Refurbish Your On-demand Food Delivery Service By Launching The Ubereats Clone


Hi there! Keeping a business alive is not easy in today’s technologically-driven world. In order to cope with your competitors, you must stay updated with the trend. So, the sole aim of this write-up is to fill you with the food delivery business and the need to develop the UberEats like app. In the forthcoming sections, you will know different metrics to consider before kick-starting your food delivery business.

Crucial metrics to consider before starting your business

  • Propose an idea

Suppose you are firm with the idea of starting an online food delivery business. Before setting your business, you must consider several factors. They are target audiences, market scope, niche, your value propositions, etc. Only when you have answers for all the above-said factors, you can proceed further. 

Knowing your target audience can be achieved by conducting online surveys. Based on their interests, you can optimize your business.

  • Market research and competitor analysis

A second vital step is to perform market research and competitor analysis. Get insights from your competitors’ offerings, know where they lag, the region of their customers, ratings/reviews, etc. You should not underestimate the reviews given by your competitors. Positive reviews will help you in optimizing your business, whereas negative reviews will help you in attracting them to your business. While it comes to market research, you must check whether this business will have a future or not. Since this being a food delivery business, you don’t need to worry about the scope as people will never say no to food delivery services. 

  • App development

Here comes the crucial part of the online food delivery business. Your food ordering app must be robust enough to process numerous order bookings. Other than the sturdiness, the app must contain real-time features that will stand a chance to lure users. Ok, I can read what’s running on your mind. You may be quite concerned about the cost of app development. Here is a shortcut for developing your food ordering and delivery app. The UberEats clone is a food delivery app solution that is being adopted by entrepreneurs across the globe. This app solution is ready-made, yet you can do the needed customizations. The clone app development is a business-friendly solution as it saves time and money.

  • Stay up with the trend

As said in the beginning, running a business is highly competitive in today’s times. In order to withstand the competition, you must tow with the current trend. For example, we shall take the current pandemic situation. Many food delivery companies paired their services with contactless delivery options. How cool is this idea, right? Similarly, Uber implemented screen separators in taxis as a measure to contain the virus spread. Therefore, it is highly important to stick with the current trends!

  • Splash of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has been spreading its wings in different sectors. In the food delivery business, it plays a major role in targeting customers. Through the integration of Artificial Intelligence, you can know your customers’ interests and serve them accordingly. Let us unearth the significance of AI in food ordering apps.

  • The AI integrated app will record the interests or activities of the users. For example, a user orders noodles. The next time when the user orders food from the app, he/she will get recommendations for noodles.
  • AI can be used in developing Chatbots that will help users in sorting out their clarifications.
  • Another biggest advantage of AI in food ordering apps is the implementation of Speech Recognition Software. Customers can place their orders through voice recognition. Also, customers can guide the delivery person regarding the route or direction.

If you make sure to implement all these metrics, then your business will be a win-win! Next, we shall head to know the app’s features.

Alluring features of the UberEats clone

  • Registration 

Let us start with the registration feature. As in every app, the UberEats clone has a registration page. Additionally, the app is integrated with social media sign-up. Users can either opt for registration or social media sign-up.

  • Schedule orders

Some users will prefer instant delivery, while others prefer to schedule their delivery. Hence, the app is flexible in accepting orders. If users wish to schedule the delivery of orders, they must mention the time/date.

  • Estimated arrival time

Once and when the user confirms the order, the app will display the estimated time of arrival. The estimated time of arrival will add great value to your business!

  • Track delivery

After confirming the order, the user can check the status of orders using the tracking feature. For example, whether the order is ready or not, the exact location of the delivery person can be known.

  • Order history

History of orders along with the invoice can be viewed by users via the order history.

  • Reviews

Reviews from customers do matter! By checking up on the reviews, you can find ways to improve your service.

  • Push notifications

Push notifications are an alternative to sending app-related notifications via SMS or email. Let users know the app-related alerts through push notifications. 

Different sources of revenues in the online food delivery business

Commission charges – You will receive commissions from restaurants that are listed on your app. Commission charges will be paid whenever the restaurant gets an order.

In-app advertising – Let third-party apps or service providers display ads on your app. Other than this, restaurants can wish to feature on the app, which is also a source of revenue from advertising.

Cost of developing the UberEats clone

The cost of development is influenced by multiple factors. Since this being a clone app development, customization will decide the cost of development. Here is an array of factors that influences the cost of development.

  • Feature customization
  • UI customization
  • Platform preference (Android, iOS)
  • Country of your app developer


The online food delivery business is seeing massive growth. The growing number of food delivery apps is just enough to prove that the food delivery business has a wider scope. Seize this chance by launching your UberEats clone!


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