Rubber mats for Animals


Animal shelters and animal lovers all over the world must be ready for any season of the year. They must be prepared with water and open space throughout the hot months so that their animals may stay hydrated and rest in cool, shady regions. Animal crates and housing facilities must be well insulated throughout the winter months, especially in sections of the country where it snows, to keep our furry friends safe from dangerously low temperatures.

Every pet owner and animal shelter should invest in robust and reliable animal mats to help in each of these areas, as well as everything in between. Rubber or rubber components provide for desirable animal matting. Rubber is a sturdy, safe, and comfortable material that is ideal for any animal floor that has to be upgraded or renovated, from horse stalls to kennels. Because a rubber animal mat is so durable, your pets can paw or hoof at it without worrying about causing harm to the floor.

When playing or getting ready to lie down in a kennel, many dogs may paw or scratch at the surface underneath them. Claws on normal tile, hardwood, or carpet flooring can be damaging to dogs. Damage to the flooring, on the other hand, does not have to be a major problem with rubber-lined floors. The more durable and comfy an animal mat is for your pet to walk, rest, or play on, the thicker it is.

Rubber animal mats can also be cut to size and modified to fit whatever space is required. Different corrugated patterns are also available to help owners gain traction when cleaning or maintaining stalls or animal dwelling spaces. Corrugated rubber can also be beneficial for the animals’ use in general. Another advantage of remodelling for a rubber animal floor is that animal matting with drainage holes is available. Rubber is a naturally moisture-resistant material, however, there are eco-friendly matting solutions that allow for drainage to aid with future animal care. There’s no need to be concerned if these rubber animal mats come into contact with animal faeces.

Dairy Mats and its features

Rubber dairy mat manufacturers have heavy-duty options. These carpets are designed specifically for cows and other heavy livestock. Our mats have unique features that reduce animal stress and strain while also being simple to install and remove.

The anti-fatigue effects of our rubber dairy mat are exceptional. This is owing to the rubber’s hardness, which allows it to slightly collapse under the weight of the cows, encouraging them to move around. When compared to a hard surface, this has been shown to reduce the risk of ligament and joint injury.

The mat’s top surface has a “cobbled” pattern that boosts the mat’s surface area and provides outstanding anti-slip properties even when wet. The mats have a unique recessed design on the bottom. When compared to other rubber mats, this provides channels to help direct fluids and waste away from the mats, making them much safer and easier to clean.

Our rubber cow matting comes in two different styles, with either a straight or interlocking edge. Both alternatives offer the same levels of durability, anti-slip, and fatigue resistance. Customers who want to cover a greater area or prefer the ease of a single linked surface will appreciate the interlocking option.

In the production of milk, dairy mats play a critical function. Both animals and their owners benefit from them. It allows buffaloes to stay in a comfortable position for an extended period of time, allowing them to relax without damaging their knees. It also functions as an insulator, keeping the mat warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The cows may comfortably relax on the mat because it is constructed of a soft rubber sheet..

They are commonly utilized in the farming industry since they are easy to clean and environmentally beneficial. The mats are machine washable and slip-resistant.

It has load-bearing, non-absorbent, insulating, slip-resistant, and drainage properties.

We are one of the most reputable Mats manufacturers and suppliers, offering high-quality Rubber dairy Mats in a variety of sizes and styles. We also have customers from other countries.

Interlocking dairy Mats are simple to set up and maybe moved from one location to another at any time. Rubber mats have been an important part of farm equipment investment in recent years.

The interlocking design of the dairy cow comfort mats aids in covering a vast surface area by interconnecting the mats.

Hirange has a lot of expertise making dairy Mats and has served a lot of customers in India with the highest grade rubber dairy mats manufacturing process.

We make the best rubber cow mats that are both comfortable for the cows and composed of high-quality materials that endure a long time.

They benefit the dairy cow in a variety of ways, including enhanced cleanliness, improved bovine tidiness, improved velocity, improved feed entrance if headlock mats are used, more noteworthy lying time, and reduced physical scraped places and damage.

Before introducing matting to back streets or slows down, designers should visit many dairies with tangle experience to learn about the benefits and drawbacks of the framework.

Dairy mats are one of the most popular agricultural products. People are becoming more aware of the fact that if they provide comfort to their cows, the cow will assist them in doing their business more effectively. ​

Dairy mats are one of the greatest choices for providing optimum comfort to the cows, and the best part is that they are also easily cleanable and do not absorb any dust or water, ensuring proper hygiene.

Hirange is always concerned about quality, which is why they provide cow mats that are precise in size and thickness.

Cubicle mats, cattle mats, and buffalo mats are all names for cow mats. Cow mats are used to provide comfort for cows, allowing them to live a more pleasant lifestyle, which helps increase the productivity of cows, cattle, horses, and other livestock.

It’s typically employed on dairy farms with a large number of cows. Cows are damaged while sitting due to their hefty weight.

This is where cow mats come in handy since they are the appropriate thickness for cows to provide some padding so they may rest comfortably for an extended amount of time.

Our dairy mats are the best on the market, with the right thickness and a 5-year warranty.


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