Reasons for Why to Buy Linen Fabric online and Linen Silk Fabric

buy Digital Floral Print on Linen Silk Fabric online
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Let us understand Linen fabric before you make your mind to buy Linen fabric online. Also, know about Linen silk fabric. And best uses of linen fabric. Let us ease your decision to Buy Linen fabric online with some online designs of Linen fabric.

History to Know before you Buy Linen fabric Online

Linen is basically a fabric made of fiber that comes from a wild flax plant. It shares History with cotton or maybe older than it. Linen was used in ancient times and there are pieces of evidence available for it. The word Linen came from the Latin name of the flax plant.

Use of Linen Fabric

Aprons, bags, towels, napkins, bed linens, table cloths, chair covers, and daily wearing garments are some of the products made of Linen. Historically the Linen fabric was used in table clothes and bed covering.

The Linen fabric is precious. There are two major reasons behind it. Firstly, the plant falx, from which we get Linen fiber requires so much attention to grow. And, secondly, the linen threads are not elastic. So, again it requires great concentration to deal with its thread.

Why buy Linen Fabric Online

It is a great absorbent and it feels cool when we touch it. So, it is a good fabric specially for summer and for those countries which have almost 5-6 months of summer line India. It is much easier to iron Linen fabric. Many modern Linen garments are designed to try in the air and no require ironing as its wrinkling tendency creates a beautiful look.

Linen is extremely strong and lightweight. Linen is a natural fabric like cotton but it takes time to get its usable form.

Which is better, Cotton fabric and Linen Fabric?

If we talk about flexibility, cotton is slightly more flexible than Linen fabric. Linen fabric is Rigid. But it lasts longer than cotton because of its cellulose fiber.

When it comes to softness, cotton is softer than Linen fabric because Linen fabric is made of the flax plant. But Linen fabric becomes softer after several washes.  Linen is a rough, textured pattern as a result of the looser weave

As we know both cotton fabrics and Linen fabrics are made of natural fibers. But Linen wrinkles slightly more than cotton because of the stiffness of the fabric.

Linen is a better option compared to cotton for those who have allergic problems. Linen fabric has lower thread count and loos weaves so chances of catching dust and particles are less.

Cotton Fabric or Linen Fabric?

If we talk about absorbency both cotton and Linen fabric are at the same level but the cotton fabric has a slight advantage as Cotton can hold up to 25% of its weight where Linen fabric can hold 20% of its weight.

Linen fabric is quicker in drawing moisture from the skin as compared to cotton fabric. Still cotton is much better than other fabrics.

Breathability is another aspect where we can compare both fabrics. Linen fabric is much more breathable than cotton because there are cotton fabrics that are high in weaving, where Linen fabric’s fibers are shallow. So, they are good at circulating air.

Cotton fabric does not conduct heat. This is why cotton is used in house insulating. Linen flax fibers are hollow, which makes it the best choice for summer as it keeps you cool with airflow too.

The drawback with Linen fabric

Linen fabric is well known as wrinkly fabric. Be ready for lots of ironing with Linen fabric. But ironing with perfect temperature and spray will give you nice crispy finishing.  And, there is one thing you need to take care of that wear Linen fabric only if it is dried 100% to avoid wrinkles.

5 Designer Which Will Force You to Buy Linen Fabric Online

  • Digital Floral Print on Linen Silk Fabric

 buy Digital Floral Print on Linen Silk Fabric online

Linen is a strong textile, durable, airy made from the fibers of the flax plant. It gives the comfort of cotton and sheen of silk which makes it a smooth texture quite likable by all.

Such fabrics are widely used for Anarkali’s, Salwar Kameez, Kurtis, Western Wear, and Men’s Kurtas.


Material- Linen Silk

Width -44 Inches | 111 cms

Wash Care- Gentle Hand Wash in Cold Water

Disclaimer- Slight difference in color from visible product image is possible

Price- 520 Rs/ meter

  • White Green Leaf Pattern Digital Print Pure Premium Linen Fabric (Width 56 Inch)

White Green Leaf Pattern Digital Print Pure Premium Linen Fabric (Width 56 Inch) BUY LINEN FABRIC ONLINE
Image Source- Fabriclore

Woven in a blend of Cotton and Polyester yarns, Linen-Textured Collection looks and feels indistinguishably like Linen, flaunting a thickness heavier than that of Cotton, and a beautiful flowline. The collection boasts of a choice of palettes from pastel to deep and comes laden with designs like Mughal flowers, ditsy, jaalis, roses, dancing tribal women, to name a few. Done in shades of salmon, grey, pink, black, teal, aqua & more, this fabric weighs 190 grams per meter. Design Your Own Anarkali’s, asymmetrical kurtas, calf-length skirts, wraparounds, headbands, jootis & more.


Material- Linen Cotton

Width – 56 Inches I 142 Cms

Weight- 190 Grams Per Meter

Quality- Can be used for all clothing purposes.

Disclaimer- Slight difference in color from visible product image is possible.

Wash Care- Gentle Hand Wash in Cold Water.

Price- 999 Rs/ meter

  • Off-White Checks Premium Pure Linen Fabric (Width 58 Inch)

 buy Off-White Checks Premium Pure Linen Fabric (Width 58 Inch) online
Image Source- fabriclore

Woven in a combination of white and colored warp and weft, Linen Chambray comes in toned-down solid shades of grey, green, beige, sky blue, and more. Keeping it cool throughout the year with its 100% pure Linen weave, this collection weighs at 210 grams per meter and is best for designing long kurtas with palazzos, danger dresses, rompers, shirts, kurtas to name a few.


Material- 100% Linen

Width- Width 58 Inches | 147 Cms

Weight- 210 Grams Per Meter.

Quality- 60 Le’ Soft Linen

Disclaimer- Slight difference in color from visible product image is possible.

Wash Care- Gentle Hand Wash.

Price- 899 Rs/ meter

  • Green Plain Ramie Linen Fabric

Buy Green Plain Ramie Linen Fabric online
Image Source- The design cart

Width- 54 Inches / 137 cm

Plain Ramie fabric that feels like Linen. This fabric is perfect for making shirts and kurtas.

Linen fabric is a textile made of flax plants. The material of linen fabric is very absorbent and garments made up of linen have exceptional coolness and freshness. Linen fabric is used to make household goods such as bedding, towels, etc. Linen fabric is thicker than basic cotton fabric and has a comparatively low thread count. Cotton linen is robust and durable. linen fabric has stiffer yarns that give the finished fabric a unique texture.

Price- 1100 Rs/ meter


Image Source- Ram raj cotton

Material – Pure Linen

Fabric Measurements – Length: 1.60 Meters, Width 1.47 Meters

Fit – It can be custom-made to your exact measurements.
Fabric – Ideal for Stitching Size 36/ 38/ 40/ 42/ 44 Full & Half Sleeve Shirts.

Care and Instruction
Gentle machine wash, do not bleach, Dry in shade, Medium to Hot Iron.

Price- 1415Rs/ meter


Hopefully, this article will add some extra information about linen fabric. And will make you convince to Buy Linen fabric online. This article will help you to make your next   Linen fabric online shopping smarter.

Please share your reviews on this to come back with better content on the fabric world. Your reviews are highly appreciated.


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