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Do you wish to spend a good time this holiday in Fortaleza? Do you like the exciting and fun-loving places of Fortaleza? If not, we will provide you with all the details about it. This place offers various beautiful tourist spots to look into. And if you are planning to spend a relaxing time in beautiful destinations, then Fortaleza could be an amazing place to visit. 

This place is full of great views and offers great education through its cultural places. We have provided further details about this amazing place just below.

All about Fortaleza:

Fortaleza is located in the northeast region of Brazil and is considered the capital city of Ceara, Brazil. This city was discovered on 13th April 1726. There is the Atlantic Ocean right beside this city. The city covers a vast area ranging from 120.600 sq mi. The place is highly populated with a population ranging from 2703391 and ranks in 5th position among the state’s largest population. 

This city is quite diverse in its culture. This city has various tertiary sectors and commerce segments, which contribute more to the city’s economy. While the tourist attraction of this place also covers a larger portion of the city’s economy, if you also wish to visit it, then tap flights to explore its amazing destinations and enjoy the tour.

Best time to visit Fortaleza-

The best times to visit Fortaleza are the dry months of August to December. Are to avoid the wet and drizzly months of February through May or book TAP Air Portugal .

Top-Tourist attractions of Fortaleza-

To make your to-do list, you can consider the following places. Because we are figuring out the city’s top-rated tourist spot in our blog. So, let’s read it-

Praia do Futuro- This beach is notable for its strong surf and plentiful bars. Praia do Futuro, about 10km / 6mi from the downtown area. However, it is a long, crazy beach that is very distinctive from Fortaleza’s urban beaches and safer. Moreover, it is also covered with several seaside bars and eateries. Even it is the ideal location to collect the popular crabs with soup and farofa, preceded by beer or coconut and an ocean view. Chico do Caranguejo is one of the best places to try crab, especially on Thursdays, which is Crab Day anytime book TAP Air Portugal .

RioMar Fortaleza- Very big shopping mall with multiple options from big brands to all kinds of food in the food court. It’s a good choice if you have kids.

Arena Castelão: Brazilians are crazy about football, and in Fortaleza, with several teams, you must go to Arena Castelão and experience this. A good area with good views from almost every seat. 

Have fun! Nice place to watch a live match. You will enjoy it when Cearra and Fortaleza play against each other. Be careful during this match because something chairs fly in the air.

Praia de Iracema- Iracema, with its urban beach, is among the city’s brightest areas, with numerous bars, eateries, and clubs and bars. It also welcomes one of Fortaleza’s largest New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Mercado Central de Fortaleza: Browse the boutiques, but make your purchases at the central market, where the prices are lower. Even you can find almost any souvenir you can think of.

Beira Mar Avenue: This town is right on the beach and was a tailor for a good time. The weather is fantastic – it is much closer to the equator than Rio, so it is even warmer. The Avenue comes alive with hotels, restaurants, and shops. It’s fantastic for running and strolling.

Rio’s Copacabana Beach-The city’s most popular collection of barracks may soon be history. The city, like Rio’s Copacabana Beach, is remodeling the area to attract more tourists. Hopefully, they will modernize the facilities, but at the expense of each location’s uniqueness, leaving a sterile, soulless locale. Expect travel issues as they work their way through the street repairs. Fortunately, Fortaleza has other beaches that are less commercialized for Flight booking TAP Air Portugal .

Arena CastelUO: This is quite an attractive place for every tourist to explore and have fun. Castello itself signifies big castles. This place was developed in the year 1973. This place features a football stadium which is quite famous, and FIFA WORLD CUP 2014 was also hosted at this venue. The stadium has 63000 capacities, and tourists always visit this place to watch football matches and experience the energetic atmosphere while on tour to Fortaleza. 

Dragao do Mar Art and Culture Centre: This would be a perfect place for every tourist who likes historic architecture. This place is a cultural center that features various architectures and promotes exhibitions. This place covers an area of around 33,000meter square. In addition, this place also features Planetarium, Museums, Resorts Theatre, and a lot more. Tourists visit this place to experience the beauty of the architecture of this place.

Ingleses Bridge: This is an amazing place for every tourist seeking great views. This bridge was developed in the year 1921. This place can be found in Praia de Iracema. Tourists never fail to visit this place as this place offers beautiful views of the South Atlantic Ocean and a peaceful environment under nature beauty. Tourists love clicking photos of this place and creating amazing memories.  

Cachaca Museum: This place is one of the most attractive destinations tourists can ever visit. This Museum is located in the city’s theme park, and this Museum’s name is dedicated to the state’s most beautiful beverage, Cachaca. This Museum features bottles, barrels, documents, and a lot more. Tourists visit this place to view the famous 8-liter barrel in this Museum. Tourists can find out about this place throughout the year. If you are also seeking to view the historic things of this Museum, tap airlines to visit this amazing Museum in Fortaleza.

Morro Branco: This is quite an exciting place for tourists seeking to visit some adventurous places. This place can be found in the eastern region of Ceara, berberine. However, This place promotes amazing views from above the sand hues and features big sand hues and cliffs. Tourists often visit this place to experience nature’s beauty and create beautiful memories. 

Metropolitana Cathedral: This is one of the most beautiful places tourists love to visit. Even, this cathedral is notable to be the 3rd largest cathedral in the country. This place also provides great education and has become a perfect place for every tourist to explore the beauty of this place. 

Jose de Alencar Theater: This is a perfect place for every tourist seeking to watch architectural places. This place features various electrical architecture built with cast iron brought from Scotland. The attraction of this place includes glassworks, a big auditorium, Teatro Morro Do Ouro, and scenic art. Tourists often visit this place to explore the beauty of its top attraction and architecture. 

Meireles Beach- This is the beach to be around in Fortaleza: clean waters, a fantastic boardwalk, safe and during the night, home of a great artisan fair at the boardwalk with plenty of local bar shocks around with beer and food. A must-go in Fortaleza. Quiet place to walk and swim. Near to some pretty good restaurants. It’s located in a secure area, even at night. You can see many people dancing and doing all kinds of sports.

Centro de Eventos do Ceará- Good location in Fortaleza with good services. I recommend it for your professional visit and use. Several events conduct here, and it welcomes many tourists each year.

Central Market- The Mercado Central in Fortaleza has four floors and over 600 market stalls, especially clothing. Also available are local artisans and souvenirs, such as lovely linens. If you enjoy walnuts, you’ll find them in every thinkable form here you can check TAP Air Portugal .

Praia de Meireles- Another urban beach is Praia de Meirelles, which Avenida Beira-Mar parallels. Although, it’s part of the stretch from the Metal Bridge pier to the fish market, a pleasant place to stroll in the evening. The beachfront is in line with food and drink shacks.

Praia de Porto das Dunas- Porto das Dunas has a beautiful endless sandy beach and is located in the township of Aquiraz However, it is about 25km / 16mi from core Fortaleza. The Beach Park, among the biggest water parklands in Latin America, is nearby.

Praia de Cumbuco- Even it is about 30km / 19mi northwest of Fortaleza. Cumbuco is a famous kite surf spot in addition to having a long desert strip with palm and coconut trees.

Summing Up:

This is a beautiful place full of tourist attractions, which come up with great learning and amazing memories. However, tourists will love to visit this place to explore the natural beauty of its various destinations. If you are also looking to visit this place, Tap Air Portugal to book your tour of this amazing place


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