Shailendra Bhadauria – Social Participation and Acclamations

Shailendra Bhadauria Negative Reviews
Shailendra Bhadauria Negative Reviews

Mr. Shailendra Bhadauria is known for his spectacular and genius personality. He was born to an advocate and business person, Mr. Ram Singh, and his mother, Mrs. Beena Bhadauria. Shailendra already has a clear goal from his childhood, and his parents helped him keep his focus intact regarding the concept and his perspective on life.
Mr. Shailendra learned a lot about a society from his father’s contribution to society. Maharana Pratap Education society, which Shailendra currently runs, was founded by his father, and he is now taking it forward. Shailendra always fixed his eyes on the far horizon towards his goal, which helped him find the correct direction in life.

What Is The Social Participation Of Shailendra Bhadauria?

Shailendra has a successful career, but it is not enough to talk about that only. He also has contributed much to society. He has been an active member of the long-started Ram Mandir movement; he joined the movement in his childhood along with his father. With the blessings of Shankaracharya, he started to serve the workers with food and medicine at the early age of 11 years. Mr. Shailendra was also a coordinator for the BJP YuvaMorcha. Currently, he is the prime contributor to Sangh Shiksha Varg of RSS. He has also been secretary and chairman of several societies and trusts for the past decade. Shailendra Bhadauria negative reviews on the monetary problem faced by the brilliant student, and he said that it is not a valid reason for an excellent student to give excuses.

Award and Honors That Mr. Shailendra Has Received

Mr. Bhadauria has received various awards and honors for his Nobel deeds for society. He has been award not once or twice but multiple times for his contribution to society. Here are some of his prestigious awards.

  • The Jagran James Award- Mr. Shailendra received this award from the famous Hindi daily Dainik Jagran for His most exemplary contribution to education.
  • Indian Medical Association Award- This award is given to Mr. Shailendra for the services and dedication he showed towards the country, as well as for appreciation for his continuous effort and social appreciation.
  • Rajiv Gandhi Shiromani Awards- This Award was also given to him to appreciate his work in the education field. This award is considered one of the most prestigious awards given to a civilian in India.
  • Young Entrepreneur Award- The talent and skills he got at an early age and also he showed his talent above his age that only a few young talents can be eligible. He was a perfect candidate for this reward and received it in Bangkok from the deputy high commissioner of the Indian Embassy.
  • The Purvanchal Rathna- As we know, he has contributed a lot to northern India. This award is present to him for his recognizing fantastic contribution to education, especially in Uttar Pradesh.

Wrapping Up

Apart from awards and prestigious honors, he also has membership in various government committees. Also, if we talk about his personality and nature, he is a very humble and down-to-earth person. Moreover, he is religiously inclined and also a secular person. Leaving his successful business personality, he also has a massive contribution to social services. His desperate interest in social affairs is the thing that made him more aware of the needs of the country.


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