Resolving HME billing burnout with expert solution


Today with the growing demand for patients, practices are not only spending more time on non-clinical paperwork but the staff is often left to juggle tasks with inefficient and inoperable systems that zap productivity. Handling all the billing complications, and redundant processes that require logging in and out of multiple systems, in fact, today are stressing out much staff causing severe burnout and pressure for many practices. Being the latest buzzword, “Burnout” not only has an impact on physicians but nurses and other administrative staff are seen as equally affected at present, especially after the recent crisis; which is creating a lot of problems for many healthcare specially HME providers today.

According to a recent survey, nearly half of the healthcare staff 50% somehow feels burned out whereas 36% solely belong to the front office staff and management. This not only affects patient care but leads to a growing source of frustration that entices many to leave the industry. While you can’t always control all sources of burnout, you can however address these pains by choosing a convenient solution like outsourcing.

Outsourcing reduces all your HME billing stress:

Making your HME billing operation easier, improving workflows, reducing administrative headaches and providing a more efficient, unified way to work, outsourcing today has been a convenient solution for many practices.  Taking care of all your billing needs, it reduces your chances of error rate and operational expense as well.

Sunknowledge – a powerful HME billing solution provider:

Managing all your pre and post HME billing operations, Sunknowledge for the past 15+ years is known for delivering outstanding RCM support to many in the industry.  Slashing the cost of operation by 80% and reducing your chances of rejected and denied claims, Sunknowledge experts with eye to detail, constant communication and persistence are known for ensuring an accuracy rate of 99.9%.

Taking care of all your billing headache by offering a constant and dedicated account manager to look after all your loopholes and work on improving them, Sunknowledge further guarantees the highest productivity metrics and seamless billing transaction at only $7 an hour which no other RCM organization can guarantee.

So why wait? End all your HME billing stress and partner with Sunknowledge for improved ROI and a faster reimbursement transaction, where you can focus on patient and business while we take care of all your billing headaches.


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