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Nowadays, many offices have gotten a lot more relaxed, and some of them now not only offer denim-friendly “casual Fridays”, but also welcome wholesale womens jeans as acceptable outfits on other working days. But this is only because your company policy states that you can wear jeans at work, but it does not mean that you can get exactly the same way of dressing as you would on a casual weekend for free. So, how do you wear your beloved jeans to the office and show off your personal style while still looking professional and stylish? We will show you how in our ultimate guide on how to throw on denim jeans to the office.Elastic Waist Pleated Design White Jeans

The Best Jeans for Your Body Shape

  1. Petite Body Type

    If you are a petite, it is best to wear high-waist mid-rise jeans and look for a belt that covers and sits above the buttons on your abdomen. These fits will help tuck the tummy and cover the buttocks, which will help prevent muffin problems. Slim and petite women can wear standard tall mid-rise jeans to dedicate their characters.

  2. Pear Shape Body Type

    Women High Waisted Shaping Skinny Jeans
    However, if you are a pear with a flat butt, or just feel uncomfortable with high-waist jeans, or your style is wrong, you can still achieve a flattering beauty in a jean with a contoured waistband that rises higher in the back. This is a good solution for a pear shaped figure that wants to avoid the belt splitting on the back when sitting on wholesale womens jeans. This is a common problem with this figure.

  3. Apple Body Type

    Apple-shaped women tend to bear extra weight around the middle. If you are an apple-shaped person, you may have broad shoulders, thin arms and legs, and abdomen. You may find it difficult to find jeans that fit your hips without squeezing the middle part and forming a muffin top. For the apple shape, the best jeans are denim styles with a higher waistline, which are right at your natural waist. These denim jeans help to visually lengthen the legs and accentuate their slenderness, and at the same time help to tighten the belly.

  4. Hourglass Body Type

    Contrast Color Belted Flared Jeans
    If you have a small waist and bend, you can choose high-waist jeans to show the enviable hourglass shape. This will make your female curves flatter and pinch your waist to highlight the slimmest figure of the character. High-waist jeans are also great for accommodating a raised belly.

  5. Boyish Body Type

    Do you have slim hips and an upright figure? This body type can be played with many denims and looks good in most situations. If you are a tall and slender woman and want to add a feminine curve, then low-rise jeans can make your hips and hips look more curved, while extending your torso to balance your long legs. Your best casual low-rise jeans may be a pair of worn-out jeans, and you will want to choose a cleaner work surface, so shop around to fill your denim wardrobe and you will do it for all occasions ready.

The Guide for You to Wear Jeans at Work

  1. Wear Skinny Jeans with a Blazer to Work

    Single-breasted Solid Color Office Blazer Suit
    If designed properly, skinny jeans will become a fashion trend and can definitely become a part of chic office attire. Match your skinny jeans with tops or other shirts suitable for work, with a tailored blazer layered on top. You can wear a long necklace, a beautiful silk scarf or a large boyfriend watch to show off your personal style. High heels or a pair of beautiful flat shoes are decorated with this polished office fashion look, which can also be easily converted from day to night.

  2. Accessorize Your Jeans Outfit Well for the Office

    When paired with any wholesale womens jeans, beautiful tops, buttoned shirts or casual tops with blazers all have a stylish and professional look. Just remember to add some clean accessories, such as high-quality watches, delicate leather handbags or beautiful necklaces to blend the look together.
    The way you accessorize your jeans is as important as the jeans you choose to wear at the office. When you want to give an impression of fashion and maturity, especially a good pair of shoes, this is an absolute requirement for wearing jeans to the office. After all, even the most expensive dark skinny jeans can still look lazy when paired with flip-flops.

  3. Check Your Jeans Rise for the Office

    Generally, you should only work with mid-waist or high-waist style jeans, in other words, the belt should not be lower than the belly button. Low-rise jeans are only acceptable when you wear a tunic or other long top that hits your thighs. Even so, be careful when you bend or stretch at any time during work. After all, when you reach out for something or worse, no one wants to glance at your belly, and when you bend over to get those office documents, the plumbing union cracks.

  4. Consider Denim Trousers for the Office

    Fringe Raw Hem Bell-bottom Jeans
    If you think your working environment can tolerate jeans, but you want to dress more neatly, try wide-leg denim trousers. When paired with exquisite pleated tops or buttoned shirts, these chic jeans look polished and professional, and often appear in both high-waist and mid-waist styles. Wholesale womens jeans tend to be paired with stiletto heels to lengthen the legs, while flat shoes are too casual in this oversized jeans style, which tends to look the best.

  5. Stick to Dark Denim

    Generally speaking, just because you have denim days in your office does not mean that you should show up at work in worn-out weekend jeans, T-shirts and flip-flops. Become a smart worker and always strive to maintain a beautiful appearance at work. You can definitely do this while still wearing a pair of jeans that is comfortable and stylish. When wearing denim, one of the most refined and easiest ways to look is to stick to dark blue denim washed jeans.Casual Women Denim Pencil Pants
    Dark blue jeans are more beautiful than faded blue denim, and in fact, they are closer to black pants than casual pants, so they can help make your outfits look more stylish immediately. In addition, dark jeans play a neutral role in your wardrobe and can be easily matched with tops of almost any color, from bold bright colors to pastels, black and white color differences, and printed shirts. The exception to the dark blue denim rule is black jeans or white jeans, which can also look elegant in the office.

  6. Don’t Wear Distressed Denim

    Just as faded blue denim may be considered too casual, any holes in distressed denim or jeans are absolutely taboo in most offices. Although there may be exceptions to this rule for people in the most creative fields, we recommend that you proceed with caution. Of course, your fashion friends will know that your ragged jeans are expensive. But your boss or client may think they are juvenile or sloppy, so why take this opportunity? If there is even a questionable shade, skip the ripped jeans to make the work look more professional, and save the worn denim for casual weekends or other days spent out of the office.

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