Quran Memorization is a Great Way to Get Closer to Allah


Everybody wants to make their children pious. Teaching kids Quran memorization from an early age is a great step. If you wish to make your children practical Muslim, then this a significant step. If your children learn Quran from an early age, it will protect her/him from committing sins, thus will keep kids away from bad things.

But learning Quran memorization for kids is not so easy. Here I have come up with some proven tips to help you teach your kids Quran memorization.

So, let’s learn how you can easily teach Quran memorization for kids.

Tips for Quran Memorization for Kids

Here are few tips for Quran memorization for kids. It will help your kids a lot.

Learn Quran Himself if you don’t Know Already

Do you know what the common learning nature of children is?

They learn to see from others. This is the natural habit of children.

That’s why you should learn Quran before start teaching your children. If you think that memorizing would be tough for you, then you can learn Tafseer.

Even if you don’t know how to read Quran or its Tafseer, you can start learning from now.

Why does it help?

When your children memorize Quran, you can talk about that Tafseer. It will make your children more interesting in memorizing the Quran.

Moreover, it will also help your child to learn Quran quickly. People who taught Quran to their children successfully and learned Quran before starting teaching said that it was very helpful.

Learn About Your Kids Best Learning Ways

Everyone is unique. Everyone has their own unique learning style. Someone learns fast through listening, and someone loves to learn through visualization. It differs from children to children.

That’s why you should find out your children’s best learning ways. This is one of the most important steps for a kid’s Quran memorization. You should take care of this first.

If your kid love to memorize through listening, then play Quran while teaching him/her. You can also play Quran when your kid is trying to get sleep. It helps them a lot because this time, they remain undistracted.

Furthermore, you can also play Quran when kids are taking rests or in their free time. Through this way, they will learn very quickly.

On the other hand, if your children love to learn through visualization, then give them a pen to write down Quran verses on paper while reading. Even you can ask your kid to touch Quran verses through hands while memorizing. It will help your kids to learn very effectively.

Listen Quran while reading

For beginners, it is a great technique. This technique tells you to read Quran then listen to that verse. It will help you to check the difference between your punctuation and listen one. Therefore, you can judge and improve your reading.

Moreover, it will help you a lot with Quran memorization because some people have greater learning efficiency through listening. It also helps keep the Quran in your memory for a long time as you listen regularly.

Quran is a guidebook from Almighty Allah. Through Quran, we seek to get closer to Allah. But people forget that the main aim of the Quran is not just reading, reciting, and memorizing. It is a practical thing. You have to learn things and implement that in your real life.

Start at an Early Age

When it comes to learning to speak, it varies from child to child. Some kid learns to speak faster, and some kids take more time.

Kids minds are fresh, and their brain is sharp. That’s why childhood teaching always remains in our brains for a long time. Even it is tough to forget childhood teaching.

When kids grow, they start getting distracted by other things, but they have fewer things to get distracted from at an early age. That’s why you should start teaching your kids Quran as early as you can. When your children learn to speak, then pick the right time for teaching Quran.

Even you can start teaching Quran at the age of two or three, depending on your kids.

Get Involve in the Process

Is only Quran teacher enough?

The answer is straight No. you have to give a specific time to your kids for Quran learning every day.

If you decide to leave your kids alone on the Quran learning journey, then his/her progress won’t be that effective.

So, if you want to teach your children Quran quickly, then get yourself involve in his/her journey.

Repeat Multiple Times Everyday

As people tend to forget things they learn Quran. That’s why you should ensure teaching him/her multiple times a day.

At a minimum, teach your kids Quran at least two times a day. It will help your kids to memorize Quran more effectively.

Quran sprit’s Quran memorization course    

Quran sprit’s Quran memorizing course is another great edition of the Quran memorizing course. If you’re a non-Arabic person, then this course is an ideal option for you. Because they create this course keeping in mind of non-Arabic people, this course’s teacher is from native Arabic countries.

Even you can learn with your family with this course. Furthermore, you have options to choose your course teacher, either male or female.

Final Words

Quran memorization for kids is a very tough job. To make your task easy, I have provided some proven techniques that will surely help your children. Kids Quran memorization is a very challenging task. For this, you need to be very patient.

If I missed any important techniques, then please let me know about that in the comment box below.


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