Reasons to Choose Captioning Services


The intention behind captioning services’ introduction was to offer an incredible opportunity to gain a higher degree of access to videos, lectures, and presentations, irrespective of whether they struggle to hear or face challenges in understanding spoken English.

A whopping number of organizations in today’s sphere value the significance of full inclusivity. Thus, there’s accelerating demand for caption video, and video content is for everyone’s benefit. Plus, there’s no way adding captions wouldn’t benefit any presentation in the hope of viewers’ needs. Here’s a highlighting of the reasons to opt for captioning services in the modern-day world.

Closed Captions

Nowadays, videos are ruling all over the internet and offer many businesses excellent opportunities to establish their brand. With closed captioning services, it becomes easy to effectively share your content to a wide variety of audiences. While videos are becoming a powerful business weapon to various brands that are readily available, it is also essential to add closed captions that can boost your brand visibility globally. 


In today’s digital age, videos are highly viewed by users over social media channels. Many customers prefer watching videos by keeping sound off, so videos consisting of closed captions are a great option for them. When you add closed captions to all your marketing videos, customers can easily understand your message.

The following are the reasons to choose caption services:

1. Helps People With Disabilities

Hearing impaired people can easily have access to video content. They can view it as per their convenience by turning on the captions. This will help them to read the captions and understand the video.


Research states that 1 in 8 people in the US aged 12 years and above have hearing issues. Captions will help increase the reach of the content. 

2. Improves Clarity in Understanding and Comprehension

Research proves that captioning a video improves the clarity of understanding of the content. The videos are understood better when they have captions compared to those without captions.


They are extremely beneficial for clarifying dialogues:

  • When the speaker has an accent
  • When technical terms are used
  • When the background is noisy
  • When the audio gets muffled or quiet

3. Promotes Video Content

While making video content, you give people an allowance to get access to produced videos. In addition, search engines cannot crawl videos but crawl texts! Adding captions to the videos will help you rank well on search engines such as Google. 

You can also give your prospects the ability to enjoy content irrespective of the environment. Reaching a larger audience section means you need to use subtitles and captions for non-native English people to comprehend the message. Also, it improves average watch time!

4. Improves UX and Make Videos Viewable

In case you opted for toggling the captions on, don’t worry; you aren’t alone. Given the importance of mid-movie-munchies, it becomes really difficult to associate your hearing sensation with the screen. 

This is where captions become easily understandable. The instances of such cases are endless! With the help of closed caption services, you give viewers the flexibility to watch the content in such a way that it suits their lifestyle.

5. Seamless Comprehension for Speakers Who Don’t Know English

Captioning content offers a significant resource for non-native English speakers, thereby elevating language skills. Viewing captions and videos is an incredible way for learners to develop an interest in nuanced features such as slang terms and idioms. Closed captioning services aid in mastering spelling, vocabulary, syntax, pronunciation, and linguistic features!

6. Improving Watch Time on Average

The duration of the video watched by the viewer increases drastically with the use of captions. Readers tend to complete the entire video content if it has captions. Otherwise, they switch to another video. 

Who Uses Real-Time Captioning Services?

Stating that there’s just one industry that benefits from caption services is a false narrative! Many industries, in general, benefit from such services. Let’s cite examples in the following pointers:

• Organizations or companies conducting training, live events, as well as conferences

• Academic institutes also rely on these services for augmenting the efficacy of lectures for students

• The entertainment industry is the best example of highlighting the importance of closed captioning service providers

• Marketing & advertisement videos on websites and social media make the right use of caption services to make their experience convenient for viewers.

5 Questions Before Hiring Closed Captioning Services

Closed captions allow the deaf and hearing-impaired to understand any video content by reading the texts while watching the video. While closed captions aren’t necessarily a new concept within media, their use has become increasingly popular as this type of captioning becomes more prevalent for online videos.


However, the job of captioning should not be taken lightly, requiring attention to detail and an efficient set of equipment. This means that hiring a professional closed captioning company is the right thing to do & companies wanting to hire should know what to look for in a company.


Here are five questions to ask before hiring a company offering closed captioning services for webinars & any other video content:


1. Can Your Company Provide Accurate Closed Captioning Services from Spanish to English?

Any closed captioning provider should provide high-quality captions, and these captions should meet the criteria for accuracy. A company should have a track record of meeting the accuracy criteria. Your assignments should be provided by professionals who have many years of experience in captioning.

2. Will Your Company Caption the Entire Length of the Video?

There are no set rules on how long a video should be closed captioned. However, it’s essential to ask this question when you’re looking at hiring a closed captioning company. Some companies charge more for longer videos, while others have a fixed rate for closed captioning. 

3. Are captions provided by humans or machines by the Best Closed Captioning Services?

This is an important question to ask when looking for a company that offers closed captioning services. More and more companies, especially those offering online video captions, are turning to automated software for closed captioning. While this saves the company money & time, it doesn’t necessarily result in accurate closed captions.

4. Can Your Company Provide an Accurate Transcript of the Video?

You need to ask a closed captioning company if they provide an accurate transcript for your video. You should ask if they can provide a transcript that corresponds with the video captions – this will save you time and money in the long run.

5. What is Your Turnaround Time for Closed Captioning Transcription Services?

It’s important to ask a company how long it will take to provide the closed captions & transcriptions. This will allow you to plan and ensure that all of your videos have captions before they go out for viewing.



You’ll find that most companies offering closed captioning services will be able to provide all five of these elements. Even so, it’s important to ask as many questions as possible about the closed captioning process. Closed captions are there to make your videos accessible to those who need them, even if they’re hearing impaired.

Let’s Wind Up

Closed captioning services are a great way to make sure your message reaches the broadest and most diverse audience possible. Here are some things to ask before choosing any firm that provides closed captioning services to guarantee value for money. One must carefully choose a captioning agency that is reliable, professional and affordable. Vanan Captioning is one such service provider that has adequate experience in captioning and are known for providing on-time services. Article theme


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