SEO Trends: How To Reach The First Page Of Google?

SEO Trends

In the space of 20 years, Natural Referencing (SEO) has established itself as a fully-fledged branch of Digital Marketing.

Indeed, it is a discipline in perpetual evolution with rules dictated by the giant Google in person.

In order to remain well referenced on the results pages, entrepreneurs and companies must anticipate changes and follow the latest developments in natural referencing.

For this year, SEO trends are focused on user experience.

UX-related criteria are becoming important ranking factors and will increasingly take precedence in the eyes of Google.

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Let’s see about fundamental SEO trends.

  • The quality of the content

    • Google’s criteria are far from being chosen at random.
    • Everything is done to force the sites to be as relevant as possible to user requests.
  • Content structure

    • This is why the structure and the tree structure of the content are also important in the eyes of Google.
    • This is a double impact SEO factor:
    • For the search engine. Structuring your content allows the search engine to better understand the resulting themes. To do this, make sure to use the right Hn tags (title, h1, h2, etc.) to make the organization of your text clear to the bot.
    • For Internet users. Logical and organized content makes it easier for your visitors to read. A page with clear and airy content will more easily retain the attention of the reader who will therefore stay more time on your site.
  • SEO trends regarding keyword choices

  • The loading time of your web pages

    • In 2021, Google will make UX a top priority without doing so to the detriment of the other criteria of its algorithms. 
    • The user experience and the browsing comfort of Internet users will be two factors that must be taken into account on your website in order not to incur penalties. 
    • In May 2021, Google is rolling out a new update: Core Web Vitals
    • This consists of taking user experience even more into account as a new ranking criterion.
  • Voice search

  • The enriched results

  • Mobile accessibility

    • Always in line with Google’s desire to highlight websites offering the best user experience, the Index mobile-first update (scheduled for March 2021) is shaking up the indexing method of the Google Bot user agent.
  • Video content

    • Videos considerably lighten the content of pages, but also they contribute to the browsing comfort of Internet users.

Conclusion on new SEO trends in 2021

To conclude, in 2021, SEO trends will be placed under the sign of user experience, which must be at the heart of your strategy.

An SEO strategy today involves responsive design, rich results, page load time, and many other features.

The goal is to allow your Internet users to find what they are looking for on your site as quickly and easily as possible, thanks to an optimized user experience and comfortable navigation.

To make your way to the top of the SERP, it’s up to you to work on all aspects of your site that will guarantee a browsing experience for your visitors.

And to save time, feel free to use all the tools that Google provides for free.

To sum up in 3 questions

Why focus on long-tail research?

The long tail generates less traffic than the short tail, but its keywords are also much less competitive. Do you prefer to be first on a query that generates less traffic or second or third page on a more popular query?

How to speed up the loading speed of a site’s pages?

It is important to plan the necessary budget for a site in perfect working order. Don’t give in to the temptation to cut spending on hosting your site. Also, remember to optimize the layout of your site by placing the content at the top of the web page and your media files among others.

How to set up rich results for your website?

As you know, only Google decides to show rich results for your site. So your only concern is to put the odds in your favor to minimize errors preventing them from being displayed via the Rich Income Statement reports.

And, have you noticed any other emerging SEO trends?

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