Rockspace Extender Not Working? Here’s the Fix!

Rockspace Extender Not Working
Rockspace Extender Not Working

Rockspace WiFi extender has made it easy for every user across the globe to access internet from any nook and cranny of their house. Setting up Rockspace WiFi extender using re rockspace.local (without http extension) or http //re.rockspace.local, one can make the most of their WiFi range extender for sure.

But, what if your Rockspace WiFi extender does not work for you? Need not to worry! You have stumbled upon the right post! Here, you will surely get one of the best fixes that will help you make the most out of Rockspace WiFi extender. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

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Fixed: Rockspace Extender Not Working

Fix 1

Power Cycle Your Rockspace WiFi Extender

This is the first and one of the most important fixes. Yes, power cycling Rockspace WiFi extender. This troubleshooting tip has helped a number of users to make their Rockspace WiFi extender up and running.

To power cycle your Rockspace WiFi extender, do the following:

Step1: Unplug your Rockspace WiFi extender and wait for a few minutes.

Step2: After that, plug your Rockspace WiFi extender back in. Make sure that the wall plug you are using for your Rockspace WiFi extender is well working, non-damaged, and fluctuation-free.

Step3: Let the power LED on your Rockspace WiFi become stable.

Now, see if your Rockspace WiFi extender has started working for you or not. If yes, then that’s good news. But, please do not close this page. Rather, save or bookmark the article. You can try a couple of troubleshooting tips provided below whenever you face any other technical issues with your Rockspace WiFi extender in future. And, we assure you that you will surely get success as of you got now.

Fix 2

Relocate Your Rockspace WiFi Extender

Perhaps your Rockspace WiFi extender might not be working due to improper placement or wrong location. In that case, we suggest you to change the location of your Rockspace WiFi extender. If you ask us, we would suggest you choose a center-most and higher location for your extender in your home, But, do not place your Rockspace extender away from the range and reach of your existing router.

Fix 3

Update Rockspace Extender Firmware

You may get Rockspace WiFi extender not working issue due to an outdated firmware version. So, if you want to make the most out of your Rockspace WiFi extender, it is suggested to update the firmware of your Rockspace extender. For updating the firmware, visit the official site of your extender using http //re.rockspace.local and follow the on-screen instructions.

Fix 4

Configure Your Rockspace WiFi Extender

If your Rockspace WiFi range extender is not configured properly, then also it will not work for you as per expectations. For fixing Rockspace extender not working issue, ensure to configure it (extender) in a proper way.

Fix 5

Reset Your Rockspace WiFi Extender

This is one of the most effective remedies to fix “Rockspace extender not working” issue. Yes, resetting Rockspace WiFi extender. This fix has proved helpful to many users to fix many big technical issues with Rockspace WiFi extender.

To execute the process, follow the instructions highlighted below:

Step1: Make sure that your Rockspace WiFi extender is plugged into a fluctuation-free wall outlet and the power light on it is stable.

Note: Disconnect your Rockspace WiFi extender from your existing router prior to resetting it.

Step2: Now, find the reset hole on your Rockspace WiFi extender and press it using a thin and pointed object.

Step3: Hold the Rockspace WiFi extender reset hole and wait for the device to reboot itself.

Did you see the blinking power LED on your Rockspace extender upon holding the reset hole? If yes, head over to the next step.

Step4: Once your Rockspace WiFi extender gets reset, connect it to your existing router using an Ethernet or a wireless source.


Once you are done with resetting process, navigate to Rockspace extender setup page using re.rockspace.local (without http extension) or http //re.rockspace.local web address, and follow the on-screen prompts to reconfigure your device (extender).

In a Nutshell

By following the troubleshooting tips listed above, you will surely have a permanent fix in hand for re.rockspace.local extender not working issue. So, can we hope that this article brought relief to you and a big smile to your face?


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