after chewing gum. Cleaning Turbo Braces: One mistake many people make is failing to clean their Turbo braces as frequently as they should. This increases their risk of bacterial buildup, which can trigger a host of health issues from tooth decay to oral infections. The key is finding a routine that works for you (remember: everyone’s different) but generally speaking, cleaning Turbo braces about once every other day—at least twice a week—is highly recommended.


Use a soft brush when cleaning your braces

A soft-bristled toothbrush will help remove plaque and food particles that get stuck between your braces. You can purchase a specialized soft-bristled cleaning brush, or you can use any soft bristle toothbrush you already have at home. To prevent plaque from building up around your braces, clean your mouth after every meal or snack. You can also do a full-mouth clean once a day if you prefer—it’s up to you! Keeping your braces clean is important in preventing bacterial buildup and gum irritation. Read more about reducing dental health risks here . If you experience gum irritation when using your new bite turbo braces, try using an over-the-counter rinse like Orajel . Rinse with it before brushing and flossing each morning and night. If these methods don’t help, visit your dentist. She may recommend stronger rinses or additional treatment options like antibiotics or steroids. As always, speak with your dentist before taking any medications on your own. Your teeth are worth it!


Take out your Turbo Braces before going to bed.

As with any new orthodontic appliance, it is best to remove your Bite Turbos before going to bed. Over time, you will get used to taking out your Turbo Braces before you go to sleep, but getting into a habit at first can be crucial. Keep in mind that wearing your product overnight could lead to jaw and mouth pain or drooling issues. It is also a good idea not wear your brace during meals as well. When removing your braces or while they are in place, make sure there is nothing between them and your teeth, such as food or drinks; otherwise you may experience injury. You should also avoid touching your brackets when they are in place. If you do touch them, make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly afterward to prevent any infections from occurring. These precautions can help you keep your Turbo Braces safe so that you can have an effective treatment period.

You need to change bands every three months: Like other types of orthodontic appliances, such as headgear or traditional braces, bands on bite turbos need to be changed regularly. The replacement bands allow space for growth without becoming too tight and causing damage. While many brands of Bite Turbos include multiple replacement bands, it is important to remember that they only last three months each before needing replacement again. This allows plenty of room for growth without risking discomfort or pain due to over-tightening. Make sure you have enough replacements on hand so that you don’t have to wait until your next appointment date!


Avoid using too much force while adjusting them.

It’s important to know how much force is just right when adjusting your bite braces. Using too much force can damage your teeth and gums, which is never good news! Use small rotations or clockwise/counterclockwise movements rather than yanking or pulling with a lot of pressure. In other words, it’s better not to adjust them if you can manage not to. It may seem counterintuitive, but in many cases a loose set of braces is often easier on your mouth overall. If you need adjustments every day, try asking your dentist if there are any products available that would help loosen up your new braces even more without causing damage!


Avoid hot food and drinks while wearing Turbo Braces.

Just as you should avoid hot drinks and food while wearing traditional braces, you should also take caution with your bite Turbos. The reason: Turbo braces are made of plastic, a material that is softer than metal. This means hot drinks and food have more of a chance of leaving dents in your plastic Turbo braces than they would with other types of braces. When your plastic-made Turbos get dented, they no longer function properly (even if they don’t look damaged). So if you’re going to be eating something hot when you have on your turbo braces, it is best to use a bite guard (available at most drug stores).

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