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Are you planning a getaway to the largest city and the capital of Silicon Valley? If your destination is San Jose, you are up for surprises because the city never fails to amaze you. You can never fall short of fun in the city. Located at the center of Silicon Valley, San Jose is considered to be the modern technology hub. Ranked 4th among the list of most affluent US cities, there are many famous attractions that can help you know more about San Jose. With its diverse population, museums, and long cultural history, San Jose has been the center of attraction for tourists for quite a while now. Between numerous places to see in the city, we have made a list of the best things to do in San Jose. Read our following guide to find out the top 10 exciting things to do in San Jose.


Visit San Jose to experience the Best Things to do in San Jose.

Go on a walk through Central Street.

Central Avenue is the center of San Jose, and it passes directly through. This is a good starting point because some museums are around, which are great for interacting with locals. If you go about 4-5 in the afternoon, you will see that all locals get off work, which is fun for people to watch. IF you go on a walk through Central Avenue in San Jose, Costa Rica, you can experience and see typical Costa Rican city life. Although this may not be the best experience you ever had, you can enjoy it while completing your list of Exciting Things to do in San Jose. Also, find friendly locals along the way and befriend them.

Visit Winchester Mystery House to get some thrills.

The wife of late William Winchester, also known as Winchester rifle magnate, namely Sarah Winchester, built this Mystery Winchester House in 1884. Initially, it reached a height of seven stories; however, the 1906 San Francisco earthquake caused some damage. The house now has four floors. In the entire 38 years of construction of the house, Sarah believed that the house had spirits of the people killed by Winchester rifles, which led to her building her house without the guidance of an architect. Make a Jetblue Booking to San Jose and fly to your dream destination for some authentic fun.


Visit the original headquarters of Google, Apple, or HP.

Silicon Valley has been indebted to the suburban humble garages. Steve Wozniak and  Steve Jobs built the very first Apple computer here, and HP developed their first audio oscillator. It is also the place where Google searches Google for the first time. Although they moved to more spacious office space, the original headquarters of the three companies are still an important part of San Jose’s history. This is one of the best things to do in San Jose. For Instance, Apple and HP garages are even listed as National Historic Landmarks.

Enjoy the cuisine of Restaurante Tiquicia(Ram Luna)

This restaurant is located on the hills of Escazu, with stunning views of San Jose, the surrounding mountains, and nearby cities. They provide traditional food and drinks, and on Friday night, they have conventional performances by local children. This is a great place to taste local cuisine, admire the city lights, and experience Costa Rican culture. When looking for the best things to do in San Jose, you can never miss out on their tasty food while enjoying spectacular views, so do visit Ram Luna.


Explore the ancient Rosicrucian Egyptian-Style Museum

The Rosicrucian Egyptian-Style Museum in San Jose is a magnificent museum with a built-in architectural style cherished by the ancient Egyptians. You will be immersed in their culture. It also houses the largest collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts in the western United States. There is also a planetarium with performances on weekends. Your list of best things to do in San Jose is incomplete without staying in ancient Egypt for a while.

Pay a Visit to the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum

This museum’s impressive collection contains more than 1,600 pre-Columbian gold artifacts dating back to 500 AD and are well worth visiting. It is located below the Plaza de la Cultura, which inhabited two other currency-related museums. First is the National Coin Museum, with a collection dating back to 1236. And the other one is “Casa de Moneda,” which showcases the history of Costa Mint Card. The phrase “value for money” definitely suites here; despite Precolombio Meso del Oro’s short stature, it is a valuable reserve for understanding the global history of this precious metal. This is one of the great things to do in San Jose vacation.

Offer your prayers in St. Joseph’s Cathedral Basilica.

St. Joseph’s Cathedral was initially a small adobe church for the shelter benefit of people in defiance of the native Indians. The construction of this cathedral started in 1803 when the town was actually known as El Pueblo de San Jose de Guadalupe. But due to heavy earthquakes in the year 1818 and 1822, the original structure of the cathedral got damaged to the extent that it was irreparable. So they built a new church in 1835, which 1868’s major Hayward Earthquake again damaged. They built a third church in 1869, which also got destroyed in 1875 due to a huge fire. Then a fourth temporary structure was made at just a few blocks of distance. And lastly, in 1876, today’s Basilica-Cathedral was built. (Basilica Status granted by the Vatican in 1997).


Be lost in the fragrance at Heritage Rose Garden.

Test your sense of smell by visiting the Heritage Rose Garden and get a dose of the recent past of San Jose. Rose garden is open daily, and tourists can admire vast varieties(2800 approx) of modern, heritage, and miniature roses. There is also a Japanese Friendship Garden in Kelly Park. The garden was built in 1965 and boasts a flowing brook, beautiful waterfalls, a koi pond, and bridges to cherish the friendship of San Jose with its sister city Okayama in Japan. Admiring flowers and beautiful scenery is indeed one of the best things to do in San Jose.


Buy Souvenirs from Central Market, San Jose

When you are in San Jose, visiting the Central Market is a must. Purchasing Souvenirs is also one of the exciting things to do in San Jose. Watching locals go on working in their daily routines and admiring the local market atmosphere is never tiring. The best part is you can try their traditional food. If you are on a sightseeing tour of San Jose, they will definitely stop at the Central Market. You can bring back souvenirs for your friends, family, or loved ones and also try out several prominent restaurants on the way. There is a shop called Soda Tapia which is more than 100 years old and a local favorite.


Take a San Jose Day Tour

You may not know that at just one hour’s distance from San Jose city, there are several captivating waterfalls, dead volcanoes, and other natural wonders. The most amazing fact about the town is that being such a great location, there are several day tours and trips especially for tourists where you can explore all the exciting things to do in San Jose. You can take one of the many day trips and go, boat cruising to an island, Zipline for adventure and also take a hike to a Volcano. Check out several day tours and packages on the official San Jose website or other tours businesses.


Bring your kids to the Children’s Museum.

Visiting The Children’s Museum or Museo de Los Ninos with your family is indeed the best thing to do in San Jose. You can explore the rich culture in its location and the items on display. This is situated in a medieval castle on the hill and provides the tourists with beautiful views of the city. Spend an afternoon at the museum with your family and educate your children more about this place.


Visit the Orosi River Valley for outdoor fun.

If you are willing to escape the metropolitan hustle for a day and have some adventurous thrills, visit the Orosi River valley. A range of fun activities makes this getaway one of the most thrilling things to do in San Jose. From Boat Cruising to White-water rafting, you can explore the most interesting things.  You can check out the natural hot springs on the Orosi River and visit Costa Rica’s Oldest Church.

There are even some great hiking tracks and picturesque locations, so it would be better to prepare a camera beforehand.

The list of fun things to do in San Jose is neverending, but we are concluding it at just these mentioned above. You can visit the website of Jetble Book a Flight and enjoy an uninterrupted vacation to San Jose. Often referred to as the Capital of Silicon Valley San Jose has never failed to inspire the future generations with its total sync of ancient history with modern technology and future possibilities. So don’t wait for anything and reserve your flight tickets as soon as possible.


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