Selling Your House Quickly


It’s  become a very tough market in the UK for those who need to sell their house quickly andBig Foreigninctous investorsare all too aware of this fact, there is a solution for this problem of course.

Foreign Investors Make the Quickest Cash to Sell House quickly.

It’s a very well know fact now that cash is the most powerful tool in the property market.  The UK property market is slowing, sales are falling and offers are simply not forthcoming.

The UK property investor has many options when it comes to buying a property.  There is direct sales, auctions or relocation agents if you prefer and all have their advantages.

The current economical situation in the UK means that good cash buyers are unable to get the property that they need at the prices that they prefer.  This leaves a very large supply of below market value properties and a huge choice of homes that investors can choose from.

But there is one very large problem for eager sellers to deal with directly and that is the fact that they cannot list their house with an estate agent.    This may seem like a very simple oversight, however like any business with demand there will be places where few people buy and this is where your house transaction becomesortizedand problematic.

The Estate Agent Can’t Negotiate an Offer

For any primary business there will be a business telephone for you to get in touch with them and for most good real estate agencies it’s a very tiring business just to have an office, i.e., no slowdown for the businesses amount of work anyway, so why place your property in their book to be given the chance of being lost forever? Your home is one of scores of properties that they sell, so why allow them to pick your house apart and make it so difficult for you to realize your dream of selling it? Even in these tough market conditions, why put your house on that agent’s desk?

There are faster ways to sell your house direct and that’s what a lot of good cash buyers are looking for.  A cash buyer is usually a foreign investor who is looking to relocate or who has recently acquired a UK property and is looking for a good specialist agent to help them sell their new purchase.

Selling a House Fast with Cash

A good specialist cash buyer will have no problem in purchasing your property from you and they will remit the money for the properties quickly, regardless of the condition or location of the property.  They understand the market and they will not expect any discounts for the work they do to purchase your house.  The relevant time period for completing the purchase varies from around 28 days, but it is possible that the process can be completed within a week if that is what you require.

Selling a House with Cash

The bonus for people who need a quick house sale is that they will be able to achieve the sale of the house quicker and with cash in hand and no need to employ any estate agency to complete the sale of their property, unlike if the buyer was not able to obtain a mortgage or was forced to release the funds held in a bank to pay market value at a reduced amount or they have not been trading for long and the property has increased in value so holding costs, mortgage penalties, solicitor fees and other such costs etc would be the full extent of the recovery and will take a lot of time.

Selling your House Quickly

A specialist cash buyer will eliminate all of these no extra fees because when they purchase your house they pay all costs associated with buying it.  The purchaser will then complete on the purchase by providing a formal quote along with all the necessary supporting paperwork and they will then have the required time to conduct their own valuation, so there is no need of you staying in your house waiting around for your cash buyer to tell you what they think the property is worth just to make a profit out of it, as they are normally well aware of what the property is worth because they are dealing with these types of purchasers on a regular basis.


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