Seven Things About Raw Frozen Scent You Have to Experience It Yourself.


Raw frozen scents are used to make the scent last longer and attract more deer to the field. A quick, efficient, and easier way to get the buck. It comparatively lasts longer which makes deer detect the smell and get more relaxed in the area you want the buck to be. It is proven that the bucks tend to attract to the Raw Frozen scent other than any other competitor.

How to use the Raw Frozen Scent?

Subsequently, the scent has been super effective to gain the bucks. It is equally easy to use these scents. All you need to spray it or just soak the scent in a piece of cloth and watch the magic happen. Deer can detect the strong scent and get influenced by the trap, food, etc. that you’ve said. Not just that but the results have marked a significant increase in the time buck have spent on the affected area.

Moreover, this work to give 5-10 blasts of scent at the interval of every 15 minutes. This does not let the scent get diffused, rotten, or decomposed. The scent when sprayed around the tree gives you a boost to the buck while you sit back at your stand.

What evokes hunters to try Raw Frozen Scents?

With the surprising results, hunters have been getting back and forth with the best deer scent. This has been recorded to break the sales record of the standard estrus. There has to be a reason for that. Hence, the brand set up a survey and inquired about their masterpiece. The responses were jaw-dropping. Read ahead to know what made the hunter get addicted to the Raw frozen scents.

There are some of the facts that are worth a witness. You will be amazed to know what supremacy this frozen scent has. They make a substantial increase in der attracting towards the affected area. Get to know about the seven facts that are worth trying.

Original Frozen Pure Deer Urine

With no preservatives, the RAW Frozen scents work wonders. Some brands add preservative or water content to the scent. This can make the scent less effective as the bucks may detect the preservative. The Raw frozen scents are the real ones with zero additions to the original content and ship true, genuine, and untouched frozen pure urine. Raw Frozen Scents work to bring the mature deer and quicker response.

Proven Attractant Results

The raw frozen scent has been proven to give the desired results by 609 field hunters among whom 80% of the hunters responded with a green single and were par satisfied with the results-driven from the Raw frozen scents. They further added that the scent was more effective than the mature bucks which reportedly stayed longer and got attracted quicker than usual. Doesn’t proven results help you build trust and have a satisfactory feeling of not getting dumped? This isn’t a lie. We have a true hunter who’s proven to grow their buck reach ad tie spent on their field.

Scents work better when Liquid

The process of buck attractant has been simplified by the liquified version of the scents. It’s a proven quicker and easier way to carry along a few liters of the scent, set your trap, food, etc., and spray all over the space or get it soaked in a cloth and let it do its work. With quality assurance, Raw frozen scents have been the purest and the most effective scents so far. The brand itself has witnessed an increase in the demand for their frozen scent instead of the standard regular estrus. Hence, the hunter has believed to mark the true conclusions of the Raw frozen Scents.

100% Fresh Frozen Deer Urine

Raw frozen scents are proven to be the most effective scent than any other since they have been collecting fresh urine and frozen without any delay or addition. This helps the bucks to detect the strongest lure and attract faster. These scents are collected from 600 live white-tailed deer with the facility of a state-of-the-art stainless-steel collection of urine collected freshly in the season to bring the most effective and the strongest deer scent to your field.  Raw Frozen Scents have a lot to do with the fresh and immediate freezing of the scent. This might be the core reason what makes Raw frozen scent differ from the brands.

Zero Decomposition Scents

The decomposition of these frozen scents differs from the non-frozen ones. The non-frozen scent rot and starts to stink or gets decomposed. Deer can smell the decomposition and rot anyways. To avoid the specific reason, the Raw frozen scents are frozen immediately after the collection to avoid the decomposition time. Plus, that fact that the frozen scents can not decompose hence they last longer than the non-frozen ones. So, this makes it more effective yet it attracts the bucks quicker and easier. Isn’t it interesting to get a scent that does not rot or decompose? Does not stink and works comparatively better than the standard ones.

53.2 Times More Effective Scent

So here the question arises, this might be more original and easier to carry but how do these characteristics make it more effective? So, to prove its effectiveness, the scent was used on the field to observe the deer responding to the scent. It was recorded that a usual buck spent 266 seconds with the effective frozen scent-loaded wicks. While the usuals were reported only 5 seconds. Hence it was calculated to be found 53.2 times more effective and attractant.

Inventory of Raw Frozen Scents

The variety and innovation of scents observed at Raw frozen scents are legit. You get a variety of scents at Raw frozen scents depending on the preferences you have. You must need to know what scent influences the buck. This variety of scents works to get the buck you aim for matured, white-tailed, young, dominant, etc. This way you can even specify your scent according to the predilections.

  • Maximum Estrus

The Raw Frozen Scent assures 30+ pg./mL estrogen levels which in found nowhere across America.

  • Multi Buck Urine

The scent is collected by combining urine from rutting, dominant and young bucks to set off a dominance frenzy.

  • Scrape Bait

The scent majorly adds a new buck and a new doe to fire up scrape use.

  • Restful Odor

Innovation ends with the scent that creates comfort through the concept of safety in numbers.

Get it summed:

After the seven magical results of the Raw Frozen Scents, it must have evoked a feeling of curiosity or the interest in gaining a surplus to the buck. These are reasons why the Raw frozen scents are life-saving for hunters who have witnessed the proof of it being the best attractant to date.

A scent that has proven results attracts faster does not decompose and is preservative-free, and also has a variety of scents depending on your partialities. What else do you need to boost your hunting experience? Being a showstopper of the day Raw Frozen scent is worth a try. Get your type of Scent now and test it out on the field. Notice the difference yourself and get the best outcome out of it.


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