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According to Statista, the current smartphone users across the globe have reached 3.8 billion. When converted into a percentage, it reflects roughly 48% of the world’s population. These numbers are staggering. And the entry of new users is growing in double digits year on year. Digital businesses have realized the potential of this group. In fact, many consider it as a goldmine for prospective buyers. In such a scenario, owning a website is not enough. Smartphone users have become habituated to apps. Therefore, organizations need to have one. Exavibes, a react native app development company provides mobile app development services which are second to none.

Our mobile phone apps have turned the fortunes of many businesses by exceeding their set goals. In fact, our apps have performed remarkably well on both the platforms; Android and iOS.

So, is React Native a cross-platform mobile development framework?

React Native is written in JavaScript, and created by Facebook, Inc. It is an open-source framework to develop apps not just for Android and iOS but also for other devices such as Android TV, iOS, macOS, etc.

Are you looking for react native app development in Mumbai?

Yes! Then your search ends here. Interestingly, we cater to the react native app development needs of customers from across the globe. Geographies are meaningless to us as we offer the same set of responses and support.

Why is it a perfect solution for customers?

React Native has several advantages over traditional, dedicated, single OS-compatible applications. Some of the salient features of React Native apps are –

  1. Cross-platform – Both, Android and iOS users can install the same app and enjoy similar features and performance.
  2. GUI/Interface – It is a myth that hybrid development platforms do not allow developers to design slick and smooth user interfaces. React Native not only provides a range of Interface solutions, but it also reduces load time, thereby improving customer relationship quotient and engagement.
  3. User Friendly – React Native apps boast smooth and attractive interfaces which are a joy to operate. Moreover, because of leaner code, they are also fast to load and browse. All these features improve download figures and reduce uninstall numbers.
  4. Affordable – Unlike native apps which little more complex and pricey, hybrid apps are relatively cheaper to develop, and that too without compromising the quality and functionality?

What makes Exavibes the best react native app Development Company?

At Exavibes, we consider each project a distinct challenge, and therefore apply appropriate development tools and code. For you, it simply means a near-native app that is cost-effective, highly responsive, and quick to develop and deploy. It is this distinct strategy that has allowed us to build dozens of successful apps based on this framework across the domains and geographies.

Customers love React Native. The question is why?

Clients simply fall in love with this development framework. The reasons are many. However, what tilts their decision towards React Native’s favor is its amazingly quick development cycle. Businesses can launch their apps in the shortest possible time frame and that too without any compromise. Another compelling feature that attracts clients is its cross-platform compatibility. Being lightweight and devoid of unnecessary protocols and libraries it turns out to be an intelligent choice.

React native app development agency – A Logical Solution

Here are some of React Native’s advanced features which are admired and adored by coders and programmers making it quite popular with development agencies.

Reduced Code –

It reduces code drastically, by almost 90% which makes apps faster to develop and load.

Open Source –

Being open-source, it gets updated regularly with newer libraries and prebuilt components.

Absence of Frequent Updates –

Due to the inherent arrangement of libraries and reusable, prebuilt components, updating the app is not required. It allows Exavibes, the best react native app Development Company in Mumbai, India and others to develop and deploy such apps in a quick time.

Modular Architecture –

One of the finest examples of a modular structure-based framework is React Native. It, therefore, adds a scalable feature to these apps. Moreover, as none of the commands or steps is explicitly declared it makes the development process extremely dynamic in nature.

Live Reloading | Hot reloading –

As mentioned above, the prebuilt components of React Native framework allow live reload. Thus, frequent previews after each update are hassle-free. It also translates into faster testing & bug fixing.

Reusable Code –

This is where React Native really shines. It uses similar code for both Android and iOS and delivers almost native-like looks and functionalities.

API Coexistence –

Another intuitive feature of React Native is its syncing ability. APIs can be easily synced with the parent JavaScript layer.

Rapid Customization –

Developers/designers can make changes and then quickly reload to preview the changes making customization a time-saving time task. Ultimately, it brings down the cost and reduces man-hours spent on the project. React native app development in Mumbai and across the globe admire the preview feature of this framework.

React Native Community Support –

React Native has an active development community that is always willing to share and help.

React Native – Clients love it, Developers adore its framework

React Native, a JavaScript framework, allows developers to build cross-platform apps quickly and efficiently using inherent libraries and even premade components to reduce the development cycle. Yet another compelling advantage is its affordability. It offers businesses with a limited budget or wanting to step into the app world for the first time, a perfect span.

React Native framework doesn’t demand highly complex programming languages, extended timeframe, or involvement of multiple teams. So, how is that possible? Because of its single codebase, hot reloading and simplified coding template and a single language demand.

We deliver viral apps every time –

Exavibes, a react native app development agency has a team of dedicated JSX developers who have successfully delivered dozens of app projects for a myriad of industries.

Interested in hiring React Native Development Agency?

Connect with us with your idea/requirements. We will be happy to provide the preliminary designs, sketches, timeline and cost.


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