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Props are similarly just about as significant as the food in a food photography. In this post I will discuss how you really want to turn into a little prop tracker to take your food photographs to a higher level.

However The props in the picture above have a place with my old buddy and prop beautician Amy Paliwoda. Amy and I show classes together and she has an astounding assortment of props and foundations for shooting. She has soooo numerous that she chose to make another business with it. You would now be able to lease her props and foundations. Her new business is call The Surface Library – situated in Hollywood, CA.

So Assuming you will blog consistently and take heaps of pictures, you will require bunches of props. You basically can’t utilize similar props over and over. You need to stir it up to keep your photography fascinating.

At times I get propelled to shoot something just from one prop. That one prop can rouse a whole story. See my post with regards to the little olive oil dish that I just needed to purchase and photo. Assuming you have a blog on baking there’s huge loads of fun relics to chase after.

Props for Food Photography
I’m frequently savaging around on Ebay and Etsy for my classical props. Here is a rundown of expressions that will pull up a wide range of various props. You need to begin realizing what individuals call the things you are searching for. The depictions are now and then things you wouldn’t typically consider.

Search queries for Ebay and Etsy:

Wilton Armetale RWP
Pewter Plates
Vintage or Antique anything – pie container, pie tins, and so on
Vintage prepare sheets
Ovenex (the delightful finished biscuit dish above base right photograph would be this) – they have a few examples – Starburst, Waffle Patterns, Crisscross
Ekcoloy (same sort of antique prepare product as Ovenex)
Prepare King
Milk Glass
Kitchenalia (implies misc. cooking wares or anything found in a kitchen)
Vintage Farm Towels

Crude Kitchen or put Primitive before what you need – Primitive Utensils
Crude or Antique bread sheets or cutting sheets

Props for Food Photography 
The most ideal way to get heaps of fascinating flatware pieces like you see above, is to search for “parcels” of antique flatware on Ebay. There are two sorts, the collectibles that are in amazing condition and are many dollars OR the “blended part” kind that are normally portrayed as extraordinary for creates. I burned through $125 for 30 lbs of silveware and that is the place where that large number of wonderful pieces came from.

Props for Food Photography
In fact every one of these bread sheets came from Ebay. The search queries were “Antique Bread Boards” and “Crude Bread Boards”. At the point when you observe decent ones like these be ready to pay. The cycle one was $125 and the rectangular one was $150. There’s a huge load of contest to get these and I searched for quite a long time as I was declining to pay that much, then, at that point, understood it’s exactly what they cost right now.

Try not to GET CAUGHT IN THE “Closeout FRENZY”!
Thus, here’s the way things are looking. Make a spending plan for your props and stick to it. There will forever be more things available to be purchased. I utilize a site called Auction Sniper (not a paid support). This way I don’t become bent out of shape about winning the bartering. You set your cost on Auction Sniper for the thing you need to win, then, at that point, WALK AWAY. Sell off Sniper wraps up. It will offer for yourself and caution you on the off chance that the closeout goes over the value you will pay so you can straighten out.

This rundown is clearly for times when we are not friendly removing. Hopefully we’ll have the option to help these sources again soon.

Not into Ebay or Etsy? That is thoroughly fine. You have heaps of choices for your hunting. Basically go to the accompanying sorts of stores:

Salvation Army
Second hand shops (in Burbank CA on Magnolia Blvd. there are a huge load of antique stores inside squares of one another – then, at that point, later your hunting you can go to Porto’s Bakery)
Church Bazaars
Old fashioned Malls (generally an enormous stockroom working with heaps of merchants selling collectibles)
Yard Sales
Domain Sales/Moving Sales (really look at neighborhood postings on
Carport Sales
Swap meets

There are frequently old fashioned store networks like the one I referenced above in Burbank. There’s another in Long Beach, CA on second Street – they have a huge antique shopping center also. A blogger just informed me regarding some classical shopping centers on PCH in Long Beach as well.

In Los Angeles we have huge loads of swap meets. To look for your space, simply google “your city, swap meet”, and see what comes up.

first Sunday of consistently is the Pasadena City College Flea Market
second Sunday is the greatest – the Pasadena Rose Bowl
third Sunday is the Long Beach Antique Market
fourth Sunday is at the Santa Monica Airport (on the first Sunday also)
Update – I just tracked down this incredible site to search for antique shopping centers in your space. It covers the entire nation:

At the point when I shoot with Amy (prop beautician), she will frequently blend some old pieces in with some new pieces. I love that look.

We ordinarily attempt to make things look a little ageless except if we’re going for a particular time or time-frame in a shot.

Here is a rundown of stores that we frequently pull from for occupations:

Container and Barrel
Williams Sonoma
Sur La Table
Earthenware Barn
World Market
Dock One
Home Goods
Human studies
Leisure activity Lobby
More modest autonomous nearby shops that curate delightful things
Presently – assuming you have time before your shoot, here is a rundown of online stores that have some extraordinary props: (this is an enrollment store) (enrollment store) (situated in Los Angeles on Beverly Blvd)

Alright so I need to specify Mud Australia porcelain. I’ve been told many stores don’t convey them any longer since it requires a half year for them to take care of requests and they sell out incredibly quick.

So Amy has a few Mud pieces and they are truly excellent, and shoot all around well. On the off chance that you request any on the web, a large portion of them are not made at this point, so it will require a long time for you to get it. Gracious, and they are extravagant as well, similar to little show-stoppers.

The other component in your food photograph will be a type of foundation. Regardless of whether it’s simply a white surface – that is as yet a foundation.

I grew up with my father doing bunches of carpentry, so I am truly open to painting and staining things. I normally go to Home Depot, get modest fence boards or flooring sections, and paint or stain them. They don’t should be painted to endure so it’s in reality extremely simple. I likewise return home Depot to chop them down to a sensible size. Some wood planks are 12 feet in length so I cut them down the middle.

The foundation in the shot above is produced using painted wood planks. I painted some unacceptable side of the sheets with the goal that you can see the unpleasant surface and you can see the wood grain. See this post I have where I tell you the best way to make your own painted wood plank show to make your own painted wood boards.

So Amy has become a remarkable painter and has heaps of delightful surfaces that you can lease, similar to this one underneath:

In the event that provincial wood surfaces aren’t your style, you can generally utilize a genuine wood table all things being equal. If it’s not too much trouble, simply don’t shoot all of your food shots on a similar table. That will get exhausting genuine quick.

Additionally, a note about a customary table, ordinarily their surfaces are intelligent – so that can be an issue assuming you don’t need appearance in your shots.

There is consistently texture! I love textures and have gained a gigantic assortment throughout the long term. Here is a dose of the shadings we will more often than not utilize frequently. I have parts all the more higher up in my studio that we don’t utilize all that regularly as they were unmistakable shadings for a specific venture with a particular customer.

Texture Backgrounds for Food Photography
Texture is only an incredible method for acquiring a reciprocal, or differentiating shading to your food shot. On the off chance that you utilize some unacceptable shading, you can destroy your food shot as well, so be cautious when picking tones.

In fact Notice that nothing in my assortment has an example as that will in general contend with the food. Everything unquestionably revolves around making your food put it’s best self forward. Browse this site


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