Selling Broken Phones: Everything You Need to know

Selling Broken Phones: Everything You Need to know

Everyone looks forward to sell their old mobile phones after a while when they are done with using them. But sometimes some situations will lead your old mobile phone to be broken and then we decide to sell it. Often people have misconceptions in mind that they old phone cannot be sold forward as it is been broken or damaged. In this case, you are absolutely wrong because your phone no matter how broken it is can still be useful and be sold as you can get some amount of money against it.

What do you mean by broken phones?

The meaning of broken phones is that the phone is not fully hundred percent in a working condition. There can be multiple types of damages that your phone has been gone through and so it really depends what kind of damage it is to categorise your phone as a broken phone. There also seem to be partial broken phones and fully broken phones which completed depends upon the damage that has been cost to decide whether it is fully damaged or just a partial damage.

Types of broken phones

Broken phone doesn’t really have to look broken it can also be some other problems at the phone has been facing. Below we have mentioned some of the common problems that categorise your phone as a broken phone

  • Smashed / cracked screen

There might be times when your mobile phone slips out of your hand or drops from a height which can definitely cause the screen to be damaged which is scratched, cracked or even smashed if the case is worse. This kind of damage is very common but it comes to the screen as people tend to Drop their phones a lot and which directly can affect the display as it is the most sensitive part which comes in contact with outer environment on a daily basis.

  • Touch screen not working

Today we have a total and complete touchscreen phones where in we do not have any kind of buttons on the phone to operate it or function it. So if you have a touchscreen which is not responding or not working then your phone is basically of no use at all. There are several reasons why your touchscreen might not be working and because of which you could not be able to use your mobile phone for daily activities.

  • Issues with camera

The camera is also a main factor of your phone and the most basic factor that people look up to as everyone is attracted to clicking good quality pictures today and posted on the internet. That might be several issues with your camera if your phone is having any falls in the camera. For example, if you drop your phone there might be chances that you crack your camera or get some scratches on it which will obviously affect the camera clarity as the lens will be broken. You can also have issues from within the phone while clicking the pictures as you notice that the quality of pictures isn’t on point.

  • Doesn’t charge up or turn on

The battery is the foundation of the mobile phone as it has to be taken care of on a daily basis. So if your phone is not charging of it is either your batteries issue or it can also be the issue with your charging port and also several other reasons. So if your phone is on charging up or turning on its power then it is going to be considered as a dead phone as you won’t be able to do anything else with it. The issue can be solved and repaired depending on what problem the phone is facing.

  • Liquid damage / water damage

Another kind of common issue is the liquid damage or the water damage that happens to your mobile phone. With the monsoon season going on specially in Mumbai you can always find people who carried your phone outside and get their phone wet in the rain. There might be also times when you spill your coffee on your mobile phone and basically get the liquid inside your mobile phone which will damage it in several ways. Liquid damage can make your phone switched off at the moment and you should not immediately put it on as it can ruin it even more.

Options that you might want to go through before you decide to sell your broken phone?

If you are thinking that selling broken phone isn’t the option for you there are also many other several options that you might want to go through before deciding on selling or broken phone.

Exchanging your phone/trade in

There are many places which will help you to exchange your old broken phones or also trade in services which will definitely take up your phone and offer you something against it. You can either exchange your old broken phone for another mobile phone or else some amount that your phone deserves depending on its condition. Exchanging is opted by many people as it is also offering you something in return of your broken phone and it is also better if you are looking forward to get only another mobile in return of your old broken mobile phone.

Recycling your phone

There are many websites and companies which look forward to recycle your mobile phones. You can certainly offer your old broken mobile phone to such websites by researching about them. There are many other parts in a mobile phone that might be still be useful even though your mobile is broken and cannot be used on a daily basis. These parts can be recycled and reused and be fitted in other mobile phones that might be needing it. This also is a cost-effective method and environment friendly method which can be beneficial in many ways.

Is it necessary for you to repair a broken phone before you sell your broken phone?

While this might seem very easy when you read it but it can be difficult at sometimes to find the right repair store for your phone and the repair service. You might also give it a thought that repairing of broken phone Might make it work well and when you sell it you will get better pricing. The more better condition of your phone is obviously receives a better pricing but you should always give it a thought before giving a phone for a repair service and calculate the budget. You can you search and find out that how much can you get for your already broken phone and how much is the repair going to cost you. If the repair is costing you a lot more than what even you are receiving and there is no sense in getting a phone repaired and then selling it again. There are many companies of line as well as online who tend to buy broken phones and offer you even better pricing.

So before you give it to our centre you can definitely do your research and find out what can you receive for your broken phone even without repairing and after repairing it.

Where can you sell your broken phone?

There are many websites and companies that are expertise in buying your broken phones. Any of these companies can be researched about and then you can definitely sell your broken mobile phone with them. One of these websites named as also accepts year old broken phones and in exchange you can always get some amount depending on the condition of your old broken phone. You don’t need to get any kind of questions in your mind regarding a phone and the fault it has been facing because no matter how broken your mobile phone is still can be sold and you can have something in return of it. Quick mobile also offers expert analysis which will help to drive the accurate pricing your broken old phone deserves and you can be paid instantly once it has been approved by the guidelines of its website.

How  much what is the real worth of your old broken phone and how much can you make out of it?

The word of your mobile phone  directly gets connected to its condition. The condition of your mobile phone internally as well as externally really matters when it comes to its worth and how much can you make out of it while selling it. If your mobile phone has only a minor damage such as small dents in the screen or on the camera lenses then you might not be losing a lot when you are selling it as these are only minor faults which can be fixed. If it has a little more issues such as maybe with the battery or the touch problem which can be a little more worse than just scratches then you might be losing a little more on its value. And when it comes to major faults such as a totally broken mobile phone, a mobile phone that is not even switching on or working and functioning. These kind of mobile phones will be valued as the least ones in this category but that doesn’t mean that you cannot make anything out of this. You can definitely still sell your broken phone and receive something in return of it.


While you might be sitting at home worried about your own broken mobile phone you do not have to worry anymore because you can directly contact quick mobile through its official website of and the experts on board will definitely help you to sell your old mobile phone. With accurate expert analysis you will get to know how much your mobile phone has still in its value even after having faults. Quick mobile also serves its customers with door pick up services which is absolutely free of cost or any extra charges so that You do not have to keep on roaming around with your old broken phone.

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