Risks that come with over-inflated tyres


The worst thing you can do to your tyres is drive them with inadequate air pressure. This affects their performance and decreases their life. Apart from that, they become dangerous to drive. There are always enough reasons to maintain the appropriate amount of air pressure.

Under and over-inflated 205 55 r16 Tyres both pose a significant risk to your safety and vehicle’s performance. Your tyres make the sole point of contact with the road. If they are not in good condition, you are most likely to face a lot of issues.

So, what are the most significant risks you may face due to under or over-inflated tyres?

Why are over-inflated tyres dangerous?

When your tyres have more than the required amount of air pressure, they are considered to be over-inflated. You need to make sure this doesn’t happen. Excessive air pressure can deform their shape and lead to uneven tread wear. Such cheap tyres fitted wear more from the outer edges.

They also cause instability while driving. You can say goodbye to a stable and smooth drive if your tyres are over-inflated. In some cases, the handling is affected to the extent that the steering wheel gets imbalanced. This causes problems for the driver while driving.

Why are under-inflated tyres risky?

Under-inflated tyres have very little air pressure than the required amount. This highly increases the risk of tyre punctures. Under-inflated tyres are more vulnerable to tyre damages. They also affect the braking performance of your car. This puts you and your fellow-passengers’ lives in danger.

Lesser air pressure leads to other problems like damages to sidewalls and uneven tread wear as well. These tyres can attain damage even with a slight bump or obstacle. As a result, you will be spending more money on repairing them. The worst part is they sometimes get damaged to the extent that the tyres become irreparable.

The life of under-inflated tyres shortens significantly. You can’t expect your tyres to last long with inadequate air pressure. This ultimately results in wastage of money.

How to keep your tyres in good condition?

  • The first thing you need to do is find out the correct tyre inflation as recommended by your manufacturer. This can be found in the manufacturer’s manual pretty easily. Now all you have to do is maintain the same amount of air pressure in your vehicles. Neither under nor over-inflated tyres will give you the desired results.
  • Rash driving is something you need to say goodbye to. It damages your tyres more than any other component. A small bump can cause major issues while you abruptly drive the vehicle. This is the reason you are advised never to exceed the speed limits. It puts your safety at stake and decreases your tyre life to a considerable extent.
  • Off-road driving should only be done with off-motorway tyres. They are equipped with a different tread pattern and an utterly complex tread compound. These can withstand the rough road conditions. Driving with your regular tyres in such situations can be a huge risk to your tyre life. Make sure that you are using a correct set for the specified road conditions.
  • Regular vehicle maintenance is another thing you need to pay heed to. It covers checking your car’s tyres for any damage. Your tread depth, condition of the tyres, and other aspects are thoroughly checked for defects. This helps in keeping you safe.
  • Apart from the annual maintenance check, you should also inspect your tyres on your own. Start giving a few minutes to your tyres every week, and you’ll see the difference. This helps in noticing the minor damages that may lead to major ones. You can save yourself from hefty damages that may cost you a huge amount in the future.

Your tyres will perform excellently only when you take good care of them. Keep them in a healthy condition, and you’ll see the difference in their performance.


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