Sensational Adventure Sports In Dharamshala Promise Sheer Fun

These Sensational Adventure Sports in Dharamshala Promise Sheer Fun

Nestled amidst the picturesque hills of Himachal Pradesh, Dharamshala has evolved as the ideal oasis for adventure-enthusiasts across the world. Initially, the quaint hamlet was only popular for making news, after offering refuge to the great Dalai Lama. Besides its unparallel beauty, the bustling hill-town has also home to exciting and must-try adventure activities that promise to elevate your vacation. Every year, tourists flock to the destination to explore a plethora of adventure sports in Dharamshala, like hiking and cycle tours, paragliding, and much more.

Try These Adventure Sports in Dharamshala For Ultimate Delight

Planning a trip to Dharamshala soon? You must try these adventure sports solely meant for the adventure seekers which guarantee ultimate delight.

1) Rock Climbing for Adventure Hungry Souls

This exhilarating adventure experience amidst the virgin Himalayas promise to send an adrenaline rush to your heart besides giving you serious chills. But you need not panic, you will be accompanied by experts who are highly-trained and are seasoned in this particular domain. The rope will be tied firmly and you would simply have to follow the instructions given by your instructor.

Perfect Time for Rock Climbing: April to Mid-June

Best Sites for Rock Climbing: Dharamshala-Nayagroeon areas

Pro Tip: Take sufficient rest in the intervals whenever you can.

2) Trekking for the Adventure-Lovers

Dharamshala is a haven for the adrenaline lover who is determined to explore the rugged trails of the Himalayas on feet. The adventure activities in Dharamshala aren’t complete sans this experience. The mountain trails in Dharamshala are a perfect trekking hotspot for souls who are new to trekking and also the professionals who don’t skip the chance to make the most of this exemplary place. Trekking is one of the finest adventure experiences in Dharamshala. Tour Travel World arranges exclusively curated Dharamshala tour packages for adventure-freaks who take a knack at exploring the thrilling side of the otherwise peaceful hill-town.

Famous Trails for Trekking: Bhagsu Nag Trek, Kareri Lake Trek, and Triund Trek

Pro Tip: Pick the perfect footwear before planning an expedition and ensure you have gone through all the guidelines related to fitness.

3) Camping at Night: An Experience to Remember

Dharamshala promises the most exquisite camping experience in the woods encircled by the Dhauladhar ranges. Be it the finest backpacking experience that you are looking for an opulent stay in nature, the hill-town will offer the feeling that you desire. However, if you wish to take a break from the usuals, then night camping is one of the most promising adventure activities in Dharamshala that might rank at the top of your wish-list.

Ideal Time for Camping: For camping, you must plan a trip to Dharamshala either from March to Mid-June or from Mid-September to Mid-October.

Top Campsites: Bir-Billing, Lahesh Caves, Triund Camp

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to take mosquito repellents with you.

4) Paragliding: Living the Magical Hype

With Dharamshala paragliding, you can soar high like a free bird over the postcard-perfect Dhauladhar ranges and against the stunning backdrop. Paragliding has been on demand for quite a few years, and the adventure-lovers are in love with this adventure sport, after all, who doesn’t love diving in the sky and experiencing the chilly winds over their face and see the entire hill-town from above. Needless to mention, a reliable mountaineering expert will assist you, so you can be ascertained of your safety.

Pro-Tip: Before moving ahead with the activity, ensure that all the equipment is functioning exactly as it should be. Also, check that the equipment isn’t broken.

Ideal Time for Paragliding in Dharamshala: July and August

Top Take-off Regions: Bir-Billing, Mahal Tahu near the Indro Nag Temple

5) Flying Fox: Swishing Through the Dense Forest

This particular sport originated in New Zealand and can now be accessed for tourists who visit Dharamshala. Flying fox features getting the interested individual harnessed to the wire and releasing them. The participants then swish down to 7 meters above sea level and again go up. The speed can go up to a maximum of 160 km/h, and the pulling of a mechanism occurs when the activity finishes. A maximum of three people can try this ride together.

Ideal Time for Flying Fox: March to June

Pro Tips: The minimum weight must be 20kg and the upper limit should be 100 kg.

6) Fishing: Chill and Relax

Besides the activities involving adrenaline kick that, Dharamshala also offers the chance to sit back and rejuvenate your soul just by the river and try fishing. Dharamshala is home to numerous rivers and streams and is currently a bustling destination where you can be up and close with the fishes in the rive amidst the picturesque views.

Ideal Fishing Time: March to June

Best Sites for Fishing: The River Beas that flows between Nadaun and Pong Dam.

Pro Tip: Avoid fishing in restricted places. You must seek prior permissions for the same.

7) Rappelling for Light Adventure Freaks

Rappelling is one of the most-sought adventure activities in Dharamshala and is easy compared to the remaining ones and is counted to be one of the safe adventure sports. Rappelling includes climbing down the Rocky Mountains. It is looked upon as a safe activity, considering how you are properly harnessed and all you have to do is maneuver climbing down with the help of a rope. Furthermore, you will be assisted by professionals who are concerned and focused on your safety. If you are a beginner at this activity, be sure that is one of the most wonderful things to try besides paragliding near Dharamshala.

Pro Tip: Ensure you have a backup and your harness is fastened securely around your waist.

Best For: People of various age groups sans any medical issues.

8) Ziplining

Ziplining is similar to Flying Fox and includes a cable that is designed to connect the two ends which are in turn located from each other with the help of gravity force. You drive to the other end, while the waist of yours is connected with the help of a zoomed cable. The zoomed is secured at your waist, so in case you suffer from acrophobia, you can overcome it easily with ziplining.

Best For: People below 18 years must keep away from this activity.

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9) Boat Riding for A Fun Family Experience

Boating around in Dal Lake is an activity in Dharamshala that you must consider indulging in before starting your trip, this is one of the best activities that is not only thrilling but also calms your mind. The way you paddle across the Dal Lake, that too amidst the dense foliage, will leave you mesmerized and spellbound. This is by far, one of the ideal activities that you can try with your family and friends.

Pro Tip: Keep a tab of the weather before hopping on the boat. Also, ensure not to overload the boat


The list of adventure sports In Dharamshala, mentioned herein guarantees fun, excitement, and a once-in-lifetime-experience for one and all.  Get your tour packages planned and include all the adventure sports that you just learned about to weave some cherish-able memories.

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