Serving Orlando with Lawn Care Services

fertilization and weed control services

Serving Orlando with Lawn Care Services

Lawn Fertilizing

Your lawn will be green, lush, and beautiful with our fertilization and weed control services. A healthy lawn requires control of invasive annual weeds as well as regular fertilization. We offer you the most affordable rates while providing tailored treatments to suit your commercial, industrial, and residential lawn care needs.

Organic Fertilizer

If you want a great lawn, you need a great fertilizer! The organic fertilizer we provide is made from probiotics, microorganisms, and fulvic acid, making it possible to rejuvenate your lawn without causing harm to the plants and animals surrounding it. Whether you are an environmentalist or not – UltraGreen highly recommends Holganix for a number of reasons.

Mosquito Control

You can protect yourself from diseases caused by insects such as Zika, EEEV, and Lyme with our mosquito control services. The next time you host an outdoor event, don’t let the annoying outdoor pests “suck” all the fun out of it. Whether you have a mosquito problem at home or a commercial property, the UltraGreen team can handle it. Here at our company, we are committed to keeping our customers safe from these, along with other outside pests!

Disease Control

With the help of affordable solutions for residential and commercial lawn disease control, we can effectively reduce insect and fungus infestations on your property. The experts at UltraGreen will be able to resolve any issue that may affect your lawn or pose a threat to people walking on it. You and your lawn will stay healthy with our professional lawn care services at an affordable price.

Flea Control

Flea and tick control from UltraGreen keeps your outdoor living areas free of pesky parasites. The natural life cycle of fleas and ticks means that repeated applications are the only effective control method. A continuous process of controlling pests is necessary to prevent these tiny creatures from invading outside spaces.


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