Silly Mistakes to Avoid During DIY Move

Silly Mistakes to Avoid During DIY Move

Relocation or moving is not an easy thing. You need extra time, money, and energy for it. It is an expensive affair. There are endless packers and movers who are ready to move your goods to any location.

Their moving services are professional, so they charge high for their services. Many people are unable to hire these movers. They don’t have sufficient funds to avail their services.

Under these circumstances, a DIY move is the best option. This way, you will be able to reduce a great amount of money. The reason is that you do most of the work when you opt for a DIY move.

But even self-moving is a challenging job. There are many things to avoid while moving alone. Many new DIY movers commit silly mistakes while moving to a new destination. There are a lot of risks related to moving if you plan for a DIY move.

Some of the mistakes you need to avoid during Self-moving are as follows:-

  • Improper Planning

When you are self-moving, you don’t plan much. If you are a new mover, you don’t know where to start from. Without proper planning, your whole moving process will fail. So, a solid moving plan is necessary to make your relocation a success.

To avoid the risks related to improper planning, you need to think of a strategy. Schedule your moving date beforehand and other tasks that you will complete before moving.

Sometimes, you always postpone your move. If you’re do this, then it is a mistake on your part. If you plan for your DIY move, plan 2 to 3 weeks before the actual move. It will also be good if you fix a deadline for each task.

  • Not Booking the Right Truck

One of the mistakes people normally do is to book the wrong truck. If you have a bulk of items to move, you only need a large truck. But many people tend to book a small truck, which is of no use at all.

If you unknowingly book the wrong track, you will have to do several trips to move your belongings. As a result, your transport expenses will go high.

Some people book large trucks for a few items. This is also not good for them. To avoid this mistake, look for a suitable truck for your goods.

Consider the volume as well as the number of your belongings. This way, you will have the right estimate of the size of the truck.

  • Forget to Shift Your Utilities

Many people forget to shift their utilities to their new homes. They will have to pay the bill for these services. It will increase their expenses. It will be discomforted for you in the absence of these utilities.

If you want to save yourself from this discomfort, fix a date for their transfer or reconnection. You will also have to pay for your unpaid bills before moving.

  • Not Labeling the Boxes

If you label your boxes it will be easy for you to identify your boxes. You will easily know the stuff inside them and where they need to go.

But many people do not take care of that. If they are moving alone, they only put the items in the box and do not label them.

If you want to avoid this mistake, then label all the boxes. Also, write notes on them to know in which room they will go.

  • Not Choosing the Right Packing Materials

When you are on a DIY move, your main goal is to save money. So, you choose substandard packing materials to pack your goods. This won’t offer strength to your articles. These packing materials are unable to protect your items.

Some people use household items to pack their items. These items are also not good for packing purposes.

If you want to avert this mistake, only choose the best packing materials. These packing materials are made with high-quality materials. This will offer complete protection to your goods.

You need to choose the best quality tapes, cushioning wraps and bubble wraps to protect your fragile items. So, choose only quality items for packing your products.

But the best way to get rid of this stress is to contact the best movers. These packers and movers in Delhi offer expert services to the customers from their side. They have experienced people who pack your quality items professionally.

  • Forget to De-clutter the Goods

It is good to sort out your products before moving. You need to divide them into two groups- important items and unwanted items. Keep only these items that are necessary for you. You will need these items at your new place.

But, sell the unwanted items straightaway. Donate these items if you don’t want to use them.

If you commit a mistake in doing this, you will run into problems. You will have to devote much time to sort them out. Also, you will pay for the unwanted items. So, the best way to manage it is to sort out these products before moving.

When you have enough time, check out these products. Look for unnecessary items. When you sort them out, you will heave a sigh of relief. This way, you will easily de-clutter your belongings.

This will help you save your money and time during packing and unpacking your products. As a result, you would be able to manage your new home.

If you can’t figure out the unwanted items, pick the items that are a year old. You need to consider if they are of any use to you. If not, then throw them away or sell or donate these items.


Most people opt for a DIY move because they do not want to increase their expenses. But avoiding the high charges of packers and movers will be risky for you.

A DIY mover commits so many mistakes while moving. All the above mistakes are common. If you too are a DIY mover, stop committing such mistakes. Hire professional packers and movers to get professional services from them.

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